ProgenCell Continues to Improve Quality of Life

Continues to Improve Quality of Life with ProgenCell


ProgenCell, a leading Stem Cell Therapy Center located in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, offers a variety of stem cell treatments and therapies for neurological diseases, including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, joint diseases such as arthritis, and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes.

ProgenCell retrieves the stem cells from the patients themselves; this is known as autologous adult stem cells. The doctors and cellular therapy experts at ProgenCell then proceed to personalize the therapies according to the patient's specific medical condition and needs.

Patients Finding Relief

Frank, a resident of Colorado, traveled to Mexico with his wife, bringing their daughter Tassie, who is deaf and legally blind, to receive stem cell therapies to treat her vision and hearing loss. They went to a doctor in Wyoming who suggested that they venture to Mexico to try the stem cell therapies offered at ProgenCell. The Wyoming doctor's own son was paralyzed and experienced vision problems of his own; now, thanks to the treatments he received, he is able to run, and, with restored vision in one eye, even paint.

Visitors to ProgenCell, like Frank and his daughter, who had undergone the gamut of traditional or conservative treatments for a variety of medical conditions, are now looking to stem cell research and therapies to help improve formerly untreatable conditions.

Carlos, from Argentina, ventured to ProgenCell for stem cell therapy for his macular degeneration. Carlos found his stem cell therapy and treatments caused him very little discomfort. His treatment sessions lasted one to two hours every day for seven days and he experienced no adverse side effects.

Carlos and his wife found ProgenCell through Internet searches, determining that ProgenCell was one of the few facilities in the world that offered stem cell therapies and treatments for macular degeneration. After speaking with staff at ProgenCell, Carlos and his wife were happy to find their questions and concerns answered. Staff at ProgenCell does their best to accommodate international patients by meeting them at the airport, getting them settled into hotels, and answering their questions regarding every step of the treatment process.

Carlos says that doctors at ProgenCell exceeded his expectations. He found their services professional, and the center clean and modern. Staff at ProgenCell drives patients from their hotel to the center, offering additional piece of mind and a sense of security.  Carlos and his wife did not find Tijuana a dangerous location and ventured to a variety of sites and restaurants during their 12 day stay.

Testimonials and feedback such as those provided by Carlos and Frank are increasing the popularity of medical tourism and medical travel to foreign locations to receive treatments that are not accessible, affordable, or available in their native countries. Stem cell therapies at ProgenCell have offered results for dozens of patients.

ProgenCell offers not only the best in advanced medical stem cell therapies and treatments, but also a caring and compassionate staff that offers a touch of humanity to patients visiting their facility.


Individuals who have completed traditional medical treatments for conditions such as diabetes, vision loss, and neurodegenerative disorders are finding hope in stem cell therapies around the world. 

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