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Do you suffer from macular degeneration?

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Do you experience blurriness of printed words when you read? Was there any change in the way you see the brightness of colors? Are there blurred spots or blurry spots in the centre of your vision?

Or do you have trouble seeing fine details of objects? If YES, you might be experiencing the signs and symptoms of macular degeneration.

Most cases of macular degeneration are caused by age. Also known as age related maculopathy, the condition causes progressive damage to the macula, or the most vital part of the retina. This damage can result in a gradual loss of vision. In order to understand macular degeneration, classified as a retinal disorder, it's important to understand the function of the retina.

In most cases, an ophthalmologist may identify and diagnose macular degeneration following an exam of the eye or eyes with an ophthalmoscope, or using a slit lamp. In some cases, your ophthalmologist may request a fluorescein angiography. In this procedure, dye is injected into a vein and photographs are taken of the retina, which usually suffices to determine a diagnosis.


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Do you suffer from macular degeneration?

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