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Turkey's rise as a popular destination for medical tourism is fueled by its high-quality healthcare services, state-of-the-art facilities, and affordable prices, with facelifts being a sought-after procedure. We highlight ten renowned facelift surgeons in Turkey, known for their expertise, patient satisfaction, and ability to deliver natural-looking results through a combination of medical proficiency and artistic finesse.

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Board Certified Facelift Surgeons

Experiences and Specializations:

Dr. Mehmet Emin

1. Dr. Mehmet Emin

Dr. Mehmet Emin, a renowned Istanbul facelift surgeon, combines expertise, meticulous technique, and personalized care to deliver natural transformations while preserving individual character.

2. Dr. Cemil Isik

2. Dr. Cemil Isik

Dr. Cemil Isik, an outstanding Istanbul facelift surgeon, blends science and artistry to consistently deliver excellent results, providing a refreshed and youthful appearance while preserving individuality, supported by holistic patient care and effective communication.

3. Dr. Fatih Uygur

3. Dr. Fatih Uygur

Dr. Fatih Uygur in Izmir combines traditional methods with cutting-edge technology to create natural, age-defying results tailored to each patient's unique facial structure and aesthetic goals, earning him a top position in the country.

4. Dr. Ozhan Celebiler

4. Dr. Ozhan Celebiler

Dr. Ozhan Celebiler, a highly esteemed facelift surgeon in Istanbul, excels in creating tailored, natural-looking results by employing advanced techniques and comprehensive facial aesthetic knowledge, making him a sought-after professional in the field.

5. Dr. Oguz Kayiran

5. Dr. Oguz Kayiran

Dr. Oguz Kayiran, an innovative and compassionate facelift surgeon in Istanbul, is renowned for his commitment to patient satisfaction, creating beautifully balanced results that reflect each patient's desired look.

6. Dr. Sibel Atalay

6. Dr. Sibel Atalay

Dr. Sibel Atalay, based in Antalya, is a leading female facelift surgeon who combines advanced surgical skills with a personalized and supportive environment, catering to the unique needs and concerns of women seeking facelifts.

7. Dr. Nihal Durmus

7. Dr. Nihal Durmus

Dr. Nihal Durmus in Istanbul is synonymous with high-quality facelift surgery, known for her keen eye for symmetry and balance, delivering rejuvenated appearances that still feel authentic to each patient.

8. Dr. Muzaffer Kurt

8. Dr. Muzaffer Kurt

Dr. Muzaffer Kurt, widely respected in Istanbul, approaches facelift procedures with precision and careful consideration, aiming for natural and satisfactory outcomes while prioritizing his patients' well-being.

9. Dr. Asli Can

9. Dr. Asli Can

Dr. Asli Can in Izmir is dedicated to achieving elegant and age-defying results through facelift surgery, focusing on enhancing each patient's unique beauty and providing meticulous care.

10. Dr. Mehmet Bayramicli

10. Dr. Mehmet Bayramicli

Dr. Mehmet Bayramicli in Istanbul is renowned for his sophisticated approach to facelift surgery, consistently delivering natural, youthful, and balanced results while involving patients in the decision-making process.

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10 Board Certified Facelift Doctors in Turkey

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