Testimonial of Magnetotherapy in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico at Montevalle

Magnetotherapy in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Category: Ayurvedic Treatment Abroad
Country: Mexico
Procedure: Ayurveda

Carla and Sergio's Wellness Retreat

Meet Carla and Sergio del Río and Bueno, a couple seeking a rejuvenating experience at Montevalle in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Their testimonial reflects the surprise and happiness they felt during their stay at this exceptional resort center.

"We are Carla and Sergio del Río and Bueno. We are checking out, super relaxed, super happy to have lived this very pleasant experience. We want to thank the entire team; they were only attentive, only extremely professional at all times, attentive to our needs. We did not expect the experience with the excellence we received—from the facilities to the kitchen, medical staff, everything in general was excellent. We are very happy to have been here and highly recommend it to all friends and those who appreciate places where you have access to health and good food."

"Hello! How are you? I still feel very surprised and, above all, happy to be able to have a Resort Center of this quality in Valle de Guadalupe. It is truly something very special that I would like everyone to come to know. The facilities are first class in all aspects—from the moment they receive you until you leave, you feel that you are in a place in Spain. It is phenomenal."

"Before receiving a visit from a doctor who gives you recommendations to do your treatments according to your needs, we asked for some great treatments like the infusions, the hyperbaric chamber. We loved the magnetotherapy or all of the therapies that, for us, some of them were new, others we didn't like. They made us feel rejuvenated and energized in the pool. It's also incredible with its warm jacuzzi for after all the treatments. "

"Close to everything, the property is great for walking, and their bicycles come to the restaurant. It is divine with the unbeatable view of the Valley. The rooms are great with everything you could need. The food in the restaurant deserves a special mention because the chef shines. All the food here is organic; they take it from their garden and serve it immediately after cutting it, and it is delicious. Normally, it will be so delicious that we come back wanting more."

"The view from the restaurant is spectacular. We really liked walking around all the gardens and feeling the peace and tranquility that is here. It really feels like coming here for a weekend is perfect, but I would like to stay a full week to be able to receive the benefits and kindness that this place has. Ok, thank you very much to all of this channel for this wonderful project."

Unexpected Excellence in Wellness

Upon checking out, Carla and Sergio express their gratitude for the entire team, emphasizing the unexpected excellence they encountered at Montevalle. From the facilities to the kitchen and medical staff, every aspect surpassed their expectations, leaving them both relaxed and deeply satisfied.

Discovering First-Class Facilities

Carla and Sergio were pleasantly surprised by the first-class facilities that Montevalle offers. The resort's ambiance, from the welcoming reception to the departure, made them feel as if they were in a Spanish paradise. The couple was particularly impressed by the attention to detail and the high-quality services provided throughout their stay.

Tailored Treatments for Rejuvenation

Before receiving personalized recommendations from a doctor, Carla and Sergio indulged in various treatments, including infusions, the hyperbaric chamber, and magnetotherapy. These novel therapies left them feeling rejuvenated and energized, with a special mention of the pool and warm jacuzzi complementing the overall wellness experience.

Immersing in Tranquil Surroundings

The property's strategic location allowed the couple to enjoy scenic walks and explore the beautiful gardens. Carla and Sergio found peace and tranquility in the surroundings, emphasizing the perfect blend of a weekend getaway with the desire to stay for a full week to maximize the benefits and kindness the place had to offer.

A Culinary Delight and Future Returns

The culinary experience at Montevalle, led by a talented chef, earned a special mention from Carla and Sergio. They appreciated the organic, farm-to-table approach, making each meal a delicious and unforgettable experience. Despite their departure, the couple expressed a desire to return, captivated by the spectacular views, peaceful ambiance, and the overall kindness they received during their stay.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Carla and Sergio extend their sincere gratitude to Montevalle for this wonderful project, acknowledging the resort's commitment to providing a top-notch wellness retreat. Their testimonial serves as an invitation for others to explore the exceptional offerings of this hidden gem in Valle de Guadalupe, a place where health, rejuvenation, and culinary excellence converge.

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Magnetotherapy in Ensenada, Mexico by Montevalle Story

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