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Real Patients Reviews of Dental Treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico at Sani Dental Group Platinum

CalleTercera #203-D Vicente Guerrero 21970 Vicente Guerrero, B.C.
Price range:: $9550 to $10170
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About Sani Dental Group Platinum

One of the largest and prestigious dental clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico, Sani Dental Group Platinum is a member of Sani Dental Group, excellence clinics when it comes to top dental care. Specializing in Implants, Laser dentistry, Oral surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics and more, Sani's team of highly skilled doctors are providing top dental treatments in Baja California!

Verified Testimonials Feedback of Dental Work in Los Algodones, Mexico

  • Fernando V

    The dental experience was very professional and comfortable. Everybody was very friendly and explained every process in detailed.

    Sep 28 2016
  • Kelly B

    I am so happy with my dental work. I am always a little nervous, but once I walked in my fears were gone. It was clean, and sage. The dentist was excellent and made sure I was happy with my fillings and they felt right. I saved over $800 going to mexico and I will be back again for sure!

    Jul 01 2016
  • Bruce W

    All excellent.

    Jul 01 2016
  • Max F

    Everyone was very professional and caring and did their best to correct my problem.

    Jul 01 2016
  • Brenda F

    Both of my doctors were very professional and went out of their way to make me comfortable and were very caring and kind. I appreciate their help and they explained every procedure that I would be going to have a root canal and a crown, they made me feel at ease and I love the finished product.

    Nov 30 -0001
  • Mary E H

    Sometimes you may have to wait a bit but you know when you get to see your Doctor the time you need will be given to you and your needs.

    Jun 11 2016
  • Ber G

    Helpful, friendly very clean and questions are answered quickly and at once.

    Jun 11 2016
  • Tom F

    Good experience.

    Jun 11 2016
  • David J B

    Service prompt, friendly, fast.

    Jun 11 2016
  • David H R

    Doctor Noemi was excellent.

    Jun 11 2016
  • Minjin K

    Everything is good.

    Jun 11 2016
  • Gerald A H

    No issues everyone was friendly and helpful.

    Jun 11 2016
  • Aaron R B

    I have never been unhappy to come to Sani.

    Jun 11 2016
  • Joseph P R

    Good work. I have already recommended Sani Dental to some friends.

    Jun 11 2016
  • Amber G

    Beyond pleased with their services and accommodations. Highly recommend to anyone!! Out of 5 stars they deserve a 6!!

    Jun 11 2016
  • Daniel D

    Fantastic work and well priced. I ended up getting more work than originally planned, but at those prices and with the need in the near future, how could I not? 3 root canals, 3 posts, 3 crowns, 1 cavity, deep cleanings, and the start of 2 implants. Clearly worth the effort to make it there. The town is no Los Vegas (aka early closing times). The area is dedicated to dental, optical, and medication. Not much else.

    Jun 11 2016
  • Ana M M

    I will recommend your office to the world.

    May 24 2016
  • Blair E K

    Thank you this was wonderful.

    May 24 2016
  • Maggie E

    Good services in all ways.

    May 24 2016
  • Jeffery P C

    All good thank you very much.

    May 24 2016
  • Susan P G

    Able to work with in a time sequence. Thank you.

    May 24 2016
  • Steven C C

    Great job.

    May 24 2016
  • Tatiana B

    Thank You!

    Apr 18 2016
  • Ubaldo B

    Thank you for all you help! AMAZING! Love Dr. Cynthia & Fernando!

    Apr 18 2016
  • Marion C

    Dr. Camacho was excellent.Very comforting, explained what he was doing. Did a fast +efficient +painless procedure. Was excellent at giving the Novocaine shots. Pain Free!!!!

    Apr 18 2016
  • David M

    Great work. Sergio + Dr. Valencia are the best! My mouth + self assurance has never been this good. Great job folk !

    Apr 18 2016
  • Rick J

    Dentist and Assistant were covenant . made me feel very comfortable and confident in their abilities

    Apr 18 2016
  • Sarah V

    My first stop was Sani Dental then next day work done at Sani Dental Group Platinum. Everyone very, very kind. They understood English very well. The savings was amazing! Dr Luis the anathesiologist made me feel very much at ease and didn't hurt. I would ask for him again, but hopefully do not need too again. Dr Barragen so, so knowledgeable and very gentle and adorable. His assistant was also very consoling. Isreal, the xray tech had the kindest words to make you feel at ease. The hotel was clean, clean, clean with zero complaints. Besides having to have dental work done, which is never fun, I only have positive things to say.

    Apr 18 2016
  • Glynn R H

    Very happy with my dentist, Karen she was very professional and gentle and patient

    Apr 18 2016
  • John B

    I thought everything went well. I really like Dr. Allen, and thought he did a great job. I was supposed to have my records e-mail to me. Haven't received them yet. Please send them to me. Thank you John Benardis

    Mar 15 2016
  • Charlene L

    Couldn't be happier with my All on Four procedure in this first stage. I want to thank Dr. Barragan and all of the staff at Sani Dental Group for their care and helpfulness. Highly recommend to anyone considering any dental work.

    Mar 15 2016
  • Marusia D

    Everything was OK. Extremely helpful and considerate dentist. I got a two year warranty for the implants

    Mar 15 2016
  • Steve J B

    Rudy was great to be able to connect with Dr. Paul was fantastic along with the assistants

    Mar 15 2016
  • Terri C

    Thank you so much.without you I couldnt of done this.mucho gracias the work was perfecto.

    Mar 15 2016
  • Dale F K

    Excellent care no pain good service. All staff very good a pleasant experience here at SDG Alamo felt very safe in this town would highly recommend when i return home. thank you very much.

    Mar 15 2016
  • Rallie D W

    I was especially pleased with Dr. Rosario and Bere, They were very considerate throughout the procedure.

    Nov 30 -0001
  • Penny S

    Good Job!!

    Mar 02 2016
  • Eugene D M

    You guys (and girls) have been great! Everyone I've dealt with, every step of the way, has been really accommodating, warm, genuine, professional. I can't say enough good things about our experience. thank you!

    Mar 02 2016
  • Gundi B

    Dr. Guillermo Antonio Márquez Pérez is an excellent dentist and very careful and patient. He and his assistant Esmeralda are a great team and took care of me like I was family. He was very meticulous and if he didn't like something he made sure it was re-done. I will definitely be back to see him and Esme again.

    Feb 19 2016
  • Renald L

    The Doctors and staff were very helpful.Had a wonderful experience.

    Feb 19 2016
  • Anne D

    Thank you, Dr. Jadi is great!

    Feb 13 2016
  • Rebecca P

    When I arrived I was treated very well. Everything was explained to me and professionally done. You do end up having to wait alot but it is well worth it. I had an extraction, 8 implants and crowns done during my 5 days there. When I go back in 6 months I will have the bridges and rest of the crowns put in. I look forward to my next visit. The prices are far better here than in the states and the quality of work is next to none. Thank you Sani Dental Group for an awesome job.

    Feb 13 2016
  • Jon R N

    I was treated very well by everyone i dealt with.

    Feb 05 2016
  • Usa W W

    Great Job!

    Feb 05 2016
  • Folmer R C

    Wonderful experience. Love the hard working staff and the fantastic caring gentle Dentists. My Dr. was Karen, I highly recommend Sani Dental to all my friends!!

    Feb 05 2016
  • James G

    [email protected]

    Feb 05 2016
  • Evelyn H

    I was very happy with results and appointment times and the fact that the lab could accommidate my time schedule

    Feb 05 2016
  • Sharone M

    Make procedures clear at the beginning.

    Nov 30 -0001
  • Cindy B

    I will be back in 6 months to finish up with implants. I love love love Dr. Omar! He is so kind, so caring and so patient.

    Jan 21 2016
  • Terry a R J

    Dr. Noemi is a very kind, gentle person and i find her to be a good dentist. Thank you!

    Jan 21 2016
  • Robin R N

    Maybe an intercom systems

    Jan 21 2016
  • William N

    Our experience was great! everyone is friendly and polite.

    Jan 21 2016
  • Charlene M

    Jose Manuel was excellent. He was concerned about comfort, he was thorough, and patient. He made sure things were right. The only part of the process I didn't like was the oversell from the consultation. It felt to me that there was an effort to sell me procedures I didn't need. Crowning teeth is forever. It shouldn't be done unless it is necessary. That is not a good oversell. The location was good. Its an interesting city. The Hacienda Hotel is very comfortable and nice. The experience was good overall. The wait times were usually late, but that was ok, as thats why we were there.

    Oct 09 2015
  • Jessica G

    This place so far seems pretty legit! Dr. Lindsay is a professional very gentle and explains everything while she works on your teeth! Very clean and everyone is very helpful! Definitely recommend to my friends and family! 5 stars so far from me!

    Apr 25 2015
  • Rhonda F

    The dental procedure I had done at Sani Dental in Los Algodones, Mexico was a positive experience and more pleasant than I had anticipated. Everyone at Sani was so kind and helpful, as was the staff at La Hacienda Hotel where I stayed.
    I was unable to find anyone to accompany me from my home in California and was a bit hesitant about traveling alone. However, words alone cannot describe how deeply grateful I am to Maria Jaramillo of Placid Way for her assistance. She guided me through the process from start to finish and was there whenever I had a question or needed assistance. She truly cared about me and I can never thank her enough for making my dental procedure 100% trouble-free. I have recommended Placid Way and Maria in particular to several of my friends who need dental work. Please pass my thanks along to Maria, I don’t know how I would have made it without her assistance.

    Feb 18 2015

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