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Focus Area: Erectile Disfunction Treatment | Venous Leak Surgery | Penile Prosthesis | Penile Implant Surgery | Phalloplasty Prosthesis | Penis Enlargement Surgery | Penis Lengthening | Penile Augmentation | Penis Enhancement | Premature Ejaculation Treatment | ED Selective Neurectomy | Peyronie Disease Treatment | Curved Penis Surgery | Bent Penis Surgery | Penis Operation | Varicocele Treatment | Varicoceles | Varicocele Surgery | Testicular Varicocele | Varicocelectomy Andrology, Male Infertility, Incontinence, Urethral Stricture, Urology, Erectile Dysfunction,  Penile Prosthesis, Premature Ejaculation Treatment, Penis Lengthening, Genital Injuries, Sexual Disorders, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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  • Nadeem S
    (1 out of 5) Multan, Pakistan, 16th May,2019

    Men Health Tour:

    dear Nadeem! we do all types of penile prosthesis. please note what type prosthesis is more interesting for you: mealable or inflatable? professor Knigavko Alexander. +380504012543, [email protected]

    This organization did not contacted me or the message is not received by me. Kindly ask them to recontact me. Thanks


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