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195 Moskowskiy Ave., Kharkiv, Ukraine
Price Range: $1500 - $1900
Specialty: Anti Aging, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, General Medicine, Organ Transplant, Sexual Medicine and Treatment, Skin Care, Urology
Focus Area: Erectile Disfunction Treatment | Venous Leak Surgery | Penile Prosthesis | Penile Implant Surgery | Phalloplasty Prosthesis | Penis Enlargement Surgery | Penis Lengthening | Penile Augmentation | Penis Enhancement | Premature Ejaculation Treatment | ED Selective Neurectomy | Peyronie Disease Treatment | Curved Penis Surgery | Bent Penis Surgery | Penis Operation | Varicocele Treatment | Varicoceles | Varicocele Surgery | Testicular Varicocele | Varicocelectomy

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MenHealth Tour, Urology, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Welcome to MenHealtTour

Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology, Ukraine

We represent the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology and Department of Urology Nephrology and Andrology of Kharkiv National Medical University, which has the largest urological center in Europe(420 beds), with highly specialized departments (andrology, oncourology, pediatric surgery, kidney transplantation, laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques, etc.).

A large number of patients coming here with a specific andrological pathology has allowed the team to develop and implement successful new treatments for this diseases. We were the first in the world to use transurethral catheterization ejaculatory ducts for the treatment of obstructive infertility and selective microsurgical denervation of penis to correct premature ejaculation.

In 2001, at the Department of Urology and Andrology of Kharkiv State Medical University was established as MenHealth Tour.

Today the staff of MenHealth Tour develops, enhances and implements into clinical practice the treatment regimen of patients with infertility, chronic infections of the male genital tract, Peyronie's disease, impotence, premature ejaculation syndrome and other andrological problems. We have the English, Russian and Arabian speaking personnel, European equipment for diagnostic and treatment, comfortable rooms with Wi-Fi, individual nutrition and care.

Every day in the department are treated patients with chronic prostatitis, orhoepidiimitom, hydrocele, varicocele, Peyronie's disease, infertility, impotence, prostate adenoma, genital injuries and other disorders of the sexual sphere men.


Andrology, Sexology, ICSI, MenHealth Tour, Ukraine

Areas of activity

  • Collaborating with the City Center for Human Reproduction, engaging assisted reproductive technologies.
  • Improved methods to obtain sperm for ICSI, allowing the pair to achieve pregnancy.
  •  Methods of surgical treatment of obstruction of the vas deferens at the level of the epididymis.
  • Under the guidance of prof. V.N.Lesovogo the first time in Ukraine, the team  developed and introduced into practice the method of transurethral catheterization ejaculatory ducts during obstructive forms of male infertility. It provides comprehensive care for men with abnormal reproductive system.
  • Implemented methods such as individual skin graft during the replacement of skin defects, semi-rigid and three-way intravenous implants, surgical enlargement and thickening of the penis with the use of technology MATRIX; silicone testicular prosthesis, correction of penile curvature, unique plastic surgery for Peyronie's disease, the imposition Spong cavernous anastomoses at priapism, surgical treatment of urethral strictures using buccal mucosa, forming neouretry.
  • Implemented method LOD-therapy developed diagnostic aspects of the method fallodekompressii. The set of studies included genitografiya with testicular biopsy, fine-needle biopsy of the testicle, kavernografiya. The department developed and implemented a new and unique method of determining the genetic susceptibility of patients to a chronic course of infection of the genital tract, which allows to expand the diagnostic capabilities and to achieve cure patients with long-standing chronic infections. Also, diagnosis and treatment of various forms of infertility, erectile dysfunction and prostate for individual schemes. Employment offices and research laboratory aimed at introducing new technologies in andrology and improvement of methods of providing specialized medical care to patients with impaired fertility (ability to fertilize) varying degrees.
  • New developments and systematization of knowledge in this new field has allowed our staff to create a new course "Andrology" for students, as well as conduct courses thematic improvement for male infertility for urologists Kharkov and other regions.


Erectile Dysfunction, Prostate Treatments Abroad, Ukraine

Scientific activity

Doctors are constantly improving their knowledge at international conferences, courses and seminars. Researchers present at international symposia and congresses the result of electromagnetic fields studies on sexual and reproductive spheres of human. We have been awarded first prize at the 2nd World Congress of erectile and sexual dysfunction in Paris, 2003. Presented at the 2nd All-Ukrainian Congress of Andrology report on the surgical treatment of penile curvature and Peyronie's disease has caused great interest of Ukrainian specialists and foreign colleagues. Over the past 12 years the team offices and MenHealth Tour received more than 15 patents for inventions and utility models on various areas of modern andrology and published more than 100 articles.

MenHealth Tour Affiliations:

  • The State Institution Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology National Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences
  • IVF -clinic prof. Feskov
  • Kharkov Regional Clinical Hospital (cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery)
  • Kharkov Optalmological Clinic "Ophtalmica"
  • Kharkov Regional Gynaecological Centre

Medical Team

MD, PhD, A.prof. Knigavko Aleksandr

Head of the Laboratory of Andrology and Reproductive Biology, leading specialist

Speciality: Urologist-andrologist


  • diagnosis and treatment of STDs;
  • treatment of impotence;
  • surgical pathology: phimosis, short frenulum, varicocele, hydrocele, spermatic cord cyst, small penis, the curvature of the penis;
  • reconstructive surgery on the urethra, penis and testicles;
  • phalloprostesis  - setting penile prosthesis;
  • operation and konseravivnoe treatment of Peyronie's disease;
  • lengthening of the penis;
  • syndrom premature ejaculation in men - medical and surgical therapy.

MD, Phd, A.prof Arkatov Andrey

Andrology, Urology, Sexology

MD, Dsc., Prof. Lesovoy Vladimir

Andrology, Urology, Sexology, Nephrology


Medical Team, Pregnancy Treatments, Medical Tourism, Ukraine

Certifications and patents

  • Certification of the Laboratory Andrology and Reproductive Biology.
  • Certificate of training of the European Association of Urology.
  • Certificate of Participation International Congress of Urology. 


  • Urology
  • Andrology
  • Sexology
  • Nephrology

Routine inspections are necessary for early detection of malignancy in men. Pain in the perineum, sexual disorders, urination many men are inclined to regard as natural signs of aging, while it may be symptoms of prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, and the development of cancer. The main objective of prophylactic examinations - the identification and prevention of prostatitis and cancer.

The standard program consists of routine inspection conversation with the doctor and inspection of the external genitalia, their structure. The task of the physician is to check the condition of the testicles, checking their size and shape. It is mandatory and the digital rectal examination, including the study of the prostate through the anus. For completeness of the information received urologist may prescribe a number of analyzes.

Urological examination involves performing laboratory tests, among which the most important are tumor markers. Always held common blood and urine tests, blood chemistry, which is important in determining the level of testosterone. We study the composition of prostate secretion, ejaculate, other necessary tests. The research may be more or less wide depending on the age of the men, the presence of his complaints and problems. When infertility is carried semen.

If necessary, we offer our patients the hospital treatment around the clock care for patients from other cities and operated.

Andrological department is located on the 4th floor of the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology and has 30 beds, which are located in the chambers of the ordinary or increased comfort.

The department patients undergo a complete examination and treatment for the following pathologies:

  • diseases of the prostate adenoma, prostatitis, cancer, multiple sclerosis;
  • genital diseases in men: varicocele, hydrocele, phimosis, cryptorchidism, warts, cysts;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • male infertility;
  • urethral stricture;
  • incontinence. 

Anamnesis, Prostate Treatment, Urology, Ukraine

Anonymous Counseling

All of our patients, we provide complete anonymity, quality medical care, convenient schedule and reception performance of medical procedures.

Consultation urologist begins with anamnesis - conversation, during which, the doctor asks the patient about his complaints, gets acquainted with the history of the disease, examines and evaluates the state of the genitals. At the reception male doctor examines and evaluates the condition of the penis, scrotum, inguinal lymph nodes, prostate.

For an accurate diagnosis studied urine, blood and prostatic secretions.

  • According to testimony carried out:
  • Ultrasound of the prostate and blood vessels of the penis;
  • using digital rectal examination of the prostate condition is evaluated;
  • to assess the function of the muscles of the bladder and the obstacles to urinate;
  • to explore the inner surface of the urethra and bladder using a special instrument executed uretrocistoscopia.
  • in the presence of sexual problems, erectile function being tested.
  • If necessary, conducted in the laboratory:
  • Tests of genetic predisposition to chronic prostatitis;
  • Diagnosis of rare species of infertility.

All the necessary tests and diagnostic and treatment procedures are performed in the same building.

Men older than 40 years, even if nothing disturbs, we strongly recommend performing routine inspections at the urologist annually. The doctor will be able to timely detect changes in the prostate gland, can help eliminate the teething problems with potency. It is well known that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

Andrology, Sexology, Urology, Diagnosis, Ukraine

Day Hospital

Day hospital is a form of medical care to patients who do not require round the clock surveillance of the doctor. The day hospital complex treatment, and can be performed more tests, consultations with specialists. Patients come in the afternoon, getting the necessary procedures, relax, go home or to work.

Treatment in day hospital has significant advantages for patients: doing the daily treatment, patients spend the rest of the day at home, observing the recommended mode, taking medication, a diet and maintaining the usual way of life.

Stay in day care allows patients to combine treatment with a full work or school if necessary patients issued medical certificate.

Day hospital is designed for 30 beds and is located in andrologic office on the 4th floor of the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Center of Urology and Nephrology them. V.I.Shapovala (HOTSKUN). The day hospital employs highly qualified doctors and nurses.

The day care is performed:

  • complex differential treatment with drug therapy, drugs, physical therapy, massage;
  • diagnostic tests and medical procedures requiring short-term medical follow-up;
  • follow-up care of patients discharged from hospitals to complete treatment in the active mode.

For more information about the treatments and procedures offered at the Laboratory of Andrology and Reproductive Biology, do not hesitate to contact us!

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