Smile Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico Reviews From Real Dental Patients

Smile Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico Reviews From Real Dental Patients

Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio 2898, Next to Intercam bank, Isla Iguana, 48335 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico
Price range:: $11 to $900
Focus Area: Smile Vallarta | Puerto Vallarta | Mexico | Dentistry

About Smile Vallarta

Smile Vallarta is a modern dental office located in the beautiful Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta. The clinic is in business for 15 years and offers a full range of affordable general and specialist dental care.

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Dental Implants in Puerto Vallarta Mexico Reviews at Smile Vallarta

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    Dr. Sanchez is an outstanding dentist. After having several extremely frustrating evaluation experiences in the US, when I arrived in PV, I made an appointment with Dr. Sanchez. Without question, it was a good choice. He is professional, highly skilled, very experienced and fluent in English. My problem having a missing tooth replaced with an emax 3 unit bridge because the gap left by the missing tooth was too small for an implant was solved in two consecutive visits. I spoke with my cousin in the US who runs his own dentist business in Milwaukee and he was also impressed with the work Dr. Sanchez did he reviewed the pictures I sent him . I would highly recommend Dr. Sanchez to anyone who was considering dental work. As an added bonus, the price was approximately 75-80% less than it would have cost in the US.

    Google Apr 22 2021
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    I am extremely happy with my resin/composite veneers! I had my top teeth done, and they look amazing. My teeth were discolored and had stains, so I was always embarrassed about them.
    I was in Puerto Vallarta on vacation and had done my research ahead of time to schedule an appointment during my trip.
    There wasn’t much setup before getting started, but I believe that was because I had previously been in contact explaining what I was hoping for as far as matching two crowns I already had.
    Unlike porcelain veneers, resin veneers don’t require any numbing of the mouth or grinding the teeth down. I do have a couple of extremely sensitive teeth, so looking back I probably should have opted for an added cost of numbing.
    Dr. Alejandro Sanchez was very warm and welcoming. He even gave me a hug when I finally saw my teeth and cried out of happiness! I am not a cryer but I was shocked my teeth could look so good

    If you are self-conscious about your teeth/smile, I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Alejandro Sanchez.

    Google Jul 15 2021
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    I recently was in Mexico for a vacation and fell while getting out of a pool and broke one of my front teeth in half. As someone who prides themselves on having always had great teeth with little to no issues it was a very traumatizing experience. I contacted Smile Vallarta immediately and met with Dr. Alejandro Sanchez who was AMAZING! Not only was the cost great but my experience with Alejandro was so comfortable - he felt like someone I had known for a long time. He was very gentle, open and honest about the work that was about to take place. He was also very funny and REAL. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!

    Google Aug 19 2021
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    I’m so glad I went here, love my new smile and it was extremely affordable compared to the United States. I received 16 composite veneers and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

    Google Aug 24 2021
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    Alejandro went above and beyond to make sure my double crown/bridge was made in time, fit and sealed properly and was done right.

    We needed to make a final adjustment as the lab didn’t quite get it right, and he was willing to squeeze me back in at 9 30 at night just to make sure it was done right. He even came and picked me up from my condo himself!

    Reasonable priced, excellent level of service and care. Highly recommend him!

    Google Apr 28 2022
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    Wendy H

    Friendly staff and knowledge. Quick in and out dental appointments, fluent in English, helpful,understanding I will definitely keep coming back!

    Apr 29 2022
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    Dr. Sanchez is wonderful! We always leave with a smile. Our Entire family has gone to him for so many different needs, from fillings, root canals, and braces, to cleanings and composites. He and his team are wonderful. Explain each step throughout the process. Highly recommend Smile Vallarta Dentist and Dr. Sanchez for all of your dental needs. He definitely worth the smile

    Google Oct 08 2021
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    I have been to many dentist over the years. But I must say Dr Sanchez is the most gentle caring dentist I have ever been to. I would recommend him to all my family and friends which I have already started to do.

    Google Dec 22 2021
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    Highly recommended! Alex makes you feel like you are in a SPA not at the dentists. Dental services at the highest standards yet very affordable.

    Google Jan 05 2022
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    Excellent job! Alejandro is a very good smile designer. I got a composite veneer on one of my front teeth which was very dark. Now, almost a year later it still looks perfect. Very natural look, impossible to tell the difference from the other teeth.

    Google Jan 05 2022
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    Thank you for the excellent experience. Dr. Sanchez, thank you for your expertise your gentle approach and for the reasonable price. We will be back for sure and will send our friends and family members your way!

    Google Jan 12 2022
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    kent a

    I have not yet received any treatment from this clinic. The ease of communication, explanation has been very good.

    Sep 20 2018
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    Brad G

    Very problems at all

    Jan 17 2018
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    sharon d

    amazing service. My teeth feel amazing. The dentist is extremely efficient. My son had his teeth cleaned there 2 weeks ago and whitening was done also. He was also extremely pleased. I would highly recommend this dentist to everyone.

    Apr 11 2018
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    Nora K

    I highly recommend Dr. Alex! He and his office are very professional with extremely modern technology, from the pictures he takes of your mouth that you can see up close right on the screen in front of you to the TV monitor on the ceiling so you can watch your favorite Netflix show to distract yourself while he’s working on you!

    He speaks perfect English for anyone who needs that, is very nice and friendly, and I really trusted him. My dentist in the US told me that I need crowns, which Alex could have done and charged me for (it’s way less than in the US) and I wouldn’t have known the difference, but he was very honest in saying I didn’t need that extra dental work and that a filling would do. (Way less money and obviously preferred for me.)

    He was able to schedule me quickly and when I needed to come back he fit me in soon after. I didn’t have to wait a long time (or at all) on my visits, which seems to happen whenever I have a doctor or dentist appt in the US, and he took his time answering the million questions I had without trying to rush me out, like doctors and dentists always do in the US.

    My filling has already healed well after a day and I’m very happy with his work.

    His prices are no comparison compared to what I would pay in the US. A filling was 1,000 pesos, about $60.

    To get there, just take any public blue bus (they run every few minutes and cost just 7.5 pesos) toward WalMart or Sam’s (sadly those are the landmarks printed on the bus that you can spot). He’s just maybe a 10 minute walk past the Wal-Mart.

    Hopefully I won’t need any dental work done for a while, but if I do in the future it would be well worth a trip to lovely Puerto Vallarta to have Dr. Alex handle it.

    Mar 14 2018