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Smile Vallarta

Smile Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio 2898, Next to Intercam bank, Isla Iguana, 48335 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico

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Smile Vallarta, Dental Clinic Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Welcome to Smile Vallarta

Dental Office in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Smile Vallarta is a modern dental office located in the beautiful Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta. The clinic is in business for 15 years and offers a full range of affordable general and specialist dental care.

Located in Plaza Palmas, the clinic's design is modern and airy providing a relaxing ambience for the patient's dental treatment. Dr Alejandro Sánchez, the founder and CEO of the clinic, and his team are friendly, welcoming and professional, attending to the patient's dental needs and ensuring they receive a world-class service and a pleasant experience.

Smile Vallarta will provide the dedicated and personalized care the patients deserve and can help them achieve the smile of their dreams with the range of revolutionary cosmetic dentistry treatments, including crowns, veneers and teeth whitening.



Dental Implants Puerto Vallarta, Dental Crowns Mexico


Treatments and procedures


Smile Vallarta offers the full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry services, including porcelain crowns, porcelain dental veneers, braces to straighten your smile, teeth whitening and replacement of broken or missing teeth. The clinic also provides after-hour emergency dental services for those who need immediate attention.


Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are used to correct any teeth imperfections, from gaps and chips to stains or misshapen teeth. With veneers, you will have a more confident, beautiful smile. They are the perfect alternative for patients wanting to make minor adjustments to the look and feel of their smile. Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells made from tooth-colored materials (such as porcelain) designed to cover the front side of your teeth.

Dental bridge

A dental bridge is used when missing teeth have created a gap which needs to be covered, therefore maintaining the shape of the face, and alleviating stress on the bite. The dental bridge can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials and is bonded onto surrounding teeth for support.



Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be made of pure E-max porcelain or can be fused to high noble metal. The E-max will resemble more the color, texture and translucency of natural teeth, but they are recommended only for the front teeth. The porcelain fused to metal crowns will take between 3 to 5 days to be applied. Most of the time the treatment is done after 72 hours, this involves daily appointments of one to two hours each. The time required for E-max crowns is 4 days for the full procedure.


Root canal

The root canal is a necessary procedure in the case of a diseased tooth nerve. When a tooth is cracked or has a deep cavity, bacteria can enter the pulp tissue and germs can cause an infection inside the tooth. If the infected tissue is not removed, pain and swelling can result. This can not only injure the jawbones, but it is detrimental to the patient's overall health. Without the proper treatment, the tooth may have to be removed.


Dental fillings

Traditional dental fillings are made of gold, porcelain, and composite, but newer dental fillings include ceramic and plastic compounds that mimic the appearance of natural teeth. The strength and durability of traditional dental materials make them useful for situations where restored teeth must withstand extreme forces that result from chewing, often in the back of the mouth. 


Dr Alejandro Sanchez, Dentist Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Medical Team


Dr. Alejandro Sanchez

Dr Alejandro Sanchez is one of the renowned dentists in Puerto Vallarta, with an experience of more than 17 years. Dr Sanchez is committed to provide patients high quality dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment. He  graduated from Guadalajara Autonoma University School Of Dental and Oral Surgery in 1998 and since then Dr. Sanchez have continued to take courses to improve the quality of care for the patients, expanding his knowledge of dentistry to provide better care, and to make work fun.


Dental Treatment Prices in Puerto Vallarta


Treatment/Procedure Prices


Dental Treatment


Exam and Evaluation


Regular Cleaning - prophylaxis


Laser Whitening & cleaning


White Composite fillings (one surface)


Composite Fillings (two surface)


White composite fillings (three surface)


Remove old fillings and replace with resin composite


Root Canal for anterior (front) teeth


Root canal for posterior (back) teeth


Root Canal Retreatment


Cast Post in addition to crown


Pre-fabricated Post


Core Build up


Regular Extraction


Surgical Extraction


Surgical Root extractions


Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Simple


Wisdom extraction, semi-impacted


Wisdom extraction, full boney impacted


PFM Porcelain Crowns -Standard finish


PFM crowns -Esthetic finish (porcelain edge)


All porcelain E.Max Crown


E.Max Veneer


Zirconium Ceramic Crowns


E.max Porcelain Inlay or Onlay


Composite Inlay or Onlay


Silver Metal Inlay or Onlay


Crown Lengthening (gum surgery)


Crown lengthening (including removal of bone)


Perio-Maintenance Cleaning (whole mouth)


Perio-Scaling & Root Planing/Quadrant


Immediate Acrylic Full or Partial


Temporary Partial


Temporary Flipper


Metal Frame Partial


Flexible Full or Partial Denture


Highest Quality Full Denture/Arch


Denture Reline (soft - done in clinic)


Denture Reline (done in dental lab)


Individual Bone Graft


Sinus Lift




Why Choose Our Clinic?


  • Modern dental equipment
  • Medical team with extensive experience and training
  • Quick and safe dental procedures
  • Affordable prices
  • Personalized care for each patient



About Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s liveliest and friendliest resort destinations. Stretching along the sparkling blue Bay of Flags and backed by lush palm-covered mountains, one could not ask for a better place to spend the vacation. Each year Puerto Vallarta is visited by millions of tourists who come to laze on the dazzling sandy beaches, try the local cuisine, spend some time in the quirky shops or wander through the picturesque small streets.



More and more people are realizing the importance of accessing quality medical attention at reasonable costs, while the beautiful surroundings and attention during recovery make it easy to concentrate on getting well. Puerto Vallarta offers several first class hospitals and clinics that feature the most modern equipment and a great variety of qualified doctors and nurses in all medical fields, especially in the dental field.




Patient Testimonials


I had a remarkable experience through this clinic and specifically, Dr Sanchez and am very pleased with my results. I was referred by another patient who is a good friend of mine in Canada where I am from. Dr. Sanchez was what I would consider an artist at his trade and has an instinctive genius for what a patient needs to correct their smile. I am very grateful for the upgrade I was given by Dr Sanchez and have had excellent feedback from family and friends. He is also a very friendly, engaging person who is charming and accommodating to say the least. I had six crowns, two veneers, a bridge and a partial as well as replacement fillings for a fraction of the price I would have paid in Canada. Would highly recommend Dr. Sanchez and will be bringing my sister to Mexico as soon as she can afford to come and get her dental work done. Thank you Dr. Sanchez and staff....until next time.

Edmonton Alberta , Canada


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Reviews (4)

Rating: 5 out of 5
  • kent aubichon
    (5 out of 5) 20th September,2018

    I have not yet received any treatment from this clinic. The ease of communication, explanation has been very good.


  • sharon delbridge
    (5 out of 5) 11th April,2018

    amazing service. My teeth feel amazing. The dentist is extremely efficient. My son had his teeth cleaned there 2 weeks ago and whitening was done also. He was also extremely pleased. I would highly recommend this dentist to everyone.


  • Nora Kramer
    (5 out of 5) 14th March,2018

    I highly recommend Dr. Alex! He and his office are very professional with extremely modern technology, from the pictures he takes of your mouth that you can see up close right on the screen in front of you to the TV monitor on the ceiling so you can watch your favorite Netflix show to distract yourself while he’s working on you! He speaks perfect English for anyone who needs that, is very nice and friendly, and I really trusted him. My dentist in the US told me that I need crowns, which Alex could have done and charged me for (it’s way less than in the US) and I wouldn’t have known the difference, but he was very honest in saying I didn’t need that extra dental work and that a filling would do. (Way less money and obviously preferred for me.) He was able to schedule me quickly and when I needed to come back he fit me in soon after. I didn’t have to wait a long time (or at all) on my visits, which seems to happen whenever I have a doctor or dentist appt in the US, and he took his time answering the million questions I had without trying to rush me out, like doctors and dentists always do in the US. My filling has already healed well after a day and I’m very happy with his work. His prices are no comparison compared to what I would pay in the US. A filling was 1,000 pesos, about $60. To get there, just take any public blue bus (they run every few minutes and cost just 7.5 pesos) toward WalMart or Sam’s (sadly those are the landmarks printed on the bus that you can spot). He’s just maybe a 10 minute walk past the Wal-Mart. Hopefully I won’t need any dental work done for a while, but if I do in the future it would be well worth a trip to lovely Puerto Vallarta to have Dr. Alex handle it.


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