Kudret Eye Hospital Reviews in Istanbul,Ankara, Turkey

Kudret Eye Hospital Reviews in Istanbul,Ankara, Turkey

John F. Kennedy Cd. Çankaya
Price range:: $350 to $8800
Focus Area: Refractive Surgery | Ocular Pressure | Cataract Surgery | Eye/Lasik Care | Strabismus | Hypermetropia | Eye Laziness | Myopia | Presbyopia | Corneal Diseases | Cornea Transplants | Lasik | Istanbul, Turkey

About Kudret Eye Hospital

Kudret Eye Hospital, located in Istanbul, Turkey, bears ISO 9001 TUV certificate and is one of the best eye surgery centres in the country. Our Center conducted more than 300.000 examinations and 50.000 operations up to date which constitutes a record in its field. The highly trained medical team performs a variety of eye surgeries among which iLASIK, Excimer Laser, Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery among others.

Eye/Lasik Care Reviews in Istanbul,Ankara, Turkey

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    I scratched my eyes at Ümit teacher in September 2021, I am very happy. I would recommend it to everyone.

    Google Jun 02 2022
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    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis and therefore eye problems for about 16 years. After the check-ups I go to every year, I now feel safer with Kudret Eye Hospital. I am very satisfied with both the hospital staff and the doctors. I am glad I chose Kudret Eye Hospital.
    Thanks to everyone.

    Google Jun 03 2022
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    Kudretgöz Ankara- punctuality, smiling face, interest and respect every time I go. In this period, it is important to feel safe. I would like to thank the Deputy Director of the Hospital, Mrs. Sakine Akıska, and my doctor Mr. Sedat Taşdemir.

    Google Jun 17 2022
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    The eye hospital we always go to. Especially Mr. Ali is very caring and meticulous. He treated my mother yellow spot disease. Hospital hygiene is very good. Staff is concerned.

    Google Jun 24 2022
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    My daughter blood is the blood of the blood of my teacher Allah will be pleased. I RECOMMEND. OUR EYES ARE VERY VALUABLE, SO ENCOUNTER IT TO A VALUABLE HOSPITAL. THANKS

    Google Jul 04 2022
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    We were very pleased with this hospital we went to for my mother, both with the close attention of the staff and the caring attitude of our doctor. Thank you for your attention.

    Google Jan 21 2022
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    It is a hospital with a very good team that helps in every way. Especially Mrs. Eda and Dr. Sedat. They were very interested and helped a lot. thank you for your attention. People you can trust with your eyes closed.

    Google Jan 31 2022
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    A very clean and orderly hospital system works very well. Especially Ms. Eda was very helpful with her interest and smiling face. Thank you very much, we wish to have colleagues who provide such relevant service everywhere.

    Google Feb 01 2022
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    I have lost my glasses many times due to my bad luck. I have been examined in many hospitals. But I have never met a friendly staff and doctor. Dear Dr. for examining all the details of my eye examination and sending me with peace of mind. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Sedat and Eda Akagunduz, Head of the Patient Service Unit...

    Google Feb 01 2022
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    I had a smart lens surgery at this mighty eye hospital 5 years ago, although years have passed, I am very satisfied. Eda was very helpful especially in the surgery appointment unit. Later, to my satisfaction, I had my wife cataract surgery done in this hospital. Good luck...thanks.

    Google Feb 01 2022