Mona Lisa Centrum in Budapest Hungary Cosmetic Surgery Reviews

Mona Lisa Centrum in Budapest Hungary Cosmetic Surgery Reviews

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Lovohaz street 7-9. 4th floor
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About Mona Lisa Centrum

The Mona Lisa Surgery Center, located in Budapest, Hungary, is a high tech private plastic surgery clinic. We also specialize in Adult Stem Cell therapy for orthopaedic problems and have a GYN surgeon on staff. The center is operated by English speaking staff for over 18 years, always placing the customer on the first place. The clinic offers the latest plastic surgery and cosmetic techniques and stem cell procedures, performed with modern equipment.

Plastic Surgery in Budapest Hungary Reviews at Mona Lisa Centrum

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    Phil P

    Never answered

    May 05 2023
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    Keep away from this place at all costs. They will seem professional on the phone and when you visit, with very friendly salespeople, but the doctors are grossly unqualified. I had a simple upper eyelid blepharoplasty here and they completely butchered one of my eyes. I had the surgery to feel better about my appearance but instead people now ask what happened to my face. The salesperson has gone silent; I have been trying to schedule a follow up procedure to correct the terrible job they did but they're just ignoring me. Please don't risk your money and happiness by going to this terrible place. Once they have your cash they will make a mess and refuse to clean it up.

    Aug 24 2022
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    Friendly attitude, proactive expertise. If I wanted stupidity, they convinced me with professional arguments, even if they made me lose money. Highly recommend to everyone especially those who are insecure about themselves!! They offer personalized solutions and also watch your soul.

    Facebook Sep 10 2016
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    Google Sep 11 2017
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    I cant be happier with the VASER lipo I got. Very helpful staff, very professional doctors, and amazing result, thank you.

    Google Aug 16 2021
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    Very professional!
    I was deeply satisfied with my treatment.
    The staff were very welcoming.

    Google Jul 14 2021
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    They did a very good job with my eyelid surgery. I look fresh and awake again. It was the best decision I ever made. Thanks Eddie and Elisabeth.

    Google Mar 25 2022
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    I went to the clinic for wart removal, I am very satisfied.

    Google Jan 10 2021
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    I was satisfied with everyone, I am satisfied with their work!

    Google Jan 12 2021
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    I have been here for years and I have always been very satisfied with the professionalism of the clinic and the flexibility of the staff. I also recommended it to several acquaintances and everyone was satisfied. Batra time for a bark!

    Google Jan 20 2021
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    I had damaged both my knees and hips due to excessive sports. This caused me considerable pain and impaired my mobility. Since operations were not recommended, I tried electro therapy, specific exercises and hyaluronic acid shots which helped me somewhat, but not much.

    I had read that stem cell therapy offered promising results specially for conditions such as mine, but due to the skepticism I found among specialist in Vienna, I had my doubts about the success of the procedure, who should provide it and the overall expense I would have to go through. Fortunately I found online the Mona Lisa Center in Budapest. This is a modern medical center with top specialists who also perform other esthetic surgery procedures. They answered all my questions patiently and offered me an affordable health package which motivated me to proceed with them.

    Now, after one year since I have had the stem cell therapy, I feel significant improvements in my joints which allows me to move much more freely and with less pain.

    I have just undergone a blood plasma therapy at the Mona Lisa Center as a complementary therapy to the previous one which I hope will help me even more. For these reasons it is my pleasure to highly recommend the medical services of Mona Lisa Center to any person who is looking for new, effective and affordable treatment options.

    Google Feb 16 2021
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    This is the best esthetic centre in Budapest. Very professional staff, highly recommended. I was here many times, excellent! Hundred stars!

    Google Feb 24 2021
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    Nadeem S

    This organization did not contacted me or the message is not received by me. Kindly ask them to recontact me. Thanks

    May 16 2019