Embryolab Fertility Clinic in Thessaloniki, Greece Reviews from Real IVF Patients

Embryolab Fertility Clinic in Thessaloniki, Greece Reviews from Real IVF Patients

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173-175 Ethnikis Antistaseos 551 34 Kalamaria
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About Embryolab Fertility Center

Embryolab, located in Thessaloniki, Greece, was established in 2004 thanks to the life-long efforts of its founding scientists, who shared a vision of creating a different Assisted Reproduction Unit, as well as contributing to the promotion and development of science. Embryolab’s vision combines the human approach and true interest for the concerns of people, with the constant thirst for methodical research, expert knowledge and continuous investment in technology.

In-Vitro Fertilization in Thessaloniki, Greece Reviews at Embryolab Fertility Clinic

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    From our personal experience we have only the best to say! We were absolutely delighted by the kind staff, the clean and pleasant environment and the psychological support! Everything went incredibly well and at this moment they gave us the little angel we have in our hands and we are happy! The only thing we regret is that we did not do it earlier... Thank you very much

    Google Jul 31 2022
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    They stand out for their professionalism, but they are people above all!!

    Google Aug 16 2022
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    The best fertility clinic!!! We would like to thank both you and your highly trained scientific team as well as our excellent man and medical scientist, Mr. Vassilis Sarafi, who with his knowledge and experience managed to give us a beautiful baby boy from the very first attempt! !!! He was the man who gave us strength on this beautiful journey!!!! Only positives about this experience!!!! Many thanks!!!

    Google Aug 29 2022
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    We sincerely thank all of you who have been by our side throughout this very difficult but at the same time wonderful journey. We especially thank our doctor, Mrs. Dimitrakis, for her support, honesty and humane attitude, thanks to which our family grew up by two members with a difference of 20 months. Sincerely thank you for everything.

    Google Sep 06 2022
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    I want to say I really like this clinic and the staff and this review is more a reflection of the devastating situation than the actual clinic. We traveled from the USA to Greece, bought our tickets 6 months in advance and planned the IVF procedure, it’s much too expensive in the states to the point of being absolutely ridiculous. The doctor and nurses at Embryolab are very professional and prescribe a treatment plan that we follow and everything is going quite well. Then the day before the egg retrieval we get a Covid test and my wife tests positive. They told us in the beginning that if we tested positive the procedure would not be able to occur, so we knew the risk. But we are careful, we wear our masks in cabs, indoors, crowds, etc. it is completely out of our control, we have done our due diligence to be safe. They inform us the law will not allow us to get IVF with a positive Covid test. I realize the clinic is acting in accordance with the law, which is what you want the clinic to do, but the Covid laws change every month and it seems quite arbitrary at this point. So bottom line, we now cannot even try the procedure we’ve waited so long to do and will have to wait a year to come back if we are ever able to come back again. I realize this is not the fault of the clinic. They are an excellent practice. But I am so upset right now I don’t know what to do to remedy the situation.

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    Embryolab was able to perform an IUI instead of an IVF due to the situation. We had tried IUI in the states previously without success, so we had little hope it would work. However, the treatment was a success and resulted in a pregnancy!

    I feel I need to update this review to once again reflect the stellar team at Embryolab. I feel they are leaps and bounds ahead of the US doctors. Thank you, Embryolab

    Google Sep 29 2022
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    Our experience at Embryolab was unique. Personalized treatment by our beloved doctor. The unique Marina Dimitraki for us, our Marina, gave us a life lesson. Her persistence, her scientific guidance and her choices led us to a positive result. In three months we are expecting our miracle. At the age of 48, after many failed attempts at other IVF centers at Embryolab he brought the smile back to life on our faces. We thank our doctor Marina Dimitraki, the team of embryologists and Maria Gazi.

    Google Sep 25 2022
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    Professionals, with very high scientific training and fantastic people!
    From the first communication you feel safe and secure!
    Congratulations to the whole team who have managed to offer such a high level of services!

    Google Jan 21 2022
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    The most organized and modern laboratory for IVF with the best scientists and with the highest success rates.

    Google Jan 22 2022
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    In 2019 we went to embryolab for the first time, we felt comfortable and confident that we would become parents ... indeed at the end of October of the same year we had our daughter in our arms. The doctors are the midwives ... all excellent ... thank you through our heart

    Google Jan 23 2022
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    Google Jan 28 2022
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    Today I visited the clinic for an appointment and discussion with Mrs. Hatziparasidou. Very kind throughout our conversation and showed interest in my questions. From the girls in the reception to the offices upstairs are all very kind and make you feel Finally, let me mention that the facilities are very nice and neat. It is a great qualification that there is an application of the clinic that you can download on your mobile phone and from there to see all the examinations and appointments you have with the clinic!

    Google Feb 04 2022