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BIMC Hospital in Bali Indonesia Reviews From Patients

Kawasan BTDC Blok D Nusa Dua Badung Bali
Focus Area: BIMC Hospital | Skin Care | Plastic Surgery | Dental Care | General Surgery | Kidney Dialysis | Bali | Indonesia

About BIMC Hospital

BMIC Hospital is an international standard medical center in Bali, Indonesia that caters to the growing needs of quality healthcare. As a pioneer of medical tourism they provide 24 hour emergency medical center, skin care and aesthetic treatments, dental center and dialysis center.

Different Disease Patients Treated By BIMC Hospital Reviews

  • Diva

    did my 1st vaccination here in BIMC Kuta last year and it did well. I know this hospital since I was in Junior High School around 14 years ago, and the doctors and nurses was very kindly helpful. Very good experience here in BIMC Kuta

    Google Feb 26 2022
  • Céline

    I stayed 1 week at BIMC hospital, I came because I was feeling pain and it turns out they had to do an emergency surgery on me for internal bleeding. They provided me with great treatment, service and care. Dr Surya is very competent and all the nurses and Dr GP were very kind and very caring to me. Everything is clean and steady. The room was very nice. The food was good. A nurse was coming immediately everytime I pressed the bell, it was impressive. I was so scared to get a surgery in Indonesia, but the BIMC team treated me the best way possible, and now I am recovering. Yes it’s pricy, but the service matches the price. I would highly recommend this hospital! They deserve a better rating

    Google Dec 03 2021
  • Edwardus

    Had an amazing medical experience here when i was having high fever with dehydration due to unable to eat or drink during my sickness. Emergency Department work really fast and efficiently , no unnecessary treatment or test done unlike other hospital and the nurse who put IV line on me is very skillful. He is able to put it on first try, which really comfortable when you are feeling unwell like me that time. Thanks Ns. Agus!
    The cost also not as expensive as what all those people said about this hospital especially if you have KTP, they gave you lots and lots of discount.
    This hospital is the best so far from my experience !!

    Google Jan 26 2022
  • Trish

    No one wants to end up in hospital during their holiday but the staff at BIMC made it as tolerable as possible. They were all lovely, attentive and efficient. The payment system was clear with a member of the admin team at hand to swiftly answer any queries. Thank you all for taking such good care of me,

    Google Jan 27 2022
  • Sarah

    Such a great service. I am from Germany and there it takes so much time to get an appoimtment. And if they look at you, they don’t really care. Here in the BIMC hospital my experience felt so good. I felt so welcome and taken good care of. The doctors are listening and the nurses are very kind and respectful. Thanks for such a great service. Gave me such a good feeling.

    Google Apr 26 2022
  • hutari

    Best hospital, good in english
    Fast respon, medical staff super nice and helpful
    All the information explained very clearly and easy to understand

    Google Jan 15 2022
  • Erwan

    Excellent hopsital with great team. Thank you for everything.

    Google Jan 14 2022
  • mila

    The services that I receive from dr. Yuyun is excellent. She ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. The staff FO, Security, RO, OB,Nurse are friendly and helpful. I would have no qualms in recommending them to family and friends. Thank You BIMC team

    Google Jan 13 2022
  • Dwita

    Hospital with very good and professional service

    Google Jan 23 2022
  • eros

    Health protocols are very strict. Administrative services are also fast and uncomplicated. Friendly service, friendly doctors and detailed explanations..

    Google Jan 23 2022