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Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek Weight Loss Center Reviews in Alexandria, Egypt

3 Hasan Sorour St., Alexandria Alexandria
Price range:: $1300 to $2900
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About Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek Weight Loss Center

Achieve your weight loss goals at Dr. Islam Abdelkhalek Weight Loss Center in Alexandria, Egypt. Trusted expertise and personalized plans for a healthier you.

Obesity/Bariatric Surgery Reviews in Alexandria, Egypt

  • Debbie

    In the beginning, I was afraid of pain post-operation but right away Dr Islam was assuring me that would be definitely under control. Furthermore, I was very much impressed by the professionalism of the entire team from the anaesthetist, to the nurses and of course to the know-how of Dr Islam. The way he explained all the entire procedure make a big difference! Bravo keep the good work definitely the right surgeon to choose for your surgery.

    Sep 09 2023
  • Amy

    I could give 6 stars I would !
    Dr Islam was recommended by a friend of mine, I done loads of research on this clinic and could not find fault anywhere. I had the surgery in May 2023 and has lost nearly 6 stone and looks amazing. The service was brilliant we were kept informed on everything. Our contact was brilliant Mayar they were so informative and nothing was a problem .
    Would highly recommend this clinic Dr Islam was incredible and took great care of me and explained everything from start to finish. MANY, MANY THANKS .

    Sep 08 2023
  • Millie

    I went for a mini-gastric bypass, I arrived last month, collected at the airport by their driver. Taken directly to the hospital. I had my own room with my own bathroom/shower a TV and air-conditioning.
    All the staff were amazing. They made me feel very welcome. I had many tests like blood pressure, ECG, blood was taken. I had my last meal which was lovely, chicken with some cheeses, bread rolls, and yoghurt.
    Later that day I was cleared for surgery. Dr Islam took me through the procedure and relieved any concerns I had. After the operation, you'll stay one more night so they can keep an eye on everything.
    Dr Islam took me through the drugs I needed to take and when. He gave me a pack on the dietary steps to be taken. The hotel was lovely that they recommend. If you wanted to do the pyramids and museums you should feel well enough. I didn't have any real issues. Getting in and out of bed was a little sore, you just need to be careful of your stitches.
    Overall I've had a great experience and so far so good. The weight is falling away. I would highly recommend it to anyone who like me had tried the diets and failed, and was looking for a more permanent solution.

    Aug 26 2023
  • Ana

    Hello all, I want my Gratitude to speak! to you from Guilford UK. I was sleeved on the 19th January 2022. My life took a 360 degree significant turn where my life is no longer dominated by the obsession to be controlled with food. This freedom that I am experiencing right now is magical!
    I can highly recommend you will be in the safest hands don’t hesitate at all. I have lost - 35 kg so far. I felt extremely looked after from the moment of arrival to Egypt - Alexandria, before and after surgery. I was surrounded with lovely people I choose to call Angels

    After the operation the team 48 hour wrap around care was phenomenal. I highly recommend to contact Mayar for a smooth safe transition to Egypt all your questions answered in timely finer detail with travelling to Alexandria Egypt supports and manages your expectations. We met Dr Islam who came to my bedside pre op to professionally introduce himself his presence was warm and genuine and his wisdom in Bariatric Surgery was reassuring demonstrated in his approach to check your overall well being

    He made me feel welcome as special guest to Egypt not just a patient. Key advice please follow Dr Islam simple instructions around medication, exercise & dietary 8 week stages after surgery designed simple MENU easy to follow with step by step nutritional guide. It includes additional advice of supplements to support the healing process. Thank you Dr Islam and his team very much for the unforgettable experience and time spent learning about Egyptian culture and history was awesome. I’m curious and want to return to take in more of this glorious culture
    I feel thankful, grateful and when I think about my journey and when I see the scales.

    If you are considering to have this surgery it’ has changed my life in such a short space of time I am extremely grateful to Dr Islam, his client care knowledge is outstanding and meets you with complete transparency. “Words mean more than is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning!"

    Aug 22 2023
  • Jessica

    I had been thinking long and hard about getting a sleeve and while searching, I found Dr. Islam

    Their representative Mayar is always quick to reply and courteous. She sent me all the information I needed in a clear and professional manner. She also sent me reminders and made sure I had all the paperwork I needed with me. The booking process was quick and simple and after a few weeks, I arrived at Alexandria

    I met the wonderful Dr. Islam who performed my procedure. A proper gentleman who visited me often in the hospital. The staff of the hospital were all skilled, kind. The dietician Dr. Ziad were all so lovely and helpful with my queries.

    My experience with Dr. Islam was brilliant and I highly recommend him

    Jul 31 2023
  • Emma

    I recently had a gastric sleeve operation with Dr. Islam and I cannot say enough positive things about my experience. From start to finish, the team made me feel safe, comfortable, and well-cared for.
    The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and always available to answer my questions or address any concerns I had. They took the time to explain the entire process to me, from the pre-operative preparation to the recovery period after the surgery.
    During the surgery, I felt completely at ease knowing that I was in good hands. The surgical team was highly skilled and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I woke up feeling relieved and grateful for the care I received.
    Throughout the recovery period, the staff continued to provide exceptional care. They were always available to answer my questions and provide guidance, and they checked in on me regularly to ensure that I was healing properly.
    Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Islam to anyone considering a gastric sleeve operation. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and truly cares about their patients. They made me feel like a valued member of their community and I am grateful for the positive experience I had with them.

    I’m excited to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Jul 31 2023
  • Daniella

    My name is Daniella, I am from the UK and I suffered from my obesity for such a long time in my life It really affected me And depress me severely. Then I said to myself enough was enough, then I came across this clinic. I contacted Dr Islam, he was very quick to answer and answered all my questions. He helps me to pick my live changing operation, which was the mini gastric bypass. The hospital was very good. I highly recommend Dr Islam because of his professionalism, kindness and amazing support which he gave me before and after my surgery. Anyone who is struggling with their obesity, I would highly recommend them to come to Dr Islam. He is the best surgeon that I have ever come across. Fantastic experience.

    Jul 24 2023
  • Sophie

    From the initial contact to now Dr Islam has passed all my expectations. I travelled from the UK to have a gastric sleeve. I initially wanted the mini bypass but I was not suitable for this due to other health issues and the fact that Dr Islam said no, this reassured me even more as it wasn’t about money and was genuinely about his patient's health. I have not had to taken painkillers from the day after my procedure and have felt fine through my whole journey. Everyone involved from the drivers collecting you from the airport, the porter, the nurses and Dr Islam's secretary and of course Dr Islam himself are so lovely and friendly. Thank you all for giving me a new start, I honestly can not recommend you all enough

    Jul 25 2023
  • Natalie

    Egypt wasn't on my list of places to have weight loss surgery until I came across Dr Islam. I made an enquiry got a speedy response and went from there. We had a very thorough zoom consultation and this man knows his stuff.

    It didn't take long for me to realise this was the surgeon for me. I did have to wait for Egypt to come of the UK red list and when it did I booked straight away.

    I flew to Egypt on 17th October with one of my daughters as a companion. We were collected by a driver and taken straight to the hospital. That's when I met Dr Islam who is so welcoming. We went through the plans for my Mini gastric bypass surgery for next day and did all the necessary pre op checks.

    Surgery day and I was straight down to theatre, all went as planned no complications. The medical team looked after me so well, nothing was ever a problem.

    I am nearly 4 months post op and I feel so well and happy with the weightloss to date.

    Thank you to all the team. Extra special thanks to Mayar who constantly checks in on you post op and is on hand to help.

    Dr Islam really cares about his patients and you can tell he is passionate about his job and wants to change people's lives.

    Feb 24 2023
  • Sara

    I had a gastric bypass done by Doctor Islam. The whole process was completely successful. Everything was professional. The human aspect was pervasive throughout the process from the first consultation. I was followed closely both before and after the operation. I was not left to myself, the secretary and doctor are both inside in a pleasant way, where I was guided and helped. The best recommendations from here.

    Apr 28 2023
  • Victoria

    I'm now two weeks post-op and wonder why I didnt do it earlier. I feel so much more energetic already.

    I flew to Egypt on the 1st of July, my driver Walid was on time. Once at the hospital, the assistant surgeon Ismaiel checked us in and took us down to have our blood tests done. This was stress-free and then we were taken up to our rooms.

    We were met by Dr Islam the day after and he discussed the procedure.

    When it was my time I was collected and taken down for surgery, Dr Islam talked me through everything very clearly and I knew I was in good hands. When I woke up in my room the care staff were very comforting and checked on my regularly.

    2 days after surgery we moved to our hotel and I have to say this was incredible! Such a nice place. The food smelt amazing and any accompanying person will enjoy some amazing food!

    Dr Islam was a wonderful guy, very thorough and genuine. He made me feel so comfortable and has since replied to queries I have had.

    I really couldnt fault any of the services at all.

    Jul 15 2023
  • Lorraine

    I had an amazing experience, had my operation on the 24th of February, and have lost nearly a stone in under 2 weeks. Dr Islam and his team were amazing, Mayar also handed with information and helped us organize a tour to the pyramids and took time to come to visit the hotel and gave me a lovely present. If you are hesitant, please don't be I already feel much better and looking forward to what's to come. Thank you, Dr Islam and Team.

    Jun 16 2023
  • Laura

    Where can I start, where it all began when my best friend, had recommended Dr Islam when she had her surgery in October and how fantastic she was looking. So come December I was thinking right I need to look into this because I have used every option of losing weight. After Christmas in January, I've booked a consultation with Dr Islam just by having that consultation things were made easy to understand and I felt very comfortable I then had to get in contact with Mayar who did my booking date for March, It's still didn't seem real but my date was booked And I have something really special to look forward too.

    On the day of the surgery, Dr ISlam and his team looked after me so well reassured me a hundred per cent and was in great care as I went for the MGB surgery he also repaired my Hiatal hernia which I was not aware of.

    After the surgery after-care was given absolutely fantastic much is that from the moment I arrived at the airport and was taken from Dr Islam's driver who came to collect us straight from the airport to go to hospital and was looked after really well all checks were done on time it was just a fantastic service he's a fantastic man and Mayar was amazing she took care of everything couldn't thank these two people enough and his team they're amazing. I was in the best care ever.

    Jul 01 2023
  • Zoe

    I was recommended to Dr. Islam by a friend and the quick response very impressive. I had my gastric sleeve in May 2022. Dr. Islam is really very professional and friendly. He spended time discussing everything and to relieve any stresses. From the first time I contacted the clinic, I was put in touch with Mayar, my patient manager. She organised all transport from the airport to the hospital, from the hospital to the hotel and from the hotel back to the airport. The care I received was excellent and value for money! Walid the driver who picked me was great, offered to carry all my luggage and he stayed with me till he made sure I got my room in the hospital which was very neat and classy and I was placed into a lovely room. The operation was without complications, and no pain. The nursing staff are wonderful. The care was far superior to the NHS!

    Jul 19 2023
  • Lynda

    My name is Lynda, I am from UK. I had my gastric sleeve done 6 months ago with Dr. Islam. I am happy by my achievement. From time I reached Egypt, Walid was waiting for me, he is very friendly but the way, he took me directly to the hospital, where I did my preoperation tests and I had my surgery the day after. Dr. Islam is very friendly and he took time to discuss everything. I was back home after 5 days feeling no pain at all. All the team was professional. I would recommend Dr. Islam to anyone

    Jul 07 2023
  • Lisa

    Sleeved by Dr Islam 3/10/2022. Amazing surgeon and a lovely amazing team. Very well organized from getting picked up in Cairo.
    I’ve had no complications or side effects from my surgery, would highly recommend Dr. Islam he is an excellent surgeon. Thank you so much.

    Mar 15 2023
  • Kate

    Had a gastric sleeve on 19th July 22. Easy enquiry, suitability assessment and booking process, inpatient stay excellent and already having great results from my tool! Everyone I encountered was lovely and professional

    Jul 01 2023
  • Irina

    Dr. Islam has changed my life to the better. I really would like to thank him for everything. He is a professional and friendly doctor. I would recommend him for all.

    May 14 2023
  • Margaret

    Tuve una experiencia increíble al hacerme la manga gástrica con Dr. Islam. Muchas gracias Dr. Islam.
    I did my gastric sleeve surgery last month with Dr. Islam. Simply saying he is amazing. You can consider him as a friend beside he is your doctor. He makes every thing to give the optimum result. I loved my stay in the hospital.

    Jun 30 2023
  • Helena

    Simply my experience was amazing. I am from UK and I had my gastric sleeve surgery last year with Dr. Islam. Since then my life has completely changed. He is really a professional surgeon who took time discussing with you everything in detail. Actually everything was organised and in a professional manner. From the time I arrived to airport to the time of my departure, I had a great care. I really recommend Dr. Islam for every one seeking weight loss.

    Jul 01 2023
  • Carla

    Dr. Islam is an incredible obesity surgeon , His bedside manner was excellent, he took his time to explain everything clearly, and he made sure that I felt comfortable The results have been amazing, and I'm so thankful for his expertise.

    Mar 07 2023
  • Robert

    I recently had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Islam, an obesity surgeon who performed a gastric sleeve procedure on me. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for his expertise and care throughout the entire process.

    Before the surgery, Dr. Islam took the time to explain everything in detail and answer all of my questions. He made sure I was fully informed and comfortable with the procedure before moving forward. During the surgery, he was attentive and professional, making me feel at ease despite my nerves.

    Since the surgery, I have lost about 5 stone thanks to Dr. Islam's skillful work. My weight has decreased from 17 stone to 12 stone, and I feel healthier and happier than ever before. The results have been life-changing for me, and I owe it all to Dr. Islam's expertise.

    Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Islam as an obesity surgeon for anyone considering weight loss surgery. His professionalism, expertise, and care are second to none, and he truly changed my life for the better. Thank you so much, Dr. Islam!

    Apr 19 2023
  • Sara

    I really recommend Dr. Islam for anyone thinking of gastric sleeve. I went for the surgery 1 year ago and now I feel happier nd a healthier version of myself. Do not ever hesitate to contact Dr. Islam when you decide to begin your weight loss journey.

    Apr 13 2023
  • Cindy

    I had an amazing experience doing my gastric bypass with Dr. Islam. I flew from UK to Egypt 5 months ago and got my surgery done with Dr. Islam. I really recommend him to anyone. Everything was amazing and perfect. I lost lots of stones and still in my journey of weight loss. I am happy now being looking new one. Alot of people don't even recognise me. My life has changed to better. Thanks Dr. Islam

    Jun 09 2023
  • Emma

    Dr. Islam is an excellent Obesity surgeon. I had my gastric sleeve done in August 2022. I lost about 6 St. in weight and I am happy with the new version of me. I would recommend Dr. Islam for anyone deciding to go for gastric sleeve. The bedside manner was excellent, the hospital was very clean and all the team was very professional.

    Jun 30 2023
  • Amina

    Dr Islam, an expert in laparoscopic surgery. Thank you very much for the successful surgery. Thank you very much for the excellent follow-up. Thank you very much for taking care of all the details before and after the operation. Thank you very much for your concern for the patient before anything. Thank you very much.

    May 05 2023
  • James

    I had a wonderful experience doing my gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Islam 5 months ago. Everything was amazing. The hospital was clean. Very professional team and Dr. Islam was very helpful in discussing everything with me before the operation as well as regular follow up after the surgery. He also follows all precautions of safety. I lost about 5 stones till now. I highly recommend Dr. Islam for anyone seeking weight loss surgery.

    Whatclinic May 11 2023
  • Surayya

    I had a successful gastric sleeve surgery last week. I'm good and fine. I came direct from Nigeria to meet Dr Islam. Everything was amazing.

    Whatclinic May 19 2023
  • Heike

    My name is Heike and I’m German. my husband Houssein and I decided to make the operation in Alexandria. I was operated on by Dr Islam in December 2021 and got a bypass.

    After 24 hours post-op we were allowed to leave the clinic with a nurse. The clinic stay was very good - very professional and caring staff. The nurse was with us for three days and looked after me wonderfully. I was very tired for 14 days but had no pain. After four weeks I was allowed to eat everything again. I eat about six small portions, including sweets. I try to get enough protein with food I also take Maddavit vitamin tablets every day and I get a b12 injection once a month, which hurts more than the op.

    My blood levels are checked every three months and so far they have always been in order. I haven't taken any high blood pressure tablets since the op and my blood pressure is great.

    I have lost 80 kg to date and halved once. it is such a wonderful feeling and I can move and walk again and have no more problems. The only bad thing is that my hair is very thin and I have to be very careful about what painkillers I can take, for example. our life is worth living again. My husband and I are so grateful to dr islam!!!! every obese person should take this step - it's not always easy, but it's worth it.

    Whatclinic May 23 2023
  • Charlotte

    Dr. Islam is an excellent Obesity surgeon. I flew from UK to Dr. Islam to have my gastric sleeve done in August 2022. I lost about 6 St. in weight and I am happy with the new version of me. I would recommend Dr. Islam for anyone deciding to go for gastric sleeve. The bedside manner was excellent, the hospital was very clean and all the team was very professional.

    May 11 2023
  • Rebecca

    I had my gastric bypass last year with Dr. Islam in Egypt. I am very happy with my results and I am now in my ideal body weight. Being a newer happy version of myself, I can't thank Dr. Islam enough. I really recommend Dr. Islam for all my friends and anyone deciding to have his weight loss surgery done. I would like to thank Dr. Islam and all his team for the professionalism and care

    Jun 29 2023
  • Charlotte

    Dr. Islam is an excellent Obesity surgeon. I flew from UK to Dr. Islam to have my gastric sleeve done in August 2022. I lost about 6 St. in weight and I am happy with

    the new version of me. I would recommend Dr. Islam for anyone deciding to go for gastric sleeve. The bedside manner was excellent, the

    hospital was very clean and all the team was very professional.

    Jun 29 2023
  • Sameh

    In the name of God, God willing, one of the most respectable and superior people in her field, with great knowledge and experience

    Facebook Sep 13 2017
  • Amen

    A doctor is one of the best doctors you can meet, excellent in his work and choosing a great team
    His choice of hospitals with a great amount of confidence and preparation for the success of the operation.
    Thanks Dr. Islam

    Facebook Jan 06 2019
  • Nadia

    Thank you, Dr. Islam, he is really a very good doctor in his job

    Facebook Dec 10 2019
  • Nada

    Thank you doctor Eslaam for your effort, you are really a successful Surgeon..
    Your following and your importance is very effective

    Facebook Dec 11 2019
  • Yomna

    Dr. Islam is highly skilled, professional and caring. I am especially grateful for his patience and willingness to answer my questions.

    Facebook Mar 03 2020