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Dentaesthetic Corporation Reviews in Sabadell, Spain

Plaça Lluís Casassas, 1, 3º-4ª Sabadell Barcelona
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About Dentaesthetic Corporation

Dentaesthetic Corporation, located in Sabadell, Spain provides the latest services in dental technology at an unbeatable price. Expert dental staff at Dentaesthetic Corporation makes the whole experience extraordinary for the patients.

Dentistry Reviews in Sabadell, Spain

  • Patricia

    I have made a new treatment with them and the result has been fantastic again, and the treatment of affection and respect makes you feel at home. Thank you!

    Google Oct 11 2019

    My reference dental clinic; Very professional doctor, and assistant, Cris, excellent.

    Google Sep 07 2019
  • Sergio

    Super happy, good treatment and very good professionals, as soon as I finish my orthodontic treatment I will undoubtedly make him my wife. Highly recommended

    Google Aug 08 2020
  • Nuria

    I have just been for a whitening and the wonderful girl, the super professional doctor and the scandal prices!! I have to return

    Google Jul 08 2022
  • Alba

    I went because my wisdom tooth was coming out and I was having a really bad time, urgently. They solved all my doubts and prescribed a toothpaste that worked very well for me. They proposed several solutions and gave me a quote, which the truth is, having been to several dentists, I thought it was a great price. He will be my trusted dentist from now on!!! Lovely staff.

    Google Oct 06 2022
  • lia

    Excellent treatment and very professional. I have gone to have orthodontics done at a great price with groupon and I was decided since I have two friends who previously had their orthodontics done and they have had a movie mouth. I am delighted with the whole team! Punctual, clean, friendly ..

    Google Feb 05 2019
  • Berta

    I ve been going to the Dentaesthetic Corporation since I was little. I want to thank both Dr. Naumov and Cristina for their professionalism and good customer service. I am very happy with all the results of the treatments.

    Google Apr 12 2021
  • Jordi

    The best clinic in Sabadell! I want to thank both Dr. Naumov and Cristina for their professionalism and good treatment of the client. I am very happy with all the results of the treatments. I highly recommend it and would repeat the necessary times!

    Google Apr 25 2021
  • Cristina

    I found the clinic by searching the internet for orthodontic centers in Sabadell, and this one is close to home! They also had an offer for Grupon for invisible sapphire orthodontics that suited my needs and budget.
    The team is very professional, both Dr. Naumov and Assistant Cris. The closeness and patience has made this process an easier journey. With every little problem or doubt they have always been available to help me.
    Very happy with the final result. Thank you!!!!

    Google May 03 2021
  • Roser

    They offer a comprehensive, quality service and with exquisite treatment, you forget that you are at the dentist. I have had orthodontics, cleanings, whitening treatment, extractions, ... with excellent results. Thank you doctor Naumov and Cristina for your professionalism and for always solving any problem with my mouth.

    Google May 11 2021

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