Avrodent Odessa is state-of-the-art dental clinic which provides high quality dental treatment under microscope on affordable prices. Avrodent Odessa specializes in dental tourism and is located in Odessa, Ukraine. Our doctors are dentists in 3rd generation and represent dental dynasty since 1947. We provide following types of dental treatment: dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns, denta

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  • Kurt H
    (5 out of 5) Stockholm, Sweden

    My name is Kurt H. and I am from Stockholm, Sweden. I visited Odessa and Avrodent Odessa for the last week in June this summer. I had an extensive treatment at the clinic including extraction of five teeth, root canal plus a restoration of one tooth, and the preparation for teeth implants, where I had four titanium implant rods installed in my lower jar.

    Together with my wife I arrived at Odessa airport and was met by Alexander, who is patient relations manager at Avrodent Odessa Clinic. Alexander, who is fluent in English, was very helpful and kept in contact with us during our stay with info and advice.

    Before surgery I visited the clinic for a consultation with Dr. Borodenko and was vey assured by the professionalism of the staff and the spot-free and highly modern clinic, which was well up to the latest Swedish standard. The panoramic x-ray was taken at another clinic for a minor cost.

    The surgery, which lasted four hours, was completely pain-free! I bit of minor discomfort of course, due to the long duration and the quite extensive work that was done, but to my surprise and contrary to my expectations, no pain.
    Overall I would recommend Dr. Daniel Borodenko and his excellent clinic and staff to anyone in need of complex dental surgery. His enthusiasm of his profession and obvious expertise is very reassuring to a patient.

    During our stay we had the bonus to enjoy the beautiful and charming city of Odessa, full of history, architecture, beaches and amazing restaurants.

    I will return to Avrodent Odessa later this fall for the completion of my treatment. I am sure I will write another positive review after that.


  • Miranda B
    (5 out of 5) Escondido

    I am Miranda from Escondido California and I’m 16 years old.

    I just got back from Odessa Ukraine where I had 4 wisdom teeth removed at AVRODENT Odessa, the procedure was actually very fun. As a person who has a problem with dentists I was actually quite comfortable. The liason, Alexander was positively wonderful! He spoke perfect English and was in contact with us through Whatsapp after we emailed AVRODENT with a basic price range quote. He told me about the doctor, Daniel, who spoke perfect English as well and took all four of my teeth out very quickly and painlessly with local anisthetic. Overall my experience with AVRODENT Odessa was absolutely wonderful! Halfway through I actually called it fun. I would highly recommend choosing AVRODENT if you need any dental work done!


  • Lena
    (0 out of 5) San Diego , Usa

    «I had problems with my teeth. So, Dr Daniel did endodontic treatment(root canal treatment) and some direct restorations with microscope without pain. It was perfect. Dr Daniel showed the highest level. I recommend going to this clinic!


  • Danny
    (5 out of 5) Maui, USA

    "I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants quality service"
    I had a great experience at Avrodent Odessa. I called the clinic and very easily had an appointment the next day. I had a tooth extracted and it was very comfortable and pain-free. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants quality service. A very good price and I look forward to additional dental services in the near future. I am American and welcome all foreigners to visit this clinic.
    Thank you, Daniel and special thanks to Alexander who made my experience very easy and comfortable.


  • Elbert W
    (5 out of 5) Edmonton, Canada


    Thank you very much for showing me your clinic, and also thanks to Alex for it comfortable.

    I will express my first thoughts of your clinic are quite amazing, very clean, organized and the new modern equipment available for treatment. Your business first of all comes with English speaking dentist, and a warm smile to greet anyone. The display of technology, the long lasting family knowledge of dentistry and the modern equipment will ensure a successful visit for anyone, near or who travels from abroad.

    My congratulations!!!!!

    Thank you,



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