International Medical Center in Galle, Sri Lanka Reviews  From Patients

International Medical Center in Galle, Sri Lanka Reviews From Patients

International Medical Center, Hospital Cooperative, No:65, H.W.Amarasooriya Road, Galle,Sri Lanka Galle Southern Province
Focus Area: International Medical Center | Medical Assistance | Medical Emergency | Medical Consultation | Galle | Sri Lanka

About International Medical Center - Sri Lanka

International Medical Center is Sri Lanka’s pioneering Medical Assistance Institute that provides fast and most effective medical assistance services for the ill or injured patients, which also includes non-clinical multiple medical services.

Testimonials Reviews in Galle, Sri Lanka at International Medical Center

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    Very nice staff

    Google Mar 08 2022
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    quickly helped in a difficult situation

    Google Feb 03 2022
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    Quick help, good English, thanks

    Google Jan 08 2022
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    was in this hospital. not without the help of Madame Nisansala. My insurance company turned to this girl and she did everything at the highest level.

    called a taxi from the hotel. signed us up at the reception. quickly decided where to go and the doctor after the examination prescribed pills and painkillers.

    another girl took the prescription from the doctor and went to get me pills and instructions and all that.

    plus our driver was paid for the ride.

    no bureaucracy, no additional questions and documents for admission - quickly, clearly and to the point.

    thanks to them

    Google Mar 03 2022
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    We rested in Sri Lanka in early August 2022. For insurance, they contacted the International Medical Center about a monkey bite. I liked the caring and sensitive attitude of the medical staff of the clinic. Special thanks to the Yasini coordinator, who took care of us and quickly solved the problems that arose. Yasini is a competent and the best specialist and coordinator. Thank you

    Google Aug 31 2022
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    Very good service and doctors, thank you

    Google Jan 12 2022
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    Luckily I have this medical center as a local agent of my insurance assistance.
    And I want to say big Thanks!
    First i contacted with an allergy issue and they send us doctor with all medications.

    And then after I have got into a road accident, i contacted them straight away. I needed a good medical help. The employee was so helpful, always in contact, helped to organize the best hospital and treatment for me. I am very grateful.

    Google Jan 18 2022
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    Doctor came wery quickly

    Google Jan 20 2022
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    good afternoon. for vacation used the services 2 times for different reasons. both times the treatment prescribed by the doctor helped. Thank you!

    Google Jan 27 2022
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    Many thanks to the specialist of the Nisansala Ranasinghe center! She responded extremely quickly and promptly. Subsequently, she was always in touch by phone and what’s up, right up to discharge from the hospital!

    Google Feb 10 2022