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Tower Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey - Reviews from Real Dental Treatment Patients

Ozel Etemoglu Agiz ve Dis Sagligi Poliklinigi, Atakoy Towers 7-8-9-10. Kisim E-5 No:20 7th Floor Bakirkoy, Istanbul, Turkey Yakuplu
Price range:: $190 to $7207
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About Tower Dental Clinic

Tower Dental Clinic works with a professional and dedicated dental team in Istanbul, Turkey. The whole team is making the best efforts to make our patients smile. Get a wide range of dental services such as crowns, bridges, Emax veneers, and dental implants at affordable prices.

Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey Reviews at Tower Dental Clinic

  • Raad q


    After I mad 25 crowns with them and went back to the uk
    Pain never stopped couldn’t eat or drink couldn’t support any hot or cold water touching my tooth
    I was in pain killers for over 3 weeks

    They reserved my a new ticket to come back to fix the damages they made
    But even though they decided to make me 3 root canal for 3 tooth even though I had explained to them that the pain is in more than just 3 tooth I’m having pain in more than 7 or 8 tooth and needed to do root canal to all of them
    But they wanted to do the minimum work and send me back to the uk

    When they sold me the crowns to put on my teeth and take the money they said its
    20 years garnered
    But its not even 6 months and they stopped to recognise the job done !!!!! Absolutely not professional clinic

    All they care about is to take the money .

    and I’m still suffering and in pain in every day without any solution

    and because they got me bake once to Istanbul without doing the full job
    They say NOW it’s psychological problem can you believe that !!!

    And when I tell them that the dentist in the uk
    Says that my tooth need to get the nerves out
    At this level to stop having pain which is something they should do but they didn’t

    because they just won’t to got the money and go to the new patient in the fastest time
    Without doing the job as it should be done or taking care of the person in pain

    They said that the English doctor are jealous
    And bad mouth as they lose money
    Because the Turkish doctor are better
    Can you believe that again !!!!

    I have all documents to prove my story and I’m putting some of the chatting between me and the brother of the owner of the clinic
    ( The manager of the clinic)
    With his picture and phone number on the chatting on WhatsApp
    The worst person you might deal with
    Or trust at all

    This clinic maybe use to be a good clinic in the past
    but now they are one of the worst ever and can’t be trusted as all they care about is your money and not your good health

    Now I will sue them as soon as I can
    and ask for a refund for the new cost for the damages the made me .
    And now I must go to another dental clinic to fix the damages they had done and don’t won’t to recognise.
    As it’s impossible to live with this pain for long


    Jan 22 2023
  • Adil

    My name is Adil from Canada, Montreal. I was with them a month ago. I did a complete dental implantation. Frankly, thank you and appreciation to this clinic. A special thank you to all the medical staff, assistants and drivers, all of them. A great welcome, appointments and very good service, I thank Sister Nisreen for everything, in all respects I thank her more. Thank you all for great service. I advise ⚘people to contact them⚘

    Google Jun 10 2022
  • Giovanni

    Good service very friendly people we are very happy that we chose towers dental

    Google Jun 10 2022
  • mila

    The clinic is great, everything perfectly clean, each of its workers, receptionists, doctors, nurses, interpreters, are wonderful people, who will make you feel very good, and will help you with any problem or doubt, do not be afraid to ask any type of dental treatment, I got veneers and implants, and I could not be more delighted....they are very professional, and they explain everything perfectly.

    Google Jun 13 2022
  • Anna

    The welcome is very warm. I came for dental implants and was delighted by the professionalism and warm welcome from everyone. The steps are well explained in all languages. We are carefully monitored at each stage of the procedure and the result is there.

    Google Jun 14 2022
  • Jean

    Overall I have mixed feelings about my experience at the clinic. On the dentistry part, although my care is not finished yet, I can say its very professional and I believe I will be happy with the final result.
    The clinic staff is very welcoming and kind.
    But I wish the communication was better and also less waiting time.
    I came for implants on a first visit, and then was supposed to get crowns on a second trip 3 months later. But instead, we are already doing the crowns now, which I found out the night before we started and I was not prepared to pay this much now.
    I also struggled to eat as some of the temporary teeth did not hold long enough.
    I understand the difficulty of working with people coming from abroad, speaking different languages, etc... But still I think communication and waiting time could be improved.
    But I guess the most important part is the dentistry and so far so good on that point.

    Google Jun 17 2022
  • Ibrahim K

    First class treatment, Dr. Ertan Etemoglu is very professional and the clinic is organized very well. I would recommend the clinic to anyone who values ​​friendly, caring and quality treatment.

    Google Feb 14 2022
  • o s

    I'd give Tower Dental Clinic 15 stars if possible. Everything from the office,to the staff, to the dental work was perfect. I had 6 implants placed with zero pain. After the implants were placed I was text later that evening to ensure I understood the proper care instructions to prevent any complications. They helped make it a true dental vacation by providing excellent recommendations on places to visit as well as a driver to get to some of the locations. I truly hope this clinic get all the success they deserve.

    Google Mar 14 2022
  • N D

    This is one of my best experiences travelling overseas. Everything Vedat (the manager) promised me for the treatment (Dr Ertan is the best of all the dentists I dealt with so far) and accommodations turned out wonderful. Sedat (The driver) went above and beyond to make sure my stay was pleasant. I can’t wait to return back for the second phase of my treatment. This clinic is the best in turkey, in terms of treatment and accommodations. I recommend it to anybody a 100%. Thank you

    Google Mar 14 2022
  • Andrew F

    I visited Istanbul in Dec 2020 during my time there I visited a few recommended dental practices in search of some help around an old snapped implant. Tower Dental was the only practice I visited that was both professional, personal, patient and honest. I have undergone multiple crown replacement, removal of broken implant and replacement with a new state of the art Swiss implant. Due to COVID and restrictions I have waited over 14 months to return and today have had my brand new teeth fitted and the results were well worth the wait. The team at Tower have done a fantastic job, the facilities are 5 star, they couldn’t have done anymore! From airport transfers, hotel reservations, site seeing recommendations and more! They really did go above and beyond I can highly recommend and want to say Thank You Tower Dental!

    Mar 14 2022
  • Chris S A A

    I want to give this clinic my warmest recommendations♥️. I made a total smile makeover and the process was professional, transperent, personal and even joyful

    Mar 13 2022
  • Artistan_ 7

    Tower Dental clinic is the best with great doctors. I had 24 eMax Veneers done thank you so much. You made my smile worth a million bucks for only a fraction of the cost what I'd be paying in New York :)

    Google Mar 13 2022
  • Susan

    I am thrilled with my experience at Tower Dental! Every person welcomed me and made sure things went smoothly. From my first communication to the completion of my first visit, I was treated like family - the nice kind of family

    Google Mar 13 2022
  • Sef B

    I have been so happy with my new smile

    I have been a patient at Tower Dental Clinic for several years. As someone who is not a fan of the dentist. I can honestly say that the office staff and Dr. Etemoglu all are very professional, knowledgeable and welcoming. I had my last visit in May for Zirconia Crowns and I have been so happy with my new smile. Dr. Etemoglu performs EXCEPTIONAL work. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

    whatclinic.com Dec 20 2020
  • Andrew F

    It was quick and the results are fantastic

    I visited Istanbul with my partner who was having surgery. I damaged an old implant over 20 years ago, I had two damaged front glass crowns and a snapped back mouler. Needless to say, it has caused me issues for years and only over curiosity I thought I would have a consultation. I used what clinic and had 2 clinics respond. I visited another well-established clinic but didn’t feel understood or that they wanted to help. Tower dental was my second clinic and they were fantastic from start to finish. Vedat the patient coordinator came and collected me, his brother completed the consultation and gave me a plan and price. I agreed and within 3 days I left Istanbul with a new set of teeth and full of confidence again! Tower dental has a personal touch and listen to what you want. It was quick and the results are fantastic. I need to return in 3 months once my new implant had fused and had my permanent new crowns fitted! Great team great results! See you in March x

    whatclinic.com Dec 24 2020
  • Gungor

    I am so happy with the treatment

    I had four implants and porcelain crown on my lower jaw. I am so happy with the treatment I had from Dr. Ertan and Dr. Gamze. I highly recommend their clinic.

    whatclinic.com Dec 26 2020
  • Ektor P

    I am very happy with the treatment and strongly recommend this clinic to anyone

    I have been to Tower Dental for four implants and crowns. Bone graft was also necessary on my upper left jaw. From the start, I felt at ease because the office is very well managed with very high standards of professionalism and patient care at par with what I am used to in the US. Dr. Ertan was very thorough in his assessment of my dental needs and very clear regarding the procedure and the associated costs. I was impressed by the teamwork and coordination between Dr Ertan who placed the implants and his wife Dr Gamze who placed the crowns. The overall experience was extraordinary. Both my four-day visits were three months apart and I had the opportunity to enjoy spectacular Istanbul due to the proximity of the Clinic to most tourist attractions. All transfers between the hotel, clinic and airport went smoothly. I very happy with the treatment and strongly recommend this clinic to anyone who needs top dental services at a reasonable cost.

    whatclinic.com Jan 01 2021
  • Mohamed K

    The great customer service is given to me while I was at the clinic.

    I am so thankful that I have received complete dental implants from Tower Dental Clinic. I cannot express enough how I appreciate their professionalism and the great customer service is given to me while I was at the clinic.

    I highly recommend to anyone that may need to do their implant to go to Tower Dental Clinic for their exceptional quality of service and their excellent customer service.

    whatclinic.com Sep 17 2021
  • Eddie

    Very good service got many teeth repaired and many new ones too. Definitely worth the trip!! Great hospitality there too! :)

    whatclinic.com Oct 03 2021
  • Rebecca L

    This is the first time at the clinic and I will recommend my friends from the U.K. I have visited a few clinics in Istanbul with family for cosmetic routines and I can honestly say that is the most organised and professional clinic I have been to. The service and expertise was first class from the beginning and till the end. Just want to thank everyone of you for a beautiful Hollywood Smile.

    whatclinic.com Nov 27 2021
  • Ibrahim K

    First class treatment. Dr. Ertan Etemoglu is very professional and the clinic is organized very well. I would recommend the clinic to anyone who values ​​friendly, caring and quality treatment.

    whatclinic.com Jan 22 2022
  • Anas

    Excellent clinic with experienced doctors. Location in Istanbul is close to all tourist attractions. Lifetime quarantee is given upon finishing treatment. Highly recommended

    Google Jan 03 2022

    HIGH FIVE ! the experience with Tower Dental Clinic has been 5 stars . If you are in the area or visiting Istanbul, I highly recommend this clinic. The staff are all so nice and friendly.

    Google Jan 05 2022
  • Sasha

    I want to give this clinic my warmest recommendations. I made a total smile makeover and the process was professional, transperent, personal and even joyful. I want to send a big THANK YOU to everyone involved. If someone have a question about this clinic, feel free to ask me.

    Google Dec 23 2021
  • Esmer

    I am super satisfied and I am really happy that I was at Tower Dental Clinic. People were very helpful and always available. Would definitely recommend.

    Google Jan 28 2022