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Bahceci Medical Center in Istanbul, Turkey Reviews from Real Patients

Hakki Yeten Cad. No:11 Kat 3 Terrace Fulya
Focus Area: In Vitro Fertilization | Fertility Procedures | IVF Treatment | ICSI | Egg Donation| Infertility Treatments | Istanbul, Turkey

About Bahceci Medical Center

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Bahceci Healthcare Group is one of the top centers specialized in infertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and obstetrics & gynecology. The center has an achievement rate over international standards especially in difficult medical cases.

Fertility Treatment,Gynecology Treatment Reviews in Istanbul, Turkey at Bahceci Medical Center

  • Bilge

    I am now 2.5 months pregnant. At the end of 7 years, thank you very much, my teacher Lale and Nurse Emel, for making us feel this happiness. I believed in your sincerity and smiling face the first day I came to the examination, and I never thought negatively about your smiling face. YOU ARE GOOD.

    Google Aug 04 2022
  • Gamze

    Now, with the happiness of making this comment with my daughter in my arms, we would like to express our endless thanks to Ms. Lale and her team for accompanying and supporting us on this miraculous journey.

    Google Aug 18 2022
  • Busra

    Our doctor, Doc. Dr. We would like to thank Özkan Özdamar, his assistant Ms. Senem, and the entire clinical team for their support and close attention throughout the process.

    Google Aug 19 2022
  • Naz

    Dear Bahçeci family, hello
    My teacher Güvenç and Bülent helped us get good results and happy news with their smiling faces, interest and knowledge. Thank you very much individually. Good luck

    Google Aug 25 2022
  • Zeynep

    The address we started on recommendation and said we are glad we went... We started this road with stress, anxiety and so much excitement, we continued with Ms. Lale on this road, she always approached us positively when we were stressed, she always made us feel that she was always with us as soon as we entered the examination room. greeted with a smile. He always gave us confidence, the word he always said to us during the treatment was patience, patience, and we got the good news together at the end of patience

    Google Aug 26 2022
  • Nazlı

    Endless thanks to our dr, the star of our hope, dr remzi abali dr, his efforts are so great that our nurse nurse and the nurse team, of course, the field is wide. grant it to everyone who wants it

    Google Jan 26 2022
  • Ayl

    Doktorum Ozkan Ozdamar Hocama thank you, so much but I am very happy. Our good ways have always supported us in our intersected, challenging treatment processes were always friendly and understanding of us in the opposite of us, our success is always open to our success.

    Google Jan 27 2022
  • Yasemin

    After 3 unsuccessful attempts in other centers, we went to the Bahceci IVF center upon recommendation and met our doctor Ozkan OZDAMAR, completely unplanned. Thanks to the meticulous and careful work of our doctor and everyone working at the gardener IVF center, 18 years later, we got the news that I was pregnant. God bless all. Dr. I would definitely recommend Ozkan OZDAMAR, who is a professional in this business.

    Google Jan 28 2022
  • Gülhan

    We definitely recommend it. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, we met the Bahceci group and now we have two children aged 6 and 1. We are grateful for everything. We especially recommend Tulip Susan!!!

    Google Feb 04 2022
  • Firdes

    A very friendly and engaging environment. They are always with us during the difficult process. Ms. Lale and Ms. Emel are our luck

    Google Feb 04 2022

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