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Dr. Jorge Maytorena | Diabesity Surgery Reviews | Laparoscopic Surgery,Obesity/Bariatric Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico

D Street #152 between Madero and Reforma Ave. Mexicali, B.C. 21100
Mexicali, Mexico

Dr. Jorge Maytorena | Diabesity Surgery reviews for Laparoscopic Surgery,Obesity/Bariatric Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico

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  • Pamela 2013-04-25 Monticello USA

    Dr. Maytorena is the best. Beautiful Hospital. Facilities are better then here in the states. Direct, to the point, very professional. The whole staff is great!! Friendly, helpful, supportive. They do not leave you with any questions unanswered.I wish it was closer to me!!

  • Jon S A 2012-08-10 Raleigh, USA

    I recently had my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy with Dr. Maytorena (July 2012). Dr. Maytorena was very skilled and answered all my questions. I was given great care at the hospital, and the Dr.'s assistant Conchita was very helpful with every aspect of coordinating my procedure. The surgery itself went well. I was out of recovery and back in my room before I knew it. By the time I left the hospital, I was without any pain, and was able to carry my luggage through the airport for my return journey without any trouble. Since the surgery (just over 3 weeks ago) I have already lost around 40 lbs. I am quite happy, and would recommend Dr. Maytorena to anyone seeking to have VSG.

  • L.H. 2012-05-11 Norfolk VA. USA

    After I found out the specifics of this surgery through Placid Way’s Maria and talking with Dr. Jorge Maytorena’s Assistant Conchita, (both were very kind and knowledgeable) I decided to arrange the trip to Mexico. When I arrived at the San Diego airport, with the only intent of getting a quick gastric placation and quickly going home, I was greeted promptly by a really nice man named Louis. He was very well versed in English, and he was knowledgeable of the area, history, and even questions regarding the surgeries and recovery. The van he drove was new & comfortable, and his driving was excellent. After a long trip, he allowed me to prop my feet up, lower the back on my chair, and listen to his cool, eclectic music. I enjoyed his company very much, and he put any worries I had to ease. Upon crossing the border into Mexico, I was quickly brought to a secured hospital just a minute from the border. Although I was used to very new hospitals, this one was down-scaled due to the socio-economics of the area. However, the hospital was very clean, and the room had all the amenities that one needed for surgery and recovery. The nurses spoke a little English, and when they couldn’t understand you, they always had someone on site to help interpret. All of my basic needs were met there, and they were always checking in and taking vitals etc….. They were very nice and thorough. Whenever I felt discomfort or needed ice or some gas/pain meds they were there immediately. After my vitals were taken, I was greeted by Dr. Jorge Maytorena , he was very kind. He and the anesthesiologist and another doctor talked to me, answered my questions, and made me feel immediately at ease. The surgery room was modern and well equipped with so much stuff. The process was smooth, and I woke up feeling fine, yet tired. A few hours after the surgery, the Doctor came in. I told him I had some discomfort from the tubes, some heartburn, but other than that I was fine. Throughout the night the nurses came in and gave me ice, meds, and anything else I needed to be comfortable. For two days, there wasn’t pain, just discomfort from the process. It was better that I anticipated. After more follow-up with the nice doctor and meeting Conchita and Maria (who kindly stopped by through the process) it was time to go home. The Doctor was following up on my recovery, answered my questions, and gave me a booklet on the recovery process. He was very kind and knowledgeable through the whole process. I was home 2.5 days later. So far, I have lost 12 pounds and it’s only been 13 days since my surgery. I have had no complications, and the recovery (other than heart burn) has been easy. I would have done this sooner had I known of the ease of the process. Thank you. LHG

  • Nicole F 2012-05-09 Canada

    I requested info from Placidway in early March 2012. I was called on the phone the next day by a former patient of Dr Jorge Maytorena. She answered all my questions and more. I told her the dates I was looking at to come to Mexicalli for VSG(vertical sleeve gastrectomy) surgery and within a day she called back and provided me with a date for surgery, reccomended travel dates, and diet information. She was flexible, wonderful, and warm. Next I heard from Dr Maytorena's assistant Conchita. She confirmed all the details with me and gave me even more information, and answered questions as they came up. She has been (and continues to be a great support). I arrived in San Diego in the morning on Mar 28/12. Louis, from the Hospital De La Familles was there waiting for me. He was friendly and informative, and his English was excellent. You can imagine I was a little nervous, especially as I was travelling alone, but Louis told me about Mexicalli, his family, his job - I forgot to feel alone! We arrived at the hospital and staff were ready for me, as I was having surgery that afternoon. They were all friendly and efficiant. Everything happened so fast. I then met Dr Maytorena and his associate (forgotten his name, sorry) who would assist the Dr in surgery. Dr Maytorena has a lovely smile and speaks english well. He answered any questions I still had by that point and didn't make me feel rushed at all. I felt reassured. Things began to slow down and the nurse had started an IV, another came and help with compression stockings. Louis came back and said good-bye and provided more reassurence, and told me he would see me again in a day or two. The anasthesiologist came in to meet me and asked a few questions, then explained what he would being doing when we got to surgery very soon. I was waiting for a few minutes on my stretcher outside the surgery door, when a man came and said hello. I asked him his name and he said 'I'm your guardian angel'. I never did learn his name, but he visited me daily and wanted to ensure all was right with me and my care. After surgery staff were ready to help me with any need I had. The were prompt in there attention, and never made me feel like I was an inconvenience to them. Not all the staff were able to speak english but there was always someone on shift that could speak english if I had to make myself understood. Even in the middle of the night. On the second night I felt some nausea @ 0230 in the morning. The nurse was going to call the Dr @ home for me. I was grateful, but found after some walking the feeling passed. It made me feel secure at how ready they were to contact him at any time should I need someting. When I discovered that my cell phone coverage did not cover Mexico - the staff called home for me from the desk and put the call through to my room. My room was comfortable, clean and had a TV and sofa (for my companion that couldn't come with me).The facility was clean and modern, as was the equiptment used. Staff were so friendly and welcoming. It was truly an excellent experience. I was provided with an information package on discharge, and continue to refer to it regularly. The Dr provided pain meds to take home if I needed them. I used them on the day of travel home, but once I was home found I didn't need them. The entire experience was excellent! There are not enough stars for my reccomendation. Anyone who is considering this surgery should consider Dr Maytoren and his wonderful team. I experienced no complications and continue to have excellent support as I lose weight and move towards my goal. Much love and thanks to all at the Hospital De La Familles in Mexicalli.

  • Teresa W 2012-05-01 NEW ZEALAND

    Best medical care i have ever experienced in my life.I live in New Zealand and traveled to Mexicali on the 23 April 2012 i travelled more then 22hours was met at San Diego California airport by driver that hospital arranged hes name was Louie what a great person he made me feel comfortable and we spoke all way to hospital.At hospital i had great welcome and was made to feel like im at home.Then i met Dr. Jorge Maytorena what i lovely person he explained whole precedure to me (Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy)i felt comfortable and at ease as i knew by speaking to him im in good hands.He told me to rest up for surgery next day. Surgery went well and through out my stay and recovery i was treated like a qeeun by staff and Dr. Jorge Maytorena ,the service to me was more then 5star treatment .I was fair welled by Dr. Jorge Maytorena and his staff members like i was part of there family on the 28 April and was taken to airport were i took my 22hour journey home.Im well on my way to recovery and Dr. Jorge Maytorena and his staff is in contact with me daily on my progress.Thank you Dr. Jorge Maytorena and staff for the best hospital service i have ever experienced in my life.

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