How to Search Best Hair Restoration Centers in Istanbul, Turkey

Hair Restoration Center in Istanbul, Turkey

How to Search Best Hair Restoration Centers in Istanbul, Turkey

Billions of dollars are being spent every year for looking more beautiful. Earlier, only women used to inquire for plastic surgery; now both women and men do the same. The aesthetic world is limitless for women. On the other hand, men focus more on one aesthetic aspect, which is hair restoration and transplantation. More than $5 billion is spent all over the world for hair transplant. Hundreds of clinics and hospitals serve both men and women for hair restoration and transplant in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul. So, how you can find the best hair restoration centers in Istanbul? Some of the leading centers are:

Tens of thousands of people visit Istanbul every year to restore hair. This intense demand has created huge competition among the hair transplant and restoration centers to provide specialized services, affordable rates and other additional benefits to attract hair transplant tourists.

If you are also planning to get hair restoration in Istanbul, you should search for the best clinics. You should be able to compare the credentials of the clinic such as:

  • Use of most appropriate methods
  • Safe procedures
  • Right doctors
  • Affordable price

You should also check varied hair restoration techniques that the clinics in Istanbul are offering such as

  • Follicular Unite Transfer (FUT)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT)
  • Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)
  • Robotic Hair Restoration, etc.

Also, you should not fall into the trap of the clinics claiming the procedures are performed by ‘’Hair Transplant Specialist.’ If a clinic introduces a doctor as a ‘Hair Transplant Specialist,’ there is probably a marketing lie. Only skilled surgeons (plastic surgeons precisely) should do the job of hair restoration. So, you should question the qualification of the doctor before giving your nod for the procedure.

Hair restoration is a surgical procedure where the risk of complications is there. Do not get into the trap of clinics that claim the procedure will be absolutely safe. In fact, you will be asked to sign a contract, which signifies you have understood there might be complications after the surgery. Thus, you must learn about all the risks before finalizing a clinic.

Numerous clinics in Istanbul, Turkey provide top-class hair restoration procedures.  You should carefully find the best one that can help you get the desired result at an affordable price and in the safest possible manner.

Do you have any questions? Let us help you with all the details you want to find out regarding the top hair transplant clinics in Turkey! Contact us!


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Nadeem Siddiqui

This organization did not contacted me or the message is not received by me. Kindly ask them to recontact me. Thanks

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Mark Johnson

I arrived from UK. I had DHI hair transplantation. The team is very nice and professional. The clinic is very clinic and modern. They planted 4500 hair follicles. I definitely suggest them.

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Natalie Hardy

It has been a pleasure to open a dialogue with this doctor to ask my questions. Thank you for being patient and understanding as this is a huge commitment and financial investment for me.

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Cheapest Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery price is $1000. Average Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery cost $3401, where prices can go as high as $8500. PlacidWay Medical Tourism provides cost comparisons for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in different countries worldwide. Explore Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery prices worldwide.

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