Perfect Vision Eye LASIK Surgery Center Restores Hope

Perfect Vision Eye LASIK Surgery Center, located in Cancun, Mexico, provides a variety of treatments and options that help restores hope, vision, and quality of life for those experiencing some form of vision loss. The facility treats a variety of eye and vision problems with advanced treatments and technologies. Since 2005, Perfect Vision Eye LASIK Surgery Center has become one of the most popular eye and LASIK surgery providers in the region.

"Perfect Vision Eye LASIK Surgery Center was created under the medical direction of ophthalmic surgeon Carlos Alocer Lamm, who underwent fellowship training not only in the largest eye hospital in Mexico, but McGill University, specializing in refractive surgery and ophthalmic pathology,” states Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay, a leading medical provider and resource based in the United States.

Helping Patients See Better

At the eye center, numerous vision problems are treated with high tech equipment and treatment options including PRK and laser monovision techniques, intraocular lenses, cataract surgeries, corneal rings, and ZLASIK technology. This technology is also known as No Blade LASIK.

In addition, corneal rings with Femto laser treatment is available for patients diagnosed with keratoconus, providing excellent options for those experiencing degenerative disorders of the eye, such as changes to the shape of the cornea which results in blurred vision, cloudy vision, poor night vision or sensitivity to light.

STAR S4 IR (Iris Registration) Custom Vue Platform, providing accurate and in-depth visual correction on individual pattern corneas through laser technologies. Treatments for numerous vision problems including astigmatism, presbyopia, myopia, cataracts, and peterygium are available at Perfect Vision Eye LASIK Surgery Center.

Laser visual correction techniques are exact procedures that correct curvature of corneal surfaces, improving vision quality. Laser techniques are available with LASEK or LASIK procedures. Laser monovision treatments focus on providing treatment that improves long-distance vision in a dominant eye, and short distance or reading vision in the non-dominant eye. This technology reduces the need for prescription glasses and contacts for near and farsighted vision functions.

Intra-ocular lenses are implanted in the eye following cataract surgeries, enabling patients to see near and far, while PresbiLASIK technologies are popular in improving or correcting conditions like presbyopia for individuals in their 40s and beyond.

High-Tech Eye Treatments in Demand

Perfect Vision Eye LASIK Surgery Center provides the latest in laser visual correction evolution techniques and upgrades, as well as lower costs for vision and LASIK type surgeries and treatments than patients receive in the United States. Doctor Lamm has performed over eight thousand procedures, with 95% of patients leaving the eye center with 25/20 vision or better. That means that patients coming to the center to improve their vision have a 95% chance of leaving with better and clearer sight.

Cancun as a Popular Medical Tourism Destination

Cancun, Mexico is one of the most traveled vacation destinations in the world, providing a wealth of accommodations, amenities, and attractions for international travelers arriving for vision correction therapies, treatments, and procedures. For more information about the Perfect Vision Eye LASIK Surgery Center in Cancun, Mexico, visit, a leader in domestic and international medical travel, resources, and providers based in Denver, Colorado.