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Avenida Bonampak no. 35, SM 3, Mz 20, Cancun, Mexico

Package Price : $900

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Location : Avenida Bonampak no. 35, SM 3, Mz 20 Cancun, Mexico

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Perfect Vision Affordable Pterygium Surgery

Welcome to Perfect Vision Clinic

Pterygium Surgery or Pterigion

Pterygium Surgery is a surgical procedure where microsurgery is used to remove through the fleshy roots (Pterigion).

Once the fleshy roots and any extension into the cornea are removed, we place a healthy conjunctiva graft at the site, which is the Pterygium. This flap protects the patient to avoid recurrence of pterygium and also gives an excellent cosmetic appearance.

Pterygium Surgery Cost Abroad

It is a very safe procedure, and is performed on the outside of the eye. It takes approximately 30 minutes and the recovery is less than 24 hours with the use of local anesthesia.

Most patients who undergo this procedure are the ones with cosmetic issues, constant irritation, persistent vision nuisance or, when it is too invasive, clogged/blurry vision.

Pterygium Prices Mexico Cancun

What is Included?

  • Medical procedure
  • Examinations
  • Medical Fees

Hotel and Transportation are not included – however we can pick up the patient from the hotel to the clinic and back on actual day of surgery

Cost: $900 USD

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Pterygium Affordable Mexico Cancun

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