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Affordable Cataract Treatment in Cancun Mexico

Package price starting from: $1950
Treatment: Eye/Lasik Care, Cataract Surgery
Focus Area: Cataract Surgery | Eye/LASIK Care | Eye Surgery | Cataract Surgery Abroad | Cancun, Mexico

Cataract Surgery, Eye/LASIK Care, Eye Surgery, Cataract Surgery Abroad, Cancun, Mexico


Cataract Surgery in Cancun Mexico


Affordable Cataract Treatment in Cancun Mexico


Cataracts are described as a clouding of the lens of the eye. Known as opacity, the condition causes a progressive loss of vision. Untreated cataracts are the leading cause of blindness. Cataracts reduce vision, depth perception, and peripheral vision.

It is believed that prior injury to the eye, prolonged medications, or infectious or inflammatory eye diseases or even diabetes may contribute to cataracts. Cataracts are treatable through a variety of methods to help to improve vision.

vThe cataract surgery is generally done under a local anesthetic. The surface of the eye is numbed with eye drops or an injection. General anesthesia is usually only offered to those who can't hold still during the surgical process. The entire procedure lasts about 30 minutes. Cataract surgery is considered a same-day surgery. Patients will need someone to drive for them.


Benefits of cataract surgery

  • Improves vision
  • Decreases glare
  • Improves peripheral vision and depth perception
  • Improves blurred vision
  • Increases independence

Cost, Inclusions, and Exclusions

At Perfect Vision | Eye Lasik Surgery Center the price for the Cataract surgery starts at $1,950 per eye.


  • Ground transportation service (pick-up/drop-off)
  • All medical related costs (hospital fees, doctor’s fees, pre and post op- consultation and exams, pre and post-op medication during hospital stay etc)
  • Hospital stay
  • Bilingual case management assistance


  • Travel Expenses
  • Personal Expenses
  • Accommodation
  • Complications

Why Choose Us?

  • Modern technology
  • Staff with rich academic and educational background
  • Quality and efficiency in all treatments and procedures
  • The center's work is highly aesthetic and high-quality
  • Affordable prices
  • Friendly and warm environment


If you want to know more about the cataract surgery package available in Cancun, Mexico, please contact us!


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