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Best Strabismus Surgery in Cancun Mexico by Perfect Vison

Package price starting from: $3000
Treatment: Eye/Lasik Care, LASIK Surgery
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Strabismus Surgery

This is a surgical procedure which corrects deviation of the eyes. This deviation is most common in children and is congenital in type. It should be operated as soon as possible, because otherwise the deviated eye will have a bad habit not to see clearly and can become a "lazy" eye.

Adults may also see some deviations of the eyes for various reasons and through this surgery, deviations are corrected, hence improving the aesthetic appearance of the patient. It is a safe procedure and is done in 40 or 50 minutes depending on the degree of deviation. The treatment is performed by a specialist in strabismus and recovery is rapid: within 24 hrs.

Strabismus Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

What is Included?

  • Medical procedure
  • Examinations
  • Medical Fees
  • Hotel and Transportation are not included – however we can pick up the patient from the hotel to the clinic and back on actual day of surgery


Cost: $3000 USD

Strabismus Surgery, Perfect Vision

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