Watch Best Package for Intra LASIK Care in Tijuana, Mexico

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Country: Mexico
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Best Package for IntraLASIK Care in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana, Mexico is an ideal destination for patients from all over the world who are looking for top-notch and affordable IntraLASIK packages.


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Popular Medical Centers

Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo is a gastroenterologist focused on providing solutions to his patients with obesity problems. He performs obesity laparoscopic or appendix surgery with professionalism, as an expert in the field.

  • Mini Gastric Bypass from $6000
  • Tubal Ligation Reversal from $3000
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy from $4600
  • Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair from $3900
  • Tubal Ligation from $3000
  • Vasectomy from $2600
ILaser Group

ILaser Group

Monterrey, Mexico

ILaser Group, situated in Monterrey, Mexico provides best eye care with all abilities, passion and cutting-edge technology to its domestic and international patients. The clinic is headed by Dr. Oscar Garza Buentello, and delivers best eye care for all.

  • IntraLASIK or FemtoLASIK from $2500
  • Vitrectomy from $3500
  • Pterygium Excision And Graft from $1000
  • Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Implantation Operation from $3500
  • Phaco and IOL from $2000
  • Phaco and IOL from $3400
Visum Cancun

Visum Cancun

Cancun, Mexico

Visum Cancun provides best Eye Surgery in Cancun Mexico. Book now Cataract Surgery, Retina Surgery, and Pterygium Surgery at PlacidWay.

  • PRK from $1550
  • LASIK Surgery from $1550