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State Of The Art ZLasik Surgery In Cancun

Package price starting from: $1950
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Affordable Eye Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

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Z Lasik

This is the new and latest technology for LASIK treatment with NO Blade and 100% Laser. This is becoming more popular in the US and Canada. The difference with conventional LASIK is, in the first part of the procedure, which is the creation of the corneal flap or flap. 

Recall that in the LASIK treatment, the first part consists of a cut on the corneal surface to lift a flap or flap. This cut is traditionally performed with a microkeratome and a razor. Although a precise and safe device, since it has been used successfully for years, there is a new alternative that is ZLASIK where the cutting is done with a femtosecond laser. That's why this technology is known in the United States and Europe as 100% Laser, WITHOUT razor.

ZLasik Treatment via Perfect Vision Cancun

Laser cutting is much more precise and accurate than the cut with a razor. It's less annoying, more secure and allows a better and faster recovery with better visual outcome.

So, that ZLASIK cutting or flap flap femtosecond laser is then performed vision correction treatment with the excimer laser. Two types of laser for a perfect score! Unlike conventional treatment which is cut with a razor and then the excimer laser treatment.

The 85% of eye care centers in the United States and Europe, using ZLASIK.

Eye Treatment via Perfect Vision Cancun

Perfect Vision is the only center in the south of the country with this technology and one of the four centers across the country. The new technology in vitrectomy surgery and small caliber employees for surgery, recovery is less painful and faster.

What is Included?


  • Medical procedure
  • Examinations
  • Medical Fees
  • Hotel and Transportation are not included – however we can pick up the patient from the hotel to the clinic and back on actual day of surgery


Cost: $1800 USD For Both Eyes

Benefit from the Best LASIK procedures in Cancun Mexico at Perfect Vision Clinic!


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