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Affordable Cataract Surgery in Mexico

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Best Lens Replacement Surgery in Mexico

Cataract Surgery in Mexico

Cataract surgery in Mexico is an affordable option for those who are looking for affordable eye lens replacement surgery from best eye speclists.

One of the most successful procedures performed in Mexican clinics is cataract surgery, thanks to the highly qualified doctors and nurses to provide care and service with worldwide quality through an extensive infrastructure with cutting-edge medical technology.

How Much Cost of Cataract Surgery in Mexico?

The cost of cataract surgery in Mexico is starting from 1,950 USD per eye. Affordable eye lens replacement surgery compare to USA.

Price Comparison of Eye Cataract Surgery in the US, Mexico, and Other countries





Cataract Surgery



Cataract Surgery



Cataract Surgery



Cataract Surgery



Cataract Surgery


What is Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is a procedure to remove the lens of your eye and, in most cases, replace it with an artificial lens. Cataract surgery is used to treat the clouding of the normally clear lens of your eye (cataract).

Cataract surgery is performed by an eye doctor (ophthalmologist) on an outpatient basis, which means you don't have to stay in the hospital after the surgery. Cataract surgery is very common and is generally a safe procedure.

Cataract Surgery Types

Intracapsular surgery: This uncommon procedure involves removing the entire lens structure, which consists of the cortex, nucleus, and capsule. When the lens of the eye is dislocated, this specific type is used.

Extracapsular surgery: To remove the cloudy centre of the eye's lens, a lengthy incision is produced on the side of the cornea. After that, the remaining lens is sucked out.

The procedure that is currently most frequently used is phacoemulsification. Through a tiny incision, a sensor is inserted inside the cornea. This device then transmits ultrasound that’s fully accountable for the softening as well as breaking of a lens slated to be eliminated by suction.

Why do you Need this Eye Surgery?

Cataract surgery is performed to treat cataracts. Cataracts can cause blurry vision and increase the glare from lights. If a cataract makes it difficult for you to carry out your normal activities, your doctor may suggest cataract surgery.

Best Places for Cataract Surgery in Mexico

Cancun, Mexicali, and Puebla are the top three places in Mexico for having cataract surgery.

Top Clinics Available in Mexico for Eye Treatment

Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo

Mexicali, Mexico

Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo -  Best Eye Doctors For Cataract Surgery in Mexicali

Perfect Vision Eye Center

Cancun, Mexico

Perfect Vision Eye Center - Center of Best Eye Doctors in Cancun Mexico

Hospital de la Familia

Mexicali, Mexico

Hospital de la Familia  - Best Eye Surgery Clinic in Mexicali, Mexico

CVL Laser Vision

Puebla. Mexico

CVL Laser Vision - Center of Best Eye Doctors in Puebla Mexico

Dr. Armando Clinic

Cancun Mexico

Dr. Armando Clinic - Center of Best Eye Doctors in Cancun Mexico

Visum Clinic

 Cancun, Mexico

Visum Clinic - Center of Best Eye Doctors in Cancun Mexico


Is Cataract Surgery Safe?

Cataract Laser Eye Surgery Mexico Risks

Your risk of complications is greater if you have another eye disease or a serious medical condition affecting any part of your body. Occasionally, cataract surgery fails to improve vision because of underlying eye damage from other conditions, such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. If possible, it may be beneficial to evaluate and treat other eye problems before making the decision to have cataract surgery. Complications after cataract surgery are uncommon, and most can be treated successfully.

How to Prepare for Cataract Surgery (Eye Surgery) in Mexico?

To prepare for your cataract surgery, you may be asked to:

  • Undergo tests.
  • Stop taking certain medications.
  • Use eye drops to reduce infection risk.
  • Fast before surgery.
  • Prepare for your recovery.


  • Ground transportation service (pick-up/drop-off)
  • All medical-related costs (hospital fees, doctor’s fees, pre and post-op- consultation and exams, pre and post-op medication during a hospital stay, etc)
  • Hospital stay
  • Bilingual case management assistance


  • Travel Expenses
  • Personal Expenses
  • Accommodation
  • Complications

How Cataract Surgery is Performed?

Cataract surgery, usually an outpatient procedure, takes an hour or less to perform.

First, your doctor will place eyedrops in your eye to dilate your pupil. You'll receive local anesthetics to numb the area, and you may be given a sedative to help you relax. If you're given a sedative, you may remain awake, but groggy, during surgery.

During cataract surgery, the clouded lens is removed, and a clear artificial lens is usually implanted. In some cases, however, a cataract may be removed without implanting an artificial lens.

Benefits of Cataract Surgery in Mexico

  • Improve vision
  • Affordable prices
  • Experience Eye Specialists
  • Decrease glare
  • Improve peripheral vision and depth perception
  • Improve blurred vision
  • Increase independence 

To complete the process in optimal conditions, Mexico has the best conditions for total recovery: different climates by region, with comfortable hotels, internationally recognized for their diversity and appeal.

Reasons to Get a Cataract Surgery

Half of Americans over the age of 80 have cataracts, a common condition among the elderly. Some of the signs and symptoms of the condition include:

  • Complications with colour perception
  • sensitivity to light
  • having trouble seeing at night
  • general vision impairment
  • distorted vision
  • multiple eyesight
  • Consider seeing through with a glass that is becoming opaque. There are several methods to check for cataracts:
  • A visual field test that measures your ability to see clearly at various distances
  • Test of colour vision
  • Tonometry is a test that uses an instrument to measure the pressure inside the eye.
  • Tests for glare, light sensitivity, and contrast

FAQs About Cataract Surgery in Mexico

Am I a candidate for cataract surgery in Mexico?

Candidates for surgery experience vision loss on account of waterfalls and are ordinarily beyond 50 years old. We prescribe you to allude to one of our expert specialists for an assessment to decide whether you are a possibility for surgery.

Which procedures do I need?

Depending on your need the specialist will choose what surgery is best for you. We prescribe you to allude to your experts to discover what is best for you.

Will I feel pain during surgery?

Your doctor will put drops on your eyes to numb them, during surgery will just feel some tension in the eye.

Can patients watch TV after cataract surgery?

Indeed, you can stare at the television, Laptop/PC, and versatile one day after routine waterfall surgery. Notwithstanding, you might feel a little strain because of splendor, however, it will wear off with time.

Does cataract surgery give you 20 20 vision?

A few patients inquire as to whether they will have a 20/20 vision after the strategy. Most patients can accomplish 20/20 vision as long as they have no different conditions. Conditions that can influence the nature of vision after cataract surgery incorporate Glaucoma.

What happens if you wait too long for cataract surgery?

Eye doctors suggest having cataract surgery before your cataracts start truly influencing your vision. On the off chance that you stand by too long, your cataracts can turn into "hyper-mature", which makes them harder to eliminate, and can cause surgery intricacies.

Is it necessary to do both eyes for cataract surgery?

Although genuinely there is no motivation behind why you can't have cataracts in the two eyes treated simultaneously, it is by and large not suggested. This is on the grounds that it can require various weeks for the eyes to recuperate. During this time, your vision will in any case be compromised.

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