Five Countries That Offer Dental Tourism for Each Pocket

Dental Tourism for Each Pocket at Top Destinations

Do you have problems with your teeth? Teeth ache almost drives you crazy but you postpone the visit to the dentist because dental treatments are too expensive? If you keep ignoring your teeth problems you will soon have problems with your speech, chewing will become difficult and painful, hot or cold food or liquids will spread pain throughout your teeth. If you ignore your teeth problems you will get to complications, such as gum disease or periodontal disease which will cause loss of teeth and infections. We know that you are concerned about money, everyone is these days. But, did you know that going to other countries for dental treatments could help you save up to 70%? In Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, India or Thailand you will receive the same dental treatments as in the US or the UK or Canada, you will find highly-trained dentists, most of them trained in Europe or the US, and all dental procedures will be performed with state-of-the-art equipment.

Top 5 Dental Tourism Destinations:


Mexico is the perfect dental tourism destination for US and Canadian citizens. Thousands of medical tourists choose this country for its top-notch dental treatments, affordable prices, modern equipment, but also to visit this beautiful region. Some of the most sought dental clinics in Mexico are Sani Dental Group in Los Algodones, Dentaris Cancun Riviera Maya Dentistry in Cancun and PV Smile in Puerto Vallarta. To make an idea about the prices offered in Mexico we will offer you a comparison between the costs in the US and Mexico for several dental procedures. To get your teeth cleaned prices will be around $30 in Mexico, but higher than $200 in the US, fillings are $30 in Mexico but reach $100 in the US, a root canal is $100 in Mexico, but up to $2,000 in the US, dental implants are $950 and dental crowns $400 in Mexico, while the US offers the same treatments for $3,500 and $2,000.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another popular destination for medical treatments, chosen not only by American citizens but by people all over the world.  The lower cost of living as well as lower overhead and labor costs, translates into affordable dental treatments, with results that meet and exceed standards of dental care in the U.S. and Canada. Some of the most popular dental clinics in Costa Rica are Davincis Dental Designers Group in San Jose, Chaves Dental Care in Jaco, and Dr. Rojas - Esthetique Dental Clinic in San Jose. A dental Implant with Crown in Costa Rica is $1,500, fillings are $60 each, dentures $600, veneers are $400, while in the US you will pay $3,500 for implants, $100 for fillings, $1,700 for dentures and $1,000 for veneers.


The third spot is taken by Turkey, which gathers thousands of medical tourists annually, especially from Europe and the Middle East. Easy to travel to, no waiting lines, prices 75% lower compared to other countries, high-quality treatments, experienced dentists, beautiful cities to visit?what more could you wish for? Some of the best dental clinics in Turkey are Ethica Medical Group in Istanbul, Hospitadent Dental Group in Istanbul, and Tanfer Clinic in Istanbul. Dentures in Turkey are $900, veneers are $300, dental crowns you will pay $300, and dental implants are $1,000. Tooth extraction in Turkey is only $50 and a dental filling costs $80.


India is a famous medical tourism destination for cosmetic and dental procedures chosen by thousands of medical tourists from Africa, Europe, and even the US. Dentists in India can deal with any type of dental procedure from dental care to surgery, all performed with top-notch equipment. Each patient is treated with care and professionalism and each treatment is adapted to the patient's needs. Some of the most chosen dental clinics and hospitals in India are Manipal Hospital in  Bangalore, Laser Dental Clinic in Mumbai, and Dental Solutions Centre for Implants and Laser Dentistry in Bangalore. For a dental filling in India, you will pay $37, dental crowns are between $150 and $500 depending on the material used, dentures are $300, teeth whitening is $100, dental implants are $750 and tooth extraction will take only $37 out of your pocket.


The fifth dental tourism destination is Thailand, chosen especially by patients from Australia, New Zealand, and Americans. This country impresses not only with its sandy beaches, beautiful sights, lush forests and exotic foods, flora, and fauna but also with high-quality medical treatments, among which are cosmetic and dental. Some of the most sought-after dental clinics in Thailand are Nirunda Clinic in Bangkok, Bangpakok 9 International Hospital in Bangkok, and Phuket International Dental Center in Phuket. Dental fillings in Thailand are $33, dental crowns range from $250 to $450, dental veneers cost $250, dental implants you will pay between $850 and $1,850, and for teeth whitening between $250 and $350. Tooth extraction is only $50 and dental bridges $300. Now with all this information available, what are you waiting for? Just book a flight, visit a beautiful country and get the movie star smile at unbelievably small prices.

Overview of Dental Tourism

Medical, or dental tourism, is when patients travel abroad with the end goal of clinical or dental treatment. In 2010, around 63,000 UK residents voyaged abroad for treatment.1 It has been accounted for that the quantity of Britons traveling to another country for therapy has expanded fundamentally from 48,000 patients in 2014 to 144,000 in 2016.2 Also, it was accounted for that Medigo, which was a clinical travel stage, had in excess of 350,000 visits every month by 2016,3 and in 2015, it was assessed that no less than 190,000 patients were considering therapy abroad in light of long NHS holding up lists.4 The assessed worth of the clinical travel industry market overall was 60 billion US dollars in 2006, which expanded to 100 billion US dollars in 2012.5 While patients from non-industrial nations are quick to go to the UK to get to better quality wellbeing administrations, UK residents are currently eagerly leaving the great treatment in the UK in the quest for less expensive treatment abroad.

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