Why is Cosmetic Medical Tourism Rising to

Never-Before-Seen Heights?

Are you Obsessed with looks too?


Cosmetic Medical Tourism is rising heavily and has been doing so over the past decades. Lately, during the past ten years mainly, the society has been trying to get closer and closer to perfection and they have the resources to accomplish that.

This has sparked a huge boom in the cosmetic and the plastic surgery industry as well. Why is that? We would like to think that narcissism has not triumphed over reason so let's see the data about what is happening in this area and understand "Where is cosmetic medical tourism now?", "Why and where are we opting for cosmetic surgery?" and "How 'esthetically perfect' will the future be?"

Why is cosmetic surgery soooooo popular?

Mother nature takes its toll on all of us - sooner or later we all have saggy skin, drooping breasts, drooping eyelids and tummy, basically people perceive these

as the signs that we are getting closer to the gruesome end. There is also that part of you which you will generally not like and thus try to correct it - nose, breasts, an old scar and the list differs for each individual.

Thanks to anti-aging treatment and plastic surgery we can win some years, we can fool time and ultimately correct that defect to feel better and enhance self-esteem.

Cosmetic Surgery Going GlobalCosmetic Surgery Medical Travel

Statistics show increasing numbers of people in their 70's 80's and even 90's who choose to go under the  scalpel to fool time. On the other hand, people as young as 18-19-year-olds, are also turning to the plastic surgeon in their quest for the perfect shaped body. These numbers have sparked controversy, yet  as society's norms regarding beauty become tougher and tougher, who can judge one's decision when it comes to his or her own body?

So the number of cosmetic procedures, surgical and nonsurgical, is in a continuous increase. Botox injections, anti-aging skin care products or medications, cosmetic and plastic surgeries such as fat transfers, human growth hormone products, the online diets rich in antioxidants, everyone is trying to be enhance themselves by using one method or the other and the main thing is that: Everything is accessible! 

If several years ago the plastic surgery industry was something which average people would only see in movies portraying the rich and famous, nowadays the global marketplace is at anyone's feet and offers are only getting more accessible.

The ease of communications and travel has given everyone, regardless of his/her income or location, access to affordable, high-quality cosmetic treatments.

What are the statistics saying about

Cosmetic Surgery Medical Travel?

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) published its unbelievable numbers in its 'International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures Performed in 2011'. According to ISAPS, when it comes to plastic surgeons and cosmetic procedures by countries and continents the numbers are mind-blowing.

Although the US is the leader - with 1,094,146 cosmetic procedures performed in 2011 alone, countries such as Brazil (905,124), China (415,140) and Japan (372,773) are quickly picking up the pace, offering the same procedures available in the US, at the same quality, but at much lower prices.

The continental statistic of cosmetic procedures performed is surprising: Asia is the leader with - 4,336,866 procedures in 2011, followed by North America with 4,188,171, Europe with 3,544,572, South America 2,271,302, Africa with 283,964 and Oceania with 127,952 procedures.

Cosmetic Medical Tourism RisingCosmetic Surgery Procedures

Experts are saying that, in the next decade, we can expect for the Latin American countries to surpass the US in plastic surgery procedures performed, considering the lower costs and high quality. Some changes will be observed in the other continents as well, over the next decades - just consider the huge difference between Western and Eastern Europe, and the trends are present throughout the globe. Everyone is looking for best value!

What are society's biggest cosmetic problems?

The want-to-be-perfect craze has made cosmetic surgeons the most sought after medical practitioners - if you are a cosmetic surgeon and you have the reputation of performing the following procedures, the turnaround is ensured.

Obesity and weight loss is the biggest issue at the moment! The average Joe has the stubborn fat deposits that won't go away with diet and exercise so Joe goes for liposuction! Yes, liposuction is the most popular cosmetic procedure worldwide, with 1,268,287 liposuctions performed in 2011 globally.

Next in line are breast augmentation (1,205,251), eyelid surgery (703,610), and the runners-up: tummy tuck (553,399), nose surgery (478,023), breast lift (444,222), breast reduction (428,129) and facelift (308,926).

However popular the trend of going under the knife is, nonsurgical procedures are in higher demand. In 2011 there were 3,179,652 Botox treatments performed all over the world, 1,937,652 Hyaluronic Acid procedures, 906,316 laser hair removal procedures and 455,444 autologous fat injections, according to ISAPS.

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Other procedures such as IPL laser treatment, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, noninvasive tightening or laser skin resurfacing quickly gained ground and are rising in popularity as well.

What is the Cosmetic Surgery market offering?

If in the US cosmetic procedure pricing is most of the times out of reach for the regular medium/low income individual, the options abroad are enormous.

A patient might pay around $5,000 for liposuction in the US, while the same procedure will cost around $2,000 in Turkey and Thailand, $2,800 in South Korea and around $2,000 in India. The breast augmentation procedure costs a whooping $8,000 in the UK and $7,000 in the US, but only $3,000 in Brazil, $2,800 in India, $3,800 in Mexico, $3,100 in Thailand and $4,000 in Turkey.

Eyelid surgery, the third most chosen cosmetic procedure in the world, will take $5,500 out of your pocket in the US and the UK, but $2,000 in Brazil, $1,800 in Costa Rica, $1,500 in India, $1,300 in Mexico, $1,100 in South Korea and $1,600 in Thailand.

Cosmetic Medical Tourism

What does all this mean

in the end?

The Cosmetic Medical Tourism industry is moving - rising to never-before-seen heights. Cosmetic surgeons and the beauty experts are doing everything they can to grow and the need for esthetic improvement of our average Joe is helping it grow at a faster pace.

In this consumer driven healthcare era, we are all increasingly taking control of our healthcare options – getting the treatment we want in the location we choose, and more importantly, at the price we can afford.

Medical tourism is a great reality we are seeing happening, it is growing, it is available to all, regardless of location or income. The undisputable access to procedures and treatments which, a while ago, was only available to the select few, has made competition among cosmetic surgery providers really tough. Because it will only get tougher we, the cosmtic medical tourists will only profit if we do our research and become aware of the options!

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