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Does It Make Sense?

Global fertility solutions can be closer than one might think. Couples who are struggling to have a child know how hard it is to become parents, even if it is the case of single men and women or homosexual couples. While medical tourism offers numerous fertility solutions, choosing the right country and treatment option can be very difficult. Therefore, analyze global fertility information from worldwide fertility experts.

IVF Abroad Medical TourismThe costs of fertility treatments, egg donation or surrogacy can push couples to seeking options abroad. Sometimes, the treatment or procedure in their home countries is forbidden by law or the medical field is not developed enough to help couples struggling with fertility issues.

Regardless of the reason, more and more couples are choosing medical tourism as a way to achieve their dream: having a family. By going abroad for fertility treatment, the future parents not only access affordable treatments, but also procedures which might be out of reach in their countries, such as sperm or egg donation, embryo donation, embryo freezing, IVF with egg donation, gender selection and even surrogacy - which is of very limited availability across the world.

PlacidWay, a leader in global medical travel and tourism, is continuously analyzing the medical tourism industry trends to help future patients choose wisely and get easy access to reliable information about successful therapies and treatments when it comes to fertility and medical care abroad.

Perception of fertility treatments abroad

Fertility Treatment OverseasPlacidWay medical tourism company has recently led a global survey which showed that 40% of the 31-40 age group and 33% of the 41-50 age group would consider fertility treatments abroad, while 8% of the respondents have already traveled abroad for fertility procedures.

Pramod Goel, the founder and CEO of PlacidWay explains: "Fertility treatments abroad have become an option for the past decade for many individuals seeking to become parents, and what they are doing most of all is inquiring about the success rates in various countries, from specialists, before they are making the buying decision. In these cases, information from specialists is strengthened by testimonials, and thus - the help from former patients who have successfully become parents is crucial when selecting the right fertility procedure."

Why go abroad for fertility treatments?

The reasons vary from price to unavailability of the procedure in the home country, and even the lack of access to a certain treatment.

  • Financial considerations

Many couples have to go through several IVF cycles for a successful pregnancy and the costs can reach tens of thousands of dollars. In the US, a single IVF cycle ranges from $12,000 to $13,700, in the UK the cost is around $10,000, but fertility treatment costs drop dramatically in emerging markets such as Turkey ($5,000), Argentina ($4,900), Ukraine and India ($3,000), Mexico $3,500 or  Thailand $4,000.

Surrogacy Abroad

  • Surrogacy forbidden by law

In some countries, procedures such as IVF with Gender Selection, Egg Donation, Embryo Donation or Surrogacy are forbidden by law. This forces patients to choose other options abroad.

"We are seeing a massive increase of requests for surrogacy services provided mainly in India. Even if in Mexico, the surrogacy treatment availability is currently under legislative discussions, the surrogacy services are still requested by people from the US and Canada, therefore, information is key to achieving the desired result and avoiding legal issues."

  • Dissatisfaction with the treatment in home country

Failed IVF or IUI attempts at the local clinic may be frustrating, discouraging and have a negative impact on the budget. This is when finding cheaper treatment abroad can become a fertility solution. 

  • Unavailability of treatment in home country

If, in some countries, IVF costs and other fertility treatments are forcing patients to go abroad, in other regions the unavailability of a fertility procedure is what makes couples seek the treatment abroad. Again, this very much seen when surrogacy has become the only option left or if PGD is needed to avoid any hereditary or genetic flaws.

Factors when Choosing Fertility Treatment Abroad

  • Reputation of the clinic

 When choosing to undergo IVF, IVF with PGD or Surrogacy, many couples will first get the information they need online and from their friends and family. The reputation of a clinic abroad, reinforced by friends experience or even testimonials, has been, for the past decade the best way to be reassured that one has made a good choice.

Pramod Goel CEO PlacidWay"The reputation of the clinic is always put into balance by the medical tourist who is seeking fertility treatment and even other type of treatment abroad. That is why the feedback from other customers plays a significant role in the eligibility of a medical center for most individuals wanting to get the most out of medical tourism. The unknown will always be scary - so that is what medical tourists will try to balance, in order to feel safe" says Pramod Goel, PlacidWay CEO and founder.


  • Anonymity of donors

In many developed countries the anonymity granted to the donor has been lifted, which means that the child has the right and possibility to trace his biological parents once he turns 18. As many parents and donors want to avoid this, they prefer to travel to countries where anonymity is still protected.

The rates of fertility issues globally are on the rise because of the deteriorating lifestyle. According to World Health Organization going abroad for fertility treatments is seen as one of the fastest growing areas in the medical tourism industry.

How an infertile or fertility challenged couple or individual will choose to make the most out of the fertility medical tourism market will depend upon the factors presented above and with specific emphasis on friends, family and former patients experience. Even if the price is a major factor when choosing the type of fertility treatment abroad, the safety of making the right choice will not be disregarded in order to achieve the much desired goal of parenthood.

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