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A child brings happiness, joy and fulfillment, pride and hope. Children are the future and what defines our role in this world. And this does not apply only to women who  give birth or only to heterosexual couples, considered the perfect family, but to single man and gay couples too.

We live in a modern society, which implies that we should treat everyone as equals no matter of their religion, beliefs, nationality or sexual orientation. Unfortunately this not apply all over the world, especially when it comes to fertility options such as surrogacy.

Being a gay couple searching for a legal and safe surrogacy clinic, can be a real struggle, a money, time and energy consuming experience. Legal, religious and ethical issues have always put surrogacy out of reach for same sex couples, but there is a handful of open minded countries which see gay couples as having equal rights and equal chances to become parents.

Tobasco Mexico Destination for Gay Couples Surrogacy

What countries approve surrogacy for gay couples?

Not long ago India and Thailand were among the regions where same sex couples could access surrogacy and accomplish their dream. Unfortunately, bureaucracy has won the battle, leaving future parents with even less options.

United States, the land of all possibilities, is a safe option only if you choose California, Boston, Minnesota or Las Vegas. There are pros and cons though: you will pay a fortune to get your child, but the legal process will be fast and simple and the child will have American citizenship. Canada is another expensive option, but still a hope for same sex couples.

Armenia, Cyprus and Israel, although they are newcomers as surrogacy destinations, are viable options with solid legal ground. Future parents have to follow some simple rules: choose an egg donor so that the surrogate will not be related to the child, for increased safety it would be better for the surrogate to be from the US or EU and intended parents are required to issue proceedings for a parenthood decree within seven days of the birth (in Israel).

Why is Mexico a Safe Option for Gay Surrogacy

Mexico on the other hand, specifically the state of Tabasco, has officially legalized surrogacy for heterosexual couples, singles and same sex couples. The law enforces a surrogacy contract and it recognizes the intended parents as the legal parents. The name of the surrogate mother will not appear on the birth certificate.

It is established in the 92nd Article of Tabasco Civil Code that: “In the case of children born as the result of the participation of a Gestational Substitute Mother, parenthood will be presumed by the contracting parent when she/he registers the child birth, since this action Implies the acceptance of the parenthood.”

Although the legal process in Mexico is easy and problem free, future parents must have a genetic link to the child to be able to gain citizenship for the baby in their home countries. If no genetic link is present, it is very important to consult independent legal consul with a specialty in immigration and family law.

Mexico Surrogacy Agency and Helping to Create Families Foundation is the only accredited Surrogacy and IVF Clinic in Mexico, with years of experience in this field. Their surrogacy legal team, highly-experienced fertility doctors, journey coordinators and psychologists will help you throughout the entire process towards a successful outcome.

Carlos Rosillo, director of Mexico Surrogacy Agency

"Having a child is the greatest joy a person could experience in life. We understand this more than anyone, that is why we have fought to make surrogacy safe and legal. Tabasco is the safest choice for heterosexual couples, singles and gay couples. We do not discriminate, we understand. Helping future parents go home with a child is our purpose and our main goal. Doing this with no legal issues, at affordable prices and in a safe environment, is what we are here for," says Carlos Rosillo, director of Mexico Surrogacy Agency.

Same sex couples choosing surrogacy in Tabasco, Mexico will be able to accomplish their dream of becoming a family. Surrogacy is an intricate process, but with the help of an amazing team who understand what the future patients are going through, this experience can become a beautiful memory and a new beginning.


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