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Why Is Georgia a Top Destination for Surrogacy and Egg Donation?

It goes without saying that desire of parenthood is natural and same for all human being, irrespective of their gender or sexual inclination. You’ve tried so hard. You’ve spent endless amounts of energy and money in your longing to create your family. But tests, time and tears have not produced results, and now you are wondering… what’s next?

What about egg donation or surrogacy? Choosing whether egg donation or surrogacy is right for you requires arming yourself with knowledge. Republic of Georgia has originated as one of the most important hubs for medical tourism. As more and more patients from Europe, the USA and other affluent nations with high medical costs look for effective options, healthcare tourism in Georgia is definitely on the cards for most of them.

Surrogacy in Georgia

If your doctor reports that you need an egg donor, you may grieve about losing the genetic link to your child. Take time to process this loss. Many intended parents choose to focus on the joy of raising a child regardless of physical characteristics. Surrogacy is the act of carrying a child for prospective parents. The child may be genetically theirs, or the egg and sperm may be obtained from donors. There’s so much to think about. Take time out. Learn all you can and do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Host (or gestational) surrogacy is when IVF is used, either with the eggs of the intended mother, or with donor eggs. The surrogate mother therefore does not use her own eggs, and is genetically unrelated to the baby. It is physically more complicated and considerably more expensive than straight surrogacy and always takes place in a fertility clinic.

It is not until after the biological mother's egg is fertilized that the embryo is transferred to the uterus of the surrogate using the process of in vitro fertilization. In most cases, it will take between three and five days for the embryos to develop in the laboratory prior to transferring them to the surrogate. The rate of success when using in vitro fertilization will depend upon several factors such as the age and health of the biological mother who is providing the eggs. In many cases, the rates of pregnancy are actually higher when using eggs that are taken from biological mothers who are otherwise infertile versus when eggs are taken from fertile women.

Surrogacy Treatment Abroad, Egg Donation, Georgia

There are three stages to host surrogacy:

  • Egg donation: the female IP, or the egg donor, undergo special procedures to extract a number of eggs
  • Fertilisation: the egg is fertilised with semen in the laborator
  • Transfer: the fertilised egg is transferred into the womb of the surrogate mother

The fertilised egg can be transferred to the surrogate either ‘fresh’ or after having been de-frosted from egg storage. For a fresh egg transfer the monthly cycles of the surrogate and the egg donor must be synchronised, and this is done using hormone medications. In cases where embryos have been frozen already and the de-frosted embryos are being transferred some IVF clinics will insist on the surrogate mother taking hormone medications to ‘ready’ her womb lining.

Host surrogacy with donor eggs

Some IPs are not in a position to create embryos themselves, due to some medical reasons, . There are several options available:

  • Known donor eggs. This is where a friend or relative of the IPs donates eggs in an IVF clinic.  –
  • Anonymous donor eggs. Most IVF clinics have their own egg donors available, often with a waiting list.  You would need to make your own enquiries about this with the clinic of your choice.  In this case you will not meet the egg donor and would receive limited information about her, unless she had specifically chosen to remove her right to anonymity.  In all cases, children born through egg donation have the legal right to receive information about the egg donor when they turn 18.

Gestational surrogacy is just as safe as going through a traditional biological pregnancy. Prior to starting the surrogacy process, the surrogate is first screened in order to determine her overall health. If she is not deemed healthy enough to carry the embryo, another surrogate must be chosen.

As of now, the most common surrogacy destinations for single parents are Nepal, Mexico, Russia and Cambodia. Single parent surrogacy is also allowed in some states of USA but, looking at the cost of surrogacy program in Western countries, most of intended parents prefer to travel abroad for cost effective surrogacy options.

Egg Donation, In Vitro Fertility Clinic, Georgia, Tbilisi

In Vitro Fertility Clinic, the best choice for surrogacy treatments in Georgia

Compensated surrogacy has been legal in Georgia since 1997, and there has been a marked growth in surrogacy from 2010. Georgian couples made up the majority of Intended parents through surrogacy in Georgia from 2008-2010. However from 2010, Georgia has become increasingly used by intended parents from the UK, USA, Israel, Australia, Middle East, Japan and mainland Europe.

Gender testing can be done in Georgia, but only for medical purposes, not for gender selection.

In Vitro Fertility Clinic is a leading group of fertility specialists, all working together to offer the highest success rates for future parents. The clinic is one of the largest fertility centers in Georgia and the Post Soviet Countries.

With 17 years of experience in reproductive procedures, In Vitro Fertility Clinic is a member of the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) and it offers the latest Assisted Reproductive Technologies, continuously improving their methods and aiming to achieve the highest level of their patients' satisfaction.

„We care about our patients and their satisfaction, that is why we provide only the latest Assisted Reproductive Technologies and highly trained and experienced doctors. Thanks to our clinic and exceptional services 3,000 babies have been born in Georgia and other thousands worldwide”, said Gia Tsagareishvili, Clinical Director of the In Vitro Clinic.

In Vitro Fertility Clinic offers an Egg Donation Program, under total anonymity, and a Surrogacy Program, which is legal and according to the current legislation.

When looking for the best destination for a surrogacy or egg donation procedure abroad, make sure that the clinic has top qualifications, highly trained medical staff and is using innovative technologies. Also, the higher the success rate, the easier is to make the decision.

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