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Asian Bariatrics’ support groups – one important feature to further a patient’s weight loss

Providing more than just good weight loss surgery, Asian Bariatrics helps patients achieve desired weight loss results through strong post-surgery follow-up system, guided dietetic care, and uplifting ABC support groups – making sure their patients will never face the same situation again.

Asian Bariatrics, Ahmedabad, India, is a medical and surgical obesity/weight loss center located in Ahmedabad, India that helps patients achieve long-term weight loss through the most cutting-edge bariatric surgical procedures that includes Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Band, Gastric Balloon and Duodenal Switch.

Not only that, Asian Bariatrics  is the only specialty weight loss center in India that deals with illnesses (or comorbidities) related to obesity, such as depression, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis, among others. “Since its inauguration last 2014, Asian Bariatrics has been providing weight loss surgeries to the locals of Ahmedabad and India,” said Dr. Sanjay Patolia, an obesity surgeon at the same time one of the founders of Asian Bariatrics.

“It is alarming that the world is suffering from an obesity epidemic. In the recent statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), 600 million adults are now considered obese,” said Mr. Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay. “Establishing a weight loss center such as Asian Bariatrics could help decrease these numbers especially in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.”

Effective Weight Loss Options in India

In order to retain a healthy weight, healthcare professionals emphasize that diet modifications and exercise activity are vital. But in a recent study conducted by the British Medical Journal (BMJ), findings suggests that for those who are considered obese (with a body mass index of 30 or more), weight-loss surgery (bariatric surgery) is more effective at decreasing body weight, compared with non-surgical methods (diet, exercise, behavioural therapy).

"Indeed weight loss surgery is considered the most effective management for obese patients, but it is not a quick fix," said Mr. Goel."It will only be considered successful when it is performed in conjunction with lifestyle changes in nutrition and exercise. Surgery is just one component of the program and it also includes other factors such as nutritional and behavioural counselling, membership in support groups and consistent follow-up care to really help patients maintain a healthier lifestyle after surgery," Mr. Goel said.

“At Asian Bariatrics, we utilize both surgical and non-surgical methods to achieve long-term weight loss for our patients. Even after surgery, our staff communicates with our patients to regularly update or remind them that their day to day activities should involve proper exercise and diet,” says Dr. Patolia. “We also have a pool of registered nutritionists that also counsels our patients prior and after surgery to help them understand their bodies and what should be done in order for them to reach their ideal weight especially after surgery,” reiterates Dr. Patolia. “After the nutrition counselling, we will be able to suggest exercise, diet, & routine lifestyle modifications their bodies would be able to follow.”

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Dr. Patolia and his colleagues Dr. Mahendra Narwaria and Dr. Manish Khaitan hope to educate their patients through the ABC support group they established. “Last year, we have started a “meet & greet” session with our patients and their families. This ABC support group will help educate them so their goal of achieving long-term weight loss can be made more possible and maintainable” chided Dr. Narwaria.

Asian Bariatrics’ support group is considered “one of the most important aspects of the patient’s post-operative period of weight loss.” The patients are all gathered in order for them to address their concerns to the specialists. The support group also serves as a platform for social togetherness in their weight loss journey. The support they receive can help physically and psychologically. These groups regularly meet at different cities in India and the schedule is posted on the website.

Aside from belongingness, Dr. Khaitan also said that the patients who attend the seminars learn about different weight loss strategies and surgery procedures. The “meet & greet” also serves as information seminars on the risks of obesity, specifics on how weight loss surgeries can help patients lose weight along with the risks and advantages. “In the support group sessions, patients can also learn how to maximize their weight loss especially after surgery,” asserts Dr. Khaitan.

 “We have to be reminded that obesity surgery is only a tool to achieve weight loss,” said Dr. Narwaria. “We have to inform our patients by providing them with the education and support (thru ABC) so that they can understand how to use this powerful weight loss tool (obesity surgery), and that their weight loss is maintained all throughout their lives, not just for short-term,” said Dr. Narwaria.

Weight Loss Surgery in India

“Support is an integral part of the obesity surgery journey,” stated Dr. Patolia, “aside from the support group, our center provides Bariatric Coordinators to guide patients from the first consultation, to surgery up to their post-operative follow up.” These coordinators are involved at every step of the patient’s weight loss journey.

Moreover, before and after surgery, the support program of Asian Bariatrics offers patients numerous opportunities for support. Another good example is the center’s Hospital Information Medical System (HIMS). The HIMS work to make the patient’s life easy by helping them stay connected with their doctors thru emails and SMS. Patients are reminded of their upcoming follow-ups and doctor’s visits. They can also logon to the center’s website and update thru their profile anytime, anywhere.

“Asian Bariatrics’ commitment to patients also continues for long-term,” said Dr. Khaitan. “Before patients leave our clinic, we want to make sure that they have a better view of themselves and have learned a healthier way to improve their life because we have formed a bond that will help them achieve long-term weight loss, not just the obesity surgery they need.”

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