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Mini IVF - The Half-Price IVF That Increases Chances For Pregnancy in Cyprus

There may not be such thing as a miracle drug, but a new version of In Vitro Fertilization - dubbed the Mini IVF - sure sounds like a miracle procedure! It is half the price of the conventional IVF, with fewer doses required, and far less side effects. With Mini IVF, a milder and more natural ovarian stimulation is used in place of the standard IVF stimulation.

Mini IVF, also known as low-intensity IVF or minimal ovarian stimulation IVF, is rapidly gaining in popularity and one of the best destinations to visit in order to get this treatment is Cyprus. North Cyprus IVF Clinic in Nicosia provides fertility procedures available only in few countries, including Mini IVF.

Couples who choose the Mini IVF treatment hope to obtain more eggs than in natural cycle IVF while avoiding some of the discomforts, risks, and costs which may be associated with traditional IVF. As such, patients undergoing Mini IVF may achieve the following benefits:

  • Minimize exposure to drugs during ovarian stimulation and at the time of egg retrieval,
  • Reduce health risks and discomfort caused by ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS),
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce the pain of daily drug injections,
  • Reduce the high cost of drugs, and
  • Shorten wait time between cycles.

North Cyprus IVF is the first ISO 9000 qualified clinic in Northern Cyprus and a leader in fertility treatments in this region. They have various partnerships with renowned scientists, hospitals, clinics and agencies from all over the world, to provide patients the latest, safest and the most successful treatments available.

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What is Mini IVF?

In Mini IVF the ovaries of a woman are minimally stimulated, using oral ovulation induction agents and/or low doses of gonadotropins (follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone), in order to induce the growth of a small cohort of eggs. Once mature, the eggs are retrieved in a minor surgical procedure and fertilized in the IVF lab; the resulting embryos are transferred back into the woman's uterus. The process is identical to traditional IVF, except that the goal is to create only a few but high quality embryos for transfer.

The egg retrieval procedure is identical to that done in traditional IVF, except that some patients will prefer to avoid intravenous sedation (anesthesia) since only a small number of eggs are harvested, and choose to undergo the procedure with oral analgesia (pain medications) only. Mini IVF answers two major concerns for both patient and doctor — cost and overmedication.

How successful is Mini IVF?

Some reports suggests a pregnancy rate comparable with conventional IVF, while others report a much lower pregnancy rate. The reality is that factors such as the age of the woman, her ovarian reserve, and the medications used come into play in the success of Mini IVF. In women aged 35 or below, success rates are about the same as standard IVF, but it offeres women in their 40s the same chance of falling pregnant.

One of main reasons women in their late 30s and early 40s have problems conceiving either naturally or with IVF is that they do not produce enough healthy eggs, capable of developing into an embryo and eventually a foetus. In fact, the high dose fertility drugs used in conventional IVF worsen this problem as although they make a woman produce more eggs, they also appear to result in changes in the DNA of the eggs which make them defective. But Mini IVF only uses very low doses of the drugs that do not make the woman’s eggs less healthy.

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Who is a good candidate for Mini IVF?

  • Young women with good ovarian reserve are good candidates for Mini IVF. These women should respond better to ovarian stimulation, have more follicles for aspiration and as a result more embryos available to choose from for transfer.
  • Patients at high risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or with a previous bad experience with hormonal (gonadotropin) stimulation.
  • Candidates for intrauterine insemination seeking a more effective treatment.
  • Women with diminished ovarian reserve, who have a poor response to aggressive gonadotropin stimulation during conventional IVF, and may benefit from a milder ovarian stimulation.

What are the disadvantages of Mini IVF?

  • Fewer eggs (oocytes) are available for fertilization and as a result fewer embryos available for transfer than with conventional IVF.
  • The freezing (cryopreservation) of excess embryos is unlikely since fewer embryos are created.
  • A higher no embryo transfer rate since the likelihood of no eggs (oocytes) collected at egg retrieval is higher.
  • Overall lower pregnancy rate than with standard IVF.
  • Further well-designed studies are needed to validate many of the arguments made in favor of Mini IVF and to find its place in reproductive medicine.

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How much does Mini IVF cost?

The total cost for Mini IVF is typically more than half that of a traditional IVF cycle. Costs include medications, office monitoring visits, anesthesia costs, and IVF specific procedure and laboratory costs. Some patients will have some of these costs covered by their insurance.

Cyprus, one of the best destinations for IVF treatments

North Cyprus IVF Centerwas founded in 1998 and quickly became one of the leading fertility clinics in Cyprus. It is a pioneer in fertility treatments and procedures on the island, and the only fertility clinic in North Cyprus with its own genetics laboratory for genetic testing and screening.

North Cyprus IVF takes pride in being the first clinic to introduce sperm and egg donation programs, and also the gender selection option for family balancing. The clinic offers the latest technological available infertility treatments at affordable prices.

Gender selection, Gay surrogacy program, IUI, IVF + ICSI, Mini IVF, Cytoplasmic Transfer, Egg/Sperm Donor IVF, Tandem IVF are some of the treatments available. The clinic has its own research centre, research team and genetics laboratory.

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