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North Cyprus IVF Bring Gestational Surrogacy Package in Nicosia Cyprus

Package price starting from: $68000
Treatment: Fertility Treatment, Surrogacy, Egg Donation, Egg and Ovarian Cortex Freezing
Associated Center: North Cyprus IVF
Sehit Erdogan Yildiz Sokak, Nicosia, Cyprus
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Gestational Surrogacy Service in Cyprus

Gestational Surrogacy Package in Nicosia, Cyprus

Gestational Surrogacy Package at North Cyprus IVF

Your dream of becoming a parent is now within reach through Surrogacy! Surrogacy is a procedure when a woman (not your partner) carries the unborn child and gives birth for you or to a couple in a same-sex relationship who want to have a child of their own.

Best Surrogacy by North Cyprus IVF

Since it opened in 1998, North Cyprus IVF, became one of the leading and pioneer fertility clinics in Nicosia, Cyprus. Apart from offering other fertility treatments, North Cyprus IVF now brings the most convenient and affordable surrogacy package!

Surrogacy Through CASS

In Cyprus, surrogacy doesn't have solid legal grounds, so any legal contract the patient may have with the surrogate will probably have issues of enforceability. That's why, the clinic offers gestational surrogacy through the CASS (Cyprus America Surrogacy Services) unique program. This program has the benefits of affordable prices for surrogacy arrangements with a legal surrogacy framework backed by the US legal system.

The Legal Work

The surrogate recruitment, legal work, child delivery and registration take place in any of the surrogate-friendly states of the US. Once the patient gets in touch with the clinic's agency in the US, the organization will guide the patient through all the legal work involved in a surrogacy arrangement.

Once the patient obtains all the relevant information regarding the surrogate recruitment, pregnancy monitoring, surrogacy contracts, child delivery and insurance policies, the patient will fill out the intended parent application form in order to request a match to be found. Once that happens (the match will be found), the next stage is drafting the patient's contract. The clinic's lawyers will carefully consider the patient's requests and draft a contract to be signed between the patient and the surrogate mother. This contract will establish the parameters of the patient's surrogacy arrangement.

Before signing the contract, we advise patients to seek advice from a local lawyer in order to find out all about registering the child at home (since each country has a different set of laws and the clinic together with the agency may need to do things differently on each and every occasion so that the local authorities won’t create a problem when registering the child).

The Contract

So, as soon as the entire necessary framework is established, a contract (which states the rules and the steps involved in the surrogacy arrangement) is designed. The North Cyprus IVF's lawyer in the US is specialized in surrogacy cases, having a great reputation for it. The clinic's lawyer's office will draft the patient's contract with the complete legal framework established, as well as with all the itemized details.

After that, the patient will review the contract before signing it and starting the treatment. For the contract to be ready the clinic will need to match the patient with a surrogate and have all the details discussed from top to bottom so that both parties can mutually agree.

Every contract is different from the other (depending on the patient's requests and needs, apart from the standard parts), the patient will only be able to review the contract once the lawyer drafts it especially for the patient.

Surrogacy Package is Highly Useful For:

  • Women who cannot carry a pregnancy to a full term due to a medical or non-medical reason.
  • Women who don’t have a womb or uterus.
  • Women who underwent a hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus). 
  • A woman who has a health condition that makes it dangerous or impossible to conceive and give birth, such as severe heart disease.
  • Same-sex couples who want to have a child of their own.

Medical Conditions that Might Make Surrogacy an Option:

  • Recurrent termination of pregnancy
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) failures during implantation
  • Malformed or absent womb

What is the Cost of Gestational Surrogacy at North Cyprus IVF?

You can now be a parent with North Cyprus IVF’s Gestational Surrogacy Package that costs between $68,000 - $80,000 all-inclusive.

North Cyprus IVF Package costs are estimates as it is difficult to provide an exact figure because it is also dependent on other details. It is important to take note that experienced surrogates usually ask for higher compensation. Further, additional costs may occur under certain circumstances, but all of these are discussed and itemized in the contract prior to signing. These would include: 

  • Bed rest at doctor’s order
  • Amniocentesis if required
  • Fetal reduction if multiple pregnancies are not desired and a lot more 

Benefits of Surrogacy in North Cyprus IVF:

  • More than 20 years of experience in fertility procedures
  • High-success rate of 82% for surrogacy & egg donation treatments
  • Has own research center and team, along with a hi-tech genetics lab
  • Variety of available fertility procedures
  • Chooses only fertile and healthy egg donors
  • Personalized fertility program based on patient needs


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