What is the cost advantage of dental treatment abroad

How Do I Choose A Dental Clinic Abroad, Which Countries Are Popular For Dental Treatment Abroad

Dental Treatment Abroad

What is the cost advantage of dental treatment abroad?

In a globalized world, it simply makes sense to buy all sorts of products online, and even services from people living in other countries that offer the same quality services for a cheaper price. So, why should it be different on the Medical Tourism Industry if nowadays we see people traveling from the US to Mexico by simply crossing the border as well as UK and European citizens going to cheaper countries in Europe and all across the globe? But, still the questions remain: Why does Dental Tourism have become so popular among so many people? Are there any advantages? Are there disadvantages? Let’s review that in this article.

Reasons people choose dental treatment abroad

Saving money can summarize most intentions people have for traveling abroad, since private dental treatment is, in most cases, extremely costly in the US and other countries such as the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, places like Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, Hungary, Poland among other countries, offer same quality dental treatments with lower prices, allowing medical travelers to save up to 70%.

Another important reason worth mention is that most dental treatments have a faster recovery time than other procedures. For example, traveling for cosmetic surgery abroad or neurosurgery could be much more complicated and it would involve a longer recovery time. Of course some dental procedures include surgery and have risks but, is much more simpler to take just few days off or to use a holiday vacation and travel for dentistry abroad especially if you are planning to travel and mix it with a small vacation in a warm place without the need to avoid the sun, eating food you’d love to try, drinking alcohol and party. Also, in most cases, traveling and your dental treatment will cost a lot less than just that specific treatment in your home country.

Cost of dental treatment abroad

Cost advantages of dental treatment abroad


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The advantages of availability

Dental care abroad also gives you the opportunity of getting medical care on time and with your own schedule. Sometimes there is little or no availability for the dental treatment you need in your home country. This may be due to the lack of necessary supplies or other idiosyncrasies such as waiting lists especially on public medical care. Another reason would be that private dental care centers can have very expensive prices that’s why going abroad for dental treatment gives you the advantage of seeing a private dentist without the super high-priced cost and the speed you need on dental care.

On other regions such as the European Union, all citizens have the right to cross the border and visit another countries looking for medical treatment according to EU regulations; it means that in Europe anyone can easily travel to another country without any kind of problem while also saving money and time.

Dental clinics abroad

As the Medical Tourism market grows, more and more private dental clinics offer more benefits for their patients, especially when you are a medical traveler. As this highly competitive market is growing every day, you will not only find a huge variety of medical clinics, doctors and treatments but you will get to choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable and confident to undergo the dental care treatment you are needing.

These dental clinics are private, use up-to-date equipment and facilities, highly trained and proficient staff that speaks English, and in many cases your native tongue as well. Of course they are not only experienced, but they understand your situation and any sort of issue you may have while choosing to undergo dental care treatment in a different country. Their experience is so vast, that many of them will even help you organizing your trip, booking your tickets, helping you find or book your hotel and even sending transportation to the airport or even assigning you a driver for your entire trip.

As mentioned above, private dental clinics abroad have the same or even superior materials and dental care if you decide to travel for treatment, as they do not have the pressure put in other dental clinics in your own country where the most cost effective materials are chosen, instead of the best in order to save money and offer services for limited budgets. So indeed, choosing dental care abroad can offer you better quality care for a lower more competitive price and of course a great experience.

Disadvantages of dental treatment abroad

Disadvantages of dental treatment abroad

Notwithstanding the meaningful savings that can bring you dental care abroad, there are still disadvantages you need to take into account when choosing to travel for dental care. The main disadvantage is language. This is a barrier whereby many people are reluctant to give it a chance to dental treatment abroad to begin with. And it is understandable because if you cannot speak and explain clearly what you expect and need to your dentist. At the same time, he or she may not fully understand what you need and you will not know what to expect. For example, what to expect after the treatment, will there be discomfort, etc. however you must understand many, if not most, dental clinics abroad have a translator, translator services, or their dentists speak English very well.

The other disadvantage of choosing to travel for dental care is that many of its treatments, (crowns or implants for example), may require several visits or at least couple of them. They may also require you to come back for check-ups or simply for the second part of the treatment. Indeed, hotel and flying costs may be expensive, so, if you’re planning to do this, you need to understand and ask on advance about the procedure and all cost, so you won’t be disappointed in the end.

Is dental treatment abroad right for you?

Dental treatment abroad may be a great option for you, but you need to make a choice based on a variety of factors such as: what is the dental treatment you need, what is your budget and how many time are you willing to wait for the dental treatment you need.

You need to understand as well that while some dental treatments can be done easily abroad, some others are not so practical to have done far from home.  If you have a dentist at home, ask him for advice and also before traveling for medical care, inform yourself, look for testimonials, costs and any other information which may help you make the best choice for you. And of course, try to get a dental evaluation by your own dentist before looking for care overseas.

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