Gastric Sleeve Review Cost in Mexico

Bariatric surgery has experienced a surge in popularity over the years, especially among individuals looking for a sustainable weight loss solution. The Gastric Sleeve procedure, or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), has become one of the most sought-after bariatric surgeries worldwide. However, not all surgeries result in the desired outcomes, leading to an increasing demand for revision surgeries. Mexico, known for its high-quality yet cost-effective medical services, has become a hotspot for these revisions. This article delves into the cost of gastric sleeve revision in Mexico and the factors that influence it.

Cost of Gastric Sleeve Revision in Mexico

The cost of Gastric sleeve revision in Mexico typically ranges between $5,000 to $8,000. This is notably cheaper compared to the U.S., where the same procedure can range from $20,000 to $30,000.

Mexican City Gastric Sleeve Revision Costs in USD
Tijuana, Mexico $4,000
Cancun, Mexico $4,500
Mexicali, Mexico $5,500
Merida, Mexico $5,000

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Understanding Gastric Sleeve Review:

  • What is it?: Gastric sleeve revision is a secondary procedure performed on patients who have previously undergone a gastric sleeve surgery but have either not achieved or maintained the desired weight loss results.
  • Why is it Needed?: Reasons can range from inadequate weight loss, weight regain, or complications from the original surgery, such as acid reflux or sleeve leaks.

Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeve Revision in Mexico

Check out some of the best Gastric sleeve revision surgery clinics in Mexico:

Why Choose Gastric Sleeve Revision in Mexico?

  • Affordability: The primary allure of Mexico for medical tourists is the significant cost savings compared to surgeries in the U.S., Canada, or Europe.

  • Quality Care: Mexico boasts JCI-accredited hospitals, trained surgeons, and advanced medical facilities.
  • Proximity: For North American patients, travel to Mexico is relatively quick and straightforward.

High Rated Gastric Sleeve Revision Surgeons in Mexico?


Locations in Mexico

Dr. Marco Sarinana


Dr. Ricardo Garca 


Dr. Martin Esteban


Dr. Fernando Ceron


Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola


Dr. Octavio Jimenez


Dr. Alberto Carlos


Dr. Oscar Gastelum


Dr. Jorge Maytorena


Dr. Elias Garcia


Factors Affecting the Cost

  • Hospital and Location: The choice between a private, high-end hospital in a major city versus a more standard facility in a smaller town can influence the price.
  • Surgeon's Expertise: Renowned bariatric surgeons with vast experience may charge more for their services.
  • Extent of the Procedure: Some revisions may be more complicated and lengthy, impacting the overall cost.
  • Accommodations and Aftercare: Post-surgery recovery, medications, and potential stay in the country can add to the total expenses.

Potential Risks and Considerations

  • Travel and Recovery: Traveling post-surgery can pose risks, so it's crucial to consider the timing.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure that you research and choose accredited hospitals and board-certified surgeons.
  • Insurance: Many health insurance plans don't cover overseas surgeries or potential complications from them.

Making an Informed Decision

Before embarking on a medical trip to Mexico for gastric sleeve revision, it's crucial to:

  • Consult with your primary healthcare provider.
  • Thoroughly research hospitals and surgeons.
  • Consider any potential language barriers and look into translator services if necessary.
  • Plan for post-surgery care, including a potential extended stay in Mexico.

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FAQs about Gastric Sleeve Revision in Mexico

1. Why would someone need a gastric sleeve revision?

A gastric sleeve revision might be needed due to inadequate weight loss after the initial surgery, significant weight regain, or complications like acid reflux, sleeve leaks, or stenosis (narrowing of the sleeve).

2. Is it safe to undergo gastric sleeve revision in Mexico?

Yes, Mexico has numerous JCI-accredited hospitals and board-certified surgeons with experience in bariatric surgeries, including revisions. However, it's essential to research and select a reputable facility and surgeon to ensure the highest quality of care.

3. How much savings can I expect if I opt for the procedure in Mexico?

Patients can expect to save anywhere from 50% to 70% compared to the costs in the U.S., Canada, or Europe. However, the exact savings will depend on the hospital, surgeon, and other related expenses.

4. How long will I need to stay in Mexico after the surgery?

Typically, patients are advised to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days post-surgery. Additionally, it might be recommended to remain in Mexico for another 5-7 days for initial recovery and a follow-up consultation. The total stay can vary based on the patient's health and recovery rate.

5. Will my insurance cover the procedure in Mexico?

Most U.S. insurance companies do not cover bariatric procedures performed outside of the country. It's essential to discuss this with your insurance provider before making any decisions.

6. What if I face complications after returning to my home country?

While the aim is always a complication-free procedure, if issues arise after returning home, it's important to consult with a local bariatric surgeon or the hospital in Mexico. Planning for potential follow-up care, either in Mexico or at home, is crucial before undergoing the procedure.

7. Can I combine my surgery with a vacation in Mexico?

While Mexico is a popular tourist destination, it's essential to prioritize health and recovery. While you can enjoy the sights and experiences before the surgery, post-operative recovery should be the primary focus, minimizing physical exertion and following the doctor's guidelines.

8. Are there language barriers in Mexican hospitals?

Most leading hospitals catering to international patients have English-speaking staff. However, it's always a good idea to confirm this in advance. Some patients also opt for translator services to ensure smooth communication.

9. Are the medical facilities and technology on par with U.S. standards?

Many hospitals in Mexico, especially those catering to international patients, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and follow international healthcare standards. These hospitals often seek international accreditations like JCI to showcase their commitment to quality care.

10. Can I get references or testimonials from previous patients?

Reputable hospitals and surgeons usually have testimonials or references from past patients. It's a good practice to ask for these or search for independent reviews online to get an insight into the patient experiences.

Remember, while Mexico provides an excellent option for affordable healthcare, thorough research and preparation are key to a successful medical journey.

While Mexico offers an attractive proposition for gastric sleeve revision in terms of cost and quality, every individual must weigh the benefits against the potential risks. Thorough research, preparation, and consultation with medical professionals can aid in making a well-informed decision.