Bone Marrow Transplant Abroad - Higher Chances of Success

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Prepare Well for Bone Marrow Transplant Abroad and Increase Your Chances of Success

Prepare Well for Bone Marrow Transplant Abroad and Increase Your Chances of Success


one marrow is a soft tissue that is located inside some of the long bones in the body, such as the femur and spinal cord. This is an incredibly important part of the body since it produces 500 billion new red & white blood cells and platelets a day; all vital in fighting disease and building a healthy immune system.

Each year, thousands and thousands of people are diagnosed with diseases that require bone marrow transplants. In the U.S. alone this number stands at approximately 10,000. These diseases include various types of cancer (leukemia, multiple myeloma), aplastic anemia, tuberculosis and several other immune deficiency diseases. Also, aggressive chemotherapy and radiation can severely affect the health of bone marrow.

If you or your loved one needs a bone marrow transplant and if you, after careful consideration, have decided to have one abroad, PlacidWay offers several competitive medical packages you can choose from. Apart from choosing a good medical package, there are several other things that you would need to do in order to prepare for this complex procedure.

First and foremost, have your medical history ready and do a comprehensive physical exam before you undergo the transplant. Your medical care provider would want to see these and there are quite a few tests you would have to go through before you start your treatment – infectious disease screenings, blood work to check how well your organs are functioning, chest X-ray, lung tests, CT and PET scans, heart tests (EKG and echocardiogram), bone marrow biopsy, and skeletal surveys.

After selecting the medical facility at which you will undergo the procedure, you will need to start working on your visa, if you require one. Make sure that you apply for medical NOT tourist visa. Of course, you are advised to have someone travelling with you and they will need an escort visa. For visa requirements, please check with the relevant embassy in your country. Have your insurance documents in order. The same applies to your travelling companion.

Inquire in detail about your accommodation options and learn about the chosen country’s climate. Let the healthcare provider know if you need a translator. If you need a transfer from the airport to the medical facility, some clinics and hospitals might be able to assist you with that.

There are several other, routine things that you will need before you leave for your transplant like arrange medical leave from work, find someone to help you with household chores when you come back, arrange care for pets and take care of bills and financial statements.

Since bone marrow transplant is both a physically and emotionally tasking procedure, you might want to discuss the emotional stress associated with it with a therapist, your family and children. They have to understand what to expect and what exactly does the transplant and the life after the transplant entail.

If you can, try to eat a healthy, balanced diet without too many saturated fats and carbohydrates. The stronger your body, the more you will be able to cope with the treatment. Apart from taking care of your body, do something for your mind too. Arm yourself with a positive attitude and visualize the best possible outcome of your treatment.


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