5 Advantages of Choosing Orthopedic Surgeons in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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5 Advantages of Choosing Orthopedic Surgeons in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

5 Advantages of Choosing Orthopedic Surgeons in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Miles and miles of pristine white sandy beaches situated at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula attract tourists every year but guess what? It is also one of the favorite destinations for American and Canadian tourists looking for a hip replacement surgery or a rotator cuff repair job.

Cabo San Lucas along with San José del Cabo forms the dual destination called Los Cabos. They are considered as dual destinations because of the dramatically distinct personality. San Jose del Cabo offers the look and feel of a traditional Mexican town while Cabo San Lucas has a more rambunctious persona.

Los Cabos is known as the "end of the Earth" point and thanks to the skillful orthopedic surgeons based in Cabo San Lucas, this end of earth place has become one of the most travelled to places on the planet.


Why Visit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for Orthopedic Treatments?

Yes, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is one of the highly rated tourist destinations in the world but why should you visit this destination for orthopedic surgery or treatment? Here are 5 distinct advantages that make travelling down there really worthwhile:

1. Orthopedic surgery or treatment

So, what can you really expect in Cabo San Lucas when it comes to orthopedic surgery or treatment? The main advantage is that this small tourist town offers some of the most important orthopedic surgeries like:

  1. Hip Replacement Surgery: It is a medical procedure where a painful hip joint caused by arthritis is replaced with an artificial joint made using plastic and metal components. This surgery is meant for those patients that have been suffering from incessant pain and where all other treatment options have failed in providing relief. This type of surgery can be performed traditionally, which includes giving general anesthesia prior to the procedure so that you don't feel the pain of the surgery. The surgery requires one cut measuring 8-10 inches along the side of the hip. There is a minimally-invasive approach as well where two cuts measuring 2-5 inches long are made along the side of the hip. The traditional approach and minimally invasive procedure are practiced most commonly by surgeons across the world and also in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.
  2. Knee Replacement Surgery: This is a medical procedure that is most often advised by doctors to people over 50 years of age and suffering from a severe form of osteoarthritis. It is also advisable for those for whom it is difficult to perform routine tasks because of a stiff and painful knee. The Knee Replacement Surgery requires administration of general anesthesia or even epidural or spinal anesthesia that numbs the region below the waist. The procedure requires a 8-12 inch cut made along the front of the knee and then the damaged portion of the knee joint is removed. An artificial joint is then attached in its place. This type of surgery can be partial or total knee replacement. The total knee replacement procedure requires planting metallic hardware that includes tibial plate, femoral head, meniscus replacement plate, and patellar plate. The knee replacement surgery in Cabo San Lucas Mexico offers unicompartmental arthroplasty or partial knee replacement and total knee replacement surgery.
  3. Meniscus Repair Surgery: This type of medical procedure is required when a person experiences meniscus tear. This is a fairly common injury to the cartilage responsible for cushioning and stabilizing the knee joint. The torn meniscus is caused by a trauma like hyper-flexing or forceful twisting of the knee joint. There are different types of meniscus tears that can occur and this includes acute or traumatic meniscus tears, degenerative meniscus tears, radial tears, horizontal cleavage tears, and the largest of them all - the bucket handle tear. Normally, it is the radial tear that can be repaired depending on their location. Meniscus repair surgery in Cabo San Lucas Mexico is an outpatient surgical procedure with the average healing time varying from 4-5 months post surgery.
  4. Rotator Cuff Repair: This is a type of surgery that is recommended for helping repair a torn tendon in the shoulder. The rotator cuff includes a group of tendons and muscles that forms a cuff right over the shoulder joint. These tendons and muscles plays the role of holding the arm in the designated joint and this promotes movement of the shoulder joint. Due to an injury or overuse of the tendons and muscles, rotator cuff tear can develop. A torn rotator cuff surgery is recommended only when the injury is extremely severe or in a scenario where any prescribed nonsurgical treatment has failed in improving shoulder movement and strength. Rotator cuff repair in Cabo San Lucas Mexico uses the surgical process known as Arthroscopy or Arthroscopic Surgery.
  5. ACL Repair: This is also known as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. The procedure requires the replacement of a surgical tissue graft of the anterior cruciate ligament that is located in your knee. This medical procedure helps in restoring proper functioning of the ligament post a severe injury. Normally, the anterior cruciate ligament injury is caused when the knee is rotated, bent backwards, or shifted laterally. The top notch ACL repair in Cabo San Lucas Mexico enables the removal of the torn ligament from the knee and then a graft is inserted. The surgery is normally performed arthroscopically.

Orthopedic Treatments in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

2. Cost

The second advantage is really what seems to be attracting Americans and Canadians to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico for different types of orthopedic surgery or treatment. A knee or hip replacement surgery in the USA can cost around $69,654. The average cost of a total hip replacement procedure in the USA is $30,124. On the other hand, a total hip replacement procedure in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico will cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 if done by a clinic listed with Placidway, one of the leaders in medical tourism. This simply means you will end up saving almost $15,000 on the average cost.

3. Travel Convenience

The third advantage is that Cabo San Lucas is approachable by road and flight. If you are planning a holiday along with a Meniscus Repair Surgery then travelling down to Mexico from the USA or Canada makes more sense. You can drive the 1049 miles from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas through one of the most spectacular landscape. You can opt for the 7329 bus, which costs from $267 to $352 or you can go the aerial route and that will cost you around $517. The total flight time is 9hrs and 7 minutes while the road time is 2 days and 10hrs.

4. Skilled Surgeons

If you are wondering if the orthopedic surgeons in Cabo San Lucas Mexico are good enough or not then it is time to really kill that thought! Cabo San Lucas Mexico has some of the top surgeons of the world practicing the highest standard of private medical and surgical care. The surgeons and their clinic use high-end medical equipment and cutting edge procedures including the latest minimally invasive and non-surgical techniques for fractures, sports Injuries, general orthopedic conditions and orthopedic medicine for spine.

5. Other Treatment and Procedures

Last but not the least, you can take advantage of several other treatments and procedures in Cabo San Lucas Mexico like spinal decompression, discectomy, trigger finger release, carpal tunnel decompression, and bunion surgery among others.


The bottom line is that you get some of the most skilled specialists offering some of the most expensive procedures at a price that you can afford, and yes, the day at the beach is in the house!


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