Top 10 reasons why Philippines is becoming popular for foreigners for Plastic Surgery

Top 10 reasons why Philippines is becoming popular for foreigners for Plastic Surgery

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Philippines is becoming popular for foreigners for Plastic Surgery

Top 10 reasons why Philippines is becoming popular for foreigners for Plastic Surgery

he changing dynamics in medical tourism market across the world has not only led to the inflow of medical tourists to specific destinations but has also become a catalyst towards driving economy. One such country is Philippines, which has been drawing the attention of medical tourists from Asia, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas thanks to its state of the art medical infrastructure and highly qualified practitioners.

A country considered to be an archipelago of seven thousand islands is becoming one of the most popular destinations for foreigners looking for a variety of plastic surgery options. Philippines, situated in South East Asia has been one of the hottest tourist hubs as it is home to the world's longest coastlines but today more and more tourists are opting to take advantage of the high quality plastic surgery procedures offered in the country.

In the last decade or so, the need for plastic surgery has become more evident and its acceptance and popularity seems to be soaring. There are several reasons including something as mundane as a lip augmentation surgery for plumper lips, which is quite common amongst celebrities like Lisa Rinna, Sarah Harding, and Kylie Jenner. The critical reasons however include changing or enhancing physical appearance; accidents that leave people deformed or scarred, birth defects, cancer, weight loss, and self image. The top plastic surgery procedures today include breast augmentation, nose reshaping, liposuction, eyelid surgery, and facelift and these surgeries are being offered in Philippines at a lower cost as compared to surgical procedures in other South East Asian countries as well as Asia Pacific countries.

Plastic Surgery in Philippines

Plastic Surgery in Philippines – A Refreshing Thought!

It is true that Philippines is one of the popular tourist destinations offering some of the top plastic surgery procedures. The reality is that why should you opt for a cosmetic surgery procedure in Philippines? Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why this beautiful tourist paradise is becoming popular for foreigners for plastic surgery.

1. Cost Comparison

The first and the most important aspect of choosing Philippines is the cost factor. Different surgical procedures have different price tags and here is a cost comparison with the same procedures in Australia.


Philippines (Average Cost)

Australia (Average Cost)

Breast Implant Removal






Buttocks Lift



Full facial lift



Chin augmentation



Laser Blepharoplasty

(Upper & Lower)






Whatever procedure you opt for, the lower cost of surgery definitely helps you save money especially if you are planning to get some intensive procedures or multiple procedures.

2. Hidden Costs

Hidden costs can put a dent in your finances especially when you are hit with an inflated expense statement after the procedure is complete. This is where choosing a reliable medical tourism agency like PlacidWay can not only help you save costs but also enhance your overall plastic surgery experience in Philippines.

3. Variety of Plastic Surgery Procedures in Philippines

One of the reasons why Philippines have become a hot favorite when it comes to plastic surgery is because of the specializations and procedures offered by clinics. There are some clinics like the Aivee Institute that offers a host of plastic surgery and advanced aesthetic treatments including Breast Augmentation (Cell Assisted), Laser Blepharoplasty, Breast Reduction, Chin Augmentation, Brow lift Procedure (Endotine), Nose Trimming (Alarplasty), Vaginoplasty, Liposuction, and Malar/Submalar Implant among others.

4. State of the art equipment

Whether it is an intensive fat graft cell-assisted with liposuction (face, butt, breast & hand) procedure or a simple chin augmentation surgery, equipment play an important role in ensuring the success of the procedure. At clinics like the Aivee Institute in Manila, state of the art equipment facilitates laser based surgical procedures. This is not all as such clinics are equipped with advanced innovations including use of technologies like advance LED Treatment, skin triple therapy, Oxygen DNA facials, and much more.

5. Infrastructure

There are in excess of hundred clinics in Philippines that provide treatment and procedures related to plastic or cosmetic surgery. Obviously, it is never an easy job to find the right one and that is where checking out reliable medical tourism providers is recommended. One of the aspects that raise an eyebrow is the existing infrastructure and the good news is that the country boasts of nothing short of the best. The clinics are equipped to handle a large number of patients as well as a variety of treatments right from plastic surgery procedures like Rhinoplasty and MACS Facelift (Minimal Access Cranial Support) to non-surgical treatments including Botox injection and Sclerotherapy.

Medical Tourism in Philippines

6. Skillful Practitioners

A nightmare for any patient is going under the knife and when it is an under-qualified surgeon doing the job, it is just another disaster in the making. This is where Philippines stands apart because the plastic surgery procedures are carried out by some of the highly qualified surgeons like Dr. Arnold Angeles who holds a double board certification for General Surgery and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. The top of the line medical practitioners in the country bring with them extensive experience and are members of the prestigious Philippine College of Surgeons.

7. The Medical Team

What makes surgeons and specialists like Dr. Arnold Angeles successful is not just their expertise and experience but also the support of an equally qualified and knowledgeable work force whose primary aim is to ensure that patients receive the highest standards of safety and care for all types of cosmetic procedures.

8. Transport and Weather

Manila, the capital of Philippines is home to some of the finest plastic surgeons and medical centers and is well connected to the rest of the world through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Apart from the aerial route, it is also connected by an extensive ferry network (Manila South Harbor). Once in the city, there is a good network of transportation including the faster and cheaper Strong Republic Transit System (SRTS). The weather in Manila varies from a high of 38 °C (100 °F) to a low of 20 °C (68 °F) and thus remains almost pleasant through the year.

9. Other Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures

Clinics and hospitals in Manila, Philippines offer consultation, pre-operative care, tests, surgical or non-surgical treatment and procedures, and post-operative care to patients. The icing on the cake is that there is much more to just plastic surgery and some of the other procedures that you can benefit from include:

  • Laser Treatments for Rejuvenation
  • Laser Treatments for Anti Aging & Textures
  • Non-Invasive Hair restoration
  • Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal
  • Advanced Therapy for Weightloss, Body Contouring & Sculpting
  • Treatments for Face & Neck Skin Tightening

10. Healing Time and Care

Philippines with its miles and miles of virgin beaches make it the perfect place to recuperate post plastic surgery. Post operative care is of the highest standard and the healing time depends purely on the type of surgery. If you undergo a breast implant surgery then 3-4 days of rest is all you need and for some procedures, it is even less.

There is no doubt regarding the fact that Philippines is fast becoming the most attractive destination for cosmetic surgery for patients from South East Asia and the Asia Pacific region. If you have been planning to visit a specialist for a tummy tuck or Blepharoplasty procedure then it is time to check out the clinics in Philippines.

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