Treating Infertility by means of Stem Cell Therapy

Treating Infertility by means of Stem Cell Therapy

Fertility problems are bringing much trouble on couples, most especially emotional aspect. Knowing that conceiving is not within your biological capacity seems so distressing and could even break one’s world. As mentioned by Baby Center, there are eleven percent of reproductive-age couples in the United States having problem conceiving a child. One third of these reports are caused by fertility problems by men, one-third contributed by female fertility problems, while the rest are due to reasons involving both or as a result of unexplained factors. However, there are some influences elucidated that bring about fertlity. Some of these are age, smoking, alcohol consumption, being overweight, exposure to some chemicals, stress, eating disorders, some infections, and ovulation disorders. If scientists and experts are undertaking studies on the causes, there are also treatments which are developed on the way apart from the known and conventional ones.

Most couples visit their physician for consultation after maybe a year of trying to conceive a child. Then again, it is necessary that both couples are committed to undergo tests for infertility diagnosis. After diagnosis of the fertility problem, still no definite cause has been proven for 30% cases. With this, there are some medical interventions and techniques facilitated by medical experts to assist couples conceive a child. A number of these include recommended frequency of intercourse, treating either man or woman fertility problems, surgeries for women, and assisted contraception. Nevertheless, out of these solutions, there are quite some disadvantages that might endanger the health of the woman like ectopic pregnancy. This drives experts and medical practitioners to devise a safe and reliable way to deal with this case. With all matters at hand, a groudbreaking new treatment has been developed in the name of stem cell therapy.


How Stem Cell Therapy Aids in Conception?

According to, a group of scientists at OvaScience, a fertility firm that provides Augment, administered a specific procedure that was successful in producing a baby named Zain Rajani. This Canadian baby is the first baby born with the use of in vitro fertilization that makes use of stem cells. There are some areas in Cambridge that offer this alternative like in Toronto, but not yet available in others. William Ziegler, DO, an expert in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey claimed  success rates of this procedure. As he explained, what underlies this modern procedure is that yet-to-be developed eggs can aid to make a woman’s older eggs turn young again through getting the mitochondria from the ovaries’ younger stem cells and taking that cell into the older egg.

In particular, to treat infertility, experts utilize Mesenchymal stem cell therapy. This is due to the fact that it has the attributes of differentiating into the damaged cells to encourage regeneration of cells. With this funtion, the MSC’s being added can repair the damaged cells and refurbish the original reproductive function.

This breakthrough treatment is gaining popularity nowadays and there are some countries which are taking on this area as their area of focus and expertise. One of those is China, where any couple planning to undergo stem cell therapy to treat infertility can opt for Relife International Medical Center in Beijing. This medical center specializez in stem cell therapy to any sort of disease and medical problem but one of their focus is treating infertility with stem cells.

 Stem Cell Therapy at ReLife International Medical Center

Stem Cell Therapy at ReLife International Medical Center

What makes ReLife International Medical Center distinct in treating infertility is their cutting-edge and dependable solution that include TCM and Stem Cell Therapy. Going further, here are some details as to why this medical center is the sought-after in this treatment:

  1. They follow an in-depth and systematic procedure. Before recommending possible and suuitable treatment for a patient, they conduct several tests first including consultation for the couples. This is to extract infornmation like the causes and other medications conducted prior to the procedure.
  2. They utilize the Traditional Chinese Medicine or what is also referred to as TCM. As China’s core, TCM has been practiced in the entire nation for over 3000 years already. Its exceptional ways of treating diseases comprise of acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping and the like. In treating infertility, following the theory of “adjust menstruation prior to pregnancy” in the popular Yellow Emperor’s Classis of Medicine, this custom-influenced treatment improve the function of the fallopian tube and the condition of the uterus, thus, stimulating ovulation.
  3. They incorporate TCM with Stem Cell Therapy. Since TCM is already effective in its very nature, to achieve higher rate of conception, ReLife Internbational Medical Center team integrates stem cell therapy. They administer this in some intricate conditions. At ReLife, the allogenic mesenchymal stem cells to be used are taken from umbilical cord tissues while the autologous ones are derived from patient’s own body tissues. The TCM procedure is applied after the stem cell therapy to ensure supportive and effective treatment. By doing this, there is a higher possibility that the stem cells injected in the body improved significantly.

With the extensive treatment conducted by ReLife International Medical Center to deal with infertility, conception is no longer a serious concern. Their TCM plus stem cell therapy is a sure way to treat this medical problem.

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