India a Prime Destination for Osteoarthritis Treatment

What makes India a Prime Destination for Osteoarthritis Treatment?

There is a growing demand for osteoarthritis treatment abroad and India tops the list when it comes to patient’s preferences. Dealing with osteoarthritis requires a comprehensive medical solution; therefore, it is necessary that patients consider the cost, quality, procedure’s effectiveness, and the medical center’s trustworthiness offering such treatment. Looking into these factors, India makes a great alternative for providing up-to-date treatment of this degenerative disease, and not to overlook, its exquisite natural wonder.

As mentioned on Arthritis Foundation, Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic condition of the joints that can affect millions of people. This medical ailment can affect any joint, but it is affecting most often the knees, hips, lower back and neck, bases of the thumb and the big toe, and the small joints of the fingers ( As this disease demands immediate cure, affected individuals would normally undergo different types of medication and would even pursue a medical treatment abroad like India. Patients are actually flocking to this Asian country only to be provided with a distinct way of dealing with this long-term disease.


So what makes India then the most preferred choice when it comes to OA treatment abroad?

As science and medical technology are developing, flexible solutions are obtainable to treat such disease. Medical centers and hospitals in India have treated a great deal of osteoarthritis cases in India with employing alternative medical treatment like the use of stem cell. In India, medical professionals use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) derived from one own’s blood, Mesenchymal stem cells and the like in the treatment they distinctly provide. The efficacy of this procedure is supported by a study published in Stem Cells International. This simple procedure usually lasts for few minutes and the patient can already return home the day after. With this treatment applied in majority of the medical centers in India, there are key benefits that were observed by patients like reduced pain, lessened progression of the condition, and as a result, a total progress in their quality of life.

Moreover, as per this treatment, India has a lot of reliable and reputable medical centers from which the patient can derive his choice. Some of these are found in the great cities of Mumbai and Chennai. The city of Mumbai will never be disremembered in terms of having credible medical centers providing stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis treatment. One can check ReeLabs where stem cell banking and therapy is their forte. With their commitment to stem cell therapy that efficaciously treated thousands of patients from all walks of life, one can guarantee for a quality and effective result. With a reasonable cost of 5,000 USD as starting, one can already have 7 days of treatment plus an airport pick up and drop off. Lastly, if one prefers to be treated in Chennai, a medical center is likewise available there, the Stem Cells Joints India also an expert on treating degenerative diseases with the use of stem cell therapy, this medical center can offer an all-inclusive day care procedure for a price that starts at 4,500USD.

Not only will patients experience a modern and premium quality osteoarthritis treatment, they will also have the opportunity to take pleasure from India’s great natural wonders and spots. While you get quality medical treatment, you can also explore the sounds, smell and sight of the incredible India like the Taj Mahal, Ajanta Caves, Harmandir Sahib, and Virupaksha Temple. You can also pay a visit and reward yourself a much-deserved relaxation in scenic attractions like Palolem, Kanha National Park, Kerala backwaters, Lake Palace, and the picturesque Jaisalmer. With these endless range of tourist attractions in India that will never stop to awe and mesmerize the visitor, one is assured of a total self-rejuvenation, from health concerns to one of a lifetime experience.

Dealing with osteoarthritis can never be that stressing anymore when one checks for India. So if you are looking for an osteoarthritis treatment and procedure that will give you a hundred percent efficiency result, seek stem cell therapy in India. You can never go wrong with their great deals and medical packages in osteoarthritis treatment.

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