Is Mexico the Right Place to Do Your Obesity Surgery?

Is Mexico the Right Place to Do Your Obesity Surgery?

Mexico is seeing a sharp rise in the number of patients coming in from abroad for the specific reason of doing bariatric surgeries. Most of them arrive from the other two North American countries, the US and Canada. While it would be perfect to just do the procedure in your hometown or home state, sometimes this is just not possible, for numerous reasons. That leaves patients searching for options abroad, and chances are that’s how you’ve stumbled upon this article.

The primary concern when people search and inquire about bariatric surgery in Mexico is whether it is safe. Going abroad for a medical procedure upon which your life may depend is neither a simple nor a calming thing to do. We’ll cover it in more detail later, but for now, you should know that, essentially, it is safe, if you follow the right procedures and choose wisely.

On the other side, there are more advantages that Mexico offers when it comes to these types of procedures. Most of the patients that have gone forward with the procedure(s) cite these as the benefits:

  • Cost
  • Medical Facilities
  • Experienced doctors
  • No waiting time
  • Privacy and discretion

…and we will cover them in detail now.


Since many insurance packages might not cover doing the treatment in the US or Canada, or they might have a long waiting list to qualify for the bariatric surgery, you might be stuck with having to make a choice which costs less money. This makes the choice somewhat easier, since the costs in Mexico are far lower (even including the transportation and insurance costs) than in the northern parts of America:

In the US, these costs range from a minimum of $14,500 for a lap band to a staggering $23,000 for a gastric bypass surgery.

The reason for the prices being lower in Mexico is that they have lower overhead costs, pay less for medications, and have less regulation when it comes to paying for the service, all of which drives the price down. And, they are not obsessed with money like some doctors in the US are, so you can be sure that they will treat you because of you, and not because of the money.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities in Mexico (not all of them, of course) strive to provide the finest care to their patients, be they locals or from abroad. A lot has been invested during the last decade in the infrastructure and technology used and it can be said that hospitals and clinics in Mexico have access to the technology that is on par with the US. Moreover, a lot of them have passed accreditation process from the JCI (Joint Commission International). This is the organization which accredits hospitals in the US and abroad, for US citizens. They have strict standards and oblige the hospitals and clinics to pass a test with over 300 standards. 

Is Mexico the Right Place to Do Your Obesity Surgery?

Experienced Doctors

Doctors and surgeons in Mexico count among the finest in the world. They usually have years of experience behind them, and they have honed their skills by working in harsher conditions than in the US, while still maintaining extremely high success rates. 

No Waiting Times

One of the reasons people decide against doing bariatric surgeries is the long waiting times. It can take up to three years from someone’s idea to get such surgery to actually getting it, which can put people off. Once you get in contact with doctors from Mexico, you will set up an appointment date according to your and their convenience. Once you actually get there, there will be no waiting in lines.

Privacy and Discretion

It is understandable that you do not wish that people find out that you are having a weight loss surgery. It is not something that is lightly admitted today, with everyone focused on external looks. When travelling abroad for such surgery, you will have the option of saying that you are going to Mexico for a vacation, without raising any further questions. This beats going to a mysterious leave from work with no explanation.


Concerns about safety both about Mexico itself and the procedure that you have to do are completely in order. After all, it is your life and your well-being in question. However, there is little reason for concern if you do all the preparations properly.

First of all, while Mexico has a bad reputation in the US media, it is no different that the United States when it comes to violence and crime. Sure, there are some cities which are more dangerous, but there are also places which are perfectly safe for anyone. Just like in the US, it all depends on the neighborhood.

Secondly, choosing and “vetting” your doctor is highly important. You can do this by consulting online directories of doctors in Mexico, then scheduling an online conference with those that seem trustworthy. Most of them will be glad to talk to you about your medical condition and what you need to do. Once you complete the conference, if you do not feel satisfied with a doctor in any way, go on to the next one. 

All in all, Mexico is an excellent place to get a bariatric surgery, for the reasons listed above. We understand that you might have some concerns about the whole procedure, and if this article didn’t help with them, we would be glad to provide further assistance. You can always contact us with any further questions that you may have.

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