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Objectives of our Nursing Assistant service are, Nursing Service in Panama

Panama Medical Tourism Private Nursing

Nipandtuckpanama Nursing is a service offered with our Medical Tourism Company based in Panama which consists of private nursing assistants who perform health care services for private patients and home nursing. Nursing assistants are readily available for Medical Tourists relating to health care of patients who require home or private nursing. All services are performed by private nursing assistants to ensure that the individual is adequately cared for while in our care in the Republic of Panama.

We pay more attention to our Medical Tourism clients as we only assign one patient per Assistants at a time and therefore the patient is receiving the optimum treatment from a private Nursing Assistant.  Our Nursing assistants are extremely caring towards the Medical Tourist as they become individually involved with each client.  Nipandtuckpanama private nursing Assistants are mostly made available to terminally ill patients, clients undergoing Cosmetic Surgery or are simply Medical Tourist seeking that extra special care and attention. your Medical Tourism specialists provide a wide range of innovative and cost effective services available to meet each unique set of needs and circumstances. offers a wide range of support services to our clients in Panama and Chiriquí for the Medical Tourist visiting the Republic of Panama.

The primary objectives of our Nursing Assistant service are:

  • To assist recovery safely and maintain personal dignity by restoring patients to normal family living and useful functional activity.
  • To achieve and sustain a state of health, activity and independence for those we serve.
  • To furnish personal care services at a competitive cost to patients.

Our Services your medical tourism expert provides efficient Hotel, Resort or private home health care services. Personnel are assigned according to each patient's needs. Nipandtuckpanama provides services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

An initial assessment of the Medical Tourists’ immediate needs and ensures that the acute needs of the client are met.  This process evaluates the short or long term needs of the client and plans time frames in which to meet those needs.   Assessing the client and/or family member’s wishes is an integral part of the assessment process.   All information derived from the comprehensive assessment enables the staff to plan care that will allow the client to reach his/her highest level of functioning.

Nipandtuckpanama are aware that while launching Medical Tourism it is also important to provide an inexpensive Nursing assistant service for those that require constant attention or visiting Panama for a Medical procedure whether it be Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Procedures or Liposuction we have the services of a private nurse assistant.

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