Cancer Treatment in IstanbulThings to Know about Cancer Treatment in Istanbul


There are several doubts and questions for people who are looking for cancer treatment in Istanbul. Not just because it is disturbing emotionally, but there are other factors. They don’t have any experience with medical practices in Turkey city. Here you will find some key information that will help you to get find the required details on like price, medical centers, doctors, and more.

Can I Find Good Cancer Treatment Centers in Istanbul?

Yes, there are many renowned medical centers in Istanbul that offer varied specialized cancer treatments. Some of the best doctors practice in these medical centers, which are laden with top-notch equipment and technologically advanced systems. However, it is always advisable that you opt for the centers that are certified and accredited for conducting cancer treatments. This will help you to shortlist the best medical centers in the city.

How Much I Have to Pay for Cancer Treatment in Istanbul

To know how much you have to pay, you have to first define the specialized treatment that you seek. For example, the cost of breast cancer treatment can start from $380, while chemotherapy can cost $655. If you seek radiotherapy, then you might have to spend around $10,000, while skin cancer treatment can cost just around $100. The highest price could range as high as $100000 for a bone marrow transplant. The average cancer treatment cost in Istanbul is around $13000.

What Cancer Treatment Packages can I Get in Istanbul?

When you search for a suitable cancer treatment package in Istanbul, you aim for affordable, safe and top-notch treatment options. Check what you will get and what is not included in the package that you prefer. You can also check if there are any customized treatment programs included in the package. Based on what is being offered by different centers, you will be able to decide on the best suitable package for your specific cancer treatment.

Doctors doing Cancer Treatment in Istanbul

Cancer is a vast field of medical science. So, you will find doctors specialized in robotic surgery, digestive systems cancer, breast cancer, radiation oncology, etc. Suppose you are searching for the doctors for cancer treatment in Istanbul doing breast cancer treatment. You should know what are the certificates needed by the doctors to treat breast cancer, not digestive system cancer or radiation oncology. Such specialized search will help you find the right doctors.

Reviews and testimonials

Next, you need to check the reviews and testimonials of the patients who went through a cancer treatment in your chosen center. More you speak with the past patients, more you know about the center, doctors, treatments, etc. Try to gather data that supports the treatments they have done before.

Questions you need to ask before the treatment

Before you agree to the treatment and proceed with all the required procedures, you must ask a few questions to the doctor. Here is a list of five vital questions that you can ask the doctor before going to their medical center.

  • Can you explain the stage of my cancer?
  • What treatments options are available for my cancer?
  • Is there any side-effect of the treatment?
  • What if the treatment procedure does not work for me?
  • How many patients you have treated with my stage and type of cancer?

There are many cancer treatment centers in Istanbul offering varied packages and facilities. The price of the treatment varies depending on the type of cancer.

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