How to get the Best Nose job in ThailandHow to get the Best Nose job in Thailand


Thailand is becoming a booming destination for a nose job or rhinoplasty. Many people from different parts of the world are visiting here for varied cosmetic surgery procedures including the nose job. If you have decided to go for the best nose job in Thailand under a medical tourism package, you have made the right decision. Learn about the most important things that will help you to choose the best nose job center, doctor, and price in Thailand.

Are there Good Medical Centers for Nose Job in Thailand?

Yes, there are many centers offering nose job in Thailand. However, the number of choices is quite high and it can make things confusing. You must go through the websites of some of the top medical centers and send your queries. You should also check if the medical center has the right certificates and legal permission to conduct the treatment procedure.

What is the Cost of Nose Job in Thailand?

The cost of nose surgery in Thailand can vary. For the simple rhinoplasty procedure, the average price can be around $600. However, nose reduction or reshaping can cost between $4500 and $6400. Thus, the average nose surgery cost is around $2250. So, you have to clearly ask about the price and what exactly you will get for that price.

What is Included in the Nose Job Package in Thailand?

When you are choosing a package for a job in Thailand, you should clearly know what is included and what is excluded. Make sure to check with the medical center to get complete details of the package. Generally, a rhinoplasty package includes fees for the hospital, anesthetist, pathology, surgery, surgeon, and consultations. However, your personal expenditure like staying in hotels or food is generally not included in the package.

How to Find the Best Doctors for Nose Job in Thailand?

Ultimately, it comes to the surgeon who will run his expertise to give you the desired look by performing the nose job. So, choosing the right doctor is the most important thing. Get details about the doctor’s credentials including his certificates, qualification, and experience. You can also seek consultation with the doctor before finalizing the treatment and get all your doubts cleared. This is very important to get the best nose job doctor in Thailand r anywhere else.

Reviews and testimonials

After consulting the doctor and the medical center, get the contact details of some of the past patients. Ask these past patients about their experience with the clinic and the doctor. Find out how many of them are really happy with the result. If possible, get the before and after pictures along with the regular reviews and testimonials.

Questions You Need to ask before Nose Job in Thailand

When you are opting for any treatment, you always have a lot of questions back in your mind. Feel free to ask these questions.

  • How many similar rhinoplasty procedures you have performed before?
  • Am I suitable for this nose job?
  • Are you certified?
  • What surgical techniques will be used?
  • How long can I expect to recover?

When you clearly know what the procedure is and what should you expect as the result, things get simple for you and the doctor. So, learn all the above-mentioned aspects and get the best nose job in Thailand.

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