Jan, a Colorado native of 49 years and a Greeley resident for six,  found herself in a difficult situation after she was figuratively "fired" from by her third dentist. Jan suffers from trypanophobia, defined as an irrational fear of medical procedures, and that includes injections, tools and syringes that are commonly found in a dental office. Studies have found that roughly 10% of Americans suffer from this phobia recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, the condition made it extremely difficult for Jan to receive the dental care and supervision she so desperately needed.

"I suffer from severe trypanophobia and am terribly afraid of injections, needles, pain or any situation involving those. Unfortunately, I've received numerous dental procedures which, inexplicably, had to be repeated, sometimes several times, with the result that pain never stopped following treatment. I saw another dentist and endodontist who informed me I would need to have all the dental work repeated over again. Naturally, I was disheartened."

After experiencing repetitive dental procedures and extreme costs for those treatments in the United States, Jan was understandably concerned about finding a dentist who could deal with her dental problems that didn't lead her into bankruptcy. After being informed that the latest round of first phase treatment for her dental issues would cost a minimum of $11,000, Jan took to heart stories told by her friends of their dental treatment excursions to other countries.

Several of Jan's friends related to her their experiences receiving dental treatment in other countries - individuals who were very happy with their treatments, costing a fraction of the same procedures and treatments in the United States. One of the destinations that received the most enthusiastic response and feedback was Costa Rica.

After accessing PlacidWay.com, a medical tourism portal developed by CEO Pramod Goel of Denver, Colorado, Jan researched her options and found several providers who could possibly help her obtain the quality yet caring dental care she was looking for.

After engaging in days of online research and eventually learning that Costa Rica's dentistry programs were rated among the finest in the world, Jan had short-listed Wellness Dental, a facility in San Jose, Costa Rica. She researched their credentials and learned that Dr. Delfin Barquero was a professor at the University of Costa Rica and a prosthodontics and dental esthetic expert with a private practice in two Costa Rica locations - San Jose and Jaco Beach. Extra diligent regarding her research, she verified that Dr. Barquero was a member of the American Dental Association, belonged to the Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas and was a lecturer at the 3M ESPE (Dental products and materials provider) in Seefeld, Germany.

She sent Dr. Delfin Barquero of Wellness Dental e-mail explaining her situation and past history. To her pleasant surprise, Dr. Barquero immediately placed a telephone call to Jan, and  subsequently returned her every e-mail and phone call, taking the time to answer her questions no matter how trivial she felt them to be.

When all was said and done, Jan received over $20,000 of comparable dental work for a fraction of the cost (less than one quarter) in Costa Rica. Comfortable with her research, and after receiving a free quote on what the trip, including medical care would cost, Jan made travel arrangements to travel to Costa Rica. She was very impressed with the excellent treatment and concern by the staff at Wellness Dental upon her arrival.

Addressing a multitude of unexpected issues regarding Jan's dental problems, Doctors Barquero and Vargas tackled each problem with professionalism and patience, and even made house calls to her hotel room. According to Jan, "I received the most advanced, perfectly executed, world-class dental treatment I have ever seen, by the most wonderful, talented team of specialists I could ever imagine." The bio dental care Jan received from Wellness Dental in Costa Rica alleviated years of nagging pain that had left her dentists in the U.S. perplexed and unable to help her, even after nearly 10 years  of treatments, two extracted teeth and a growing reluctance to put herself through the "dental mill" once again.

"The understanding and compassion that I received from not only Dr. Barquero but the entire medical and hotel staff during my stay was phenomenal. I will return to Costa Rica every time I need dental work from now on," says Jan.

Personal health care is all about choices, and providing accurate and reliable resources to individuals  around the world  seeking more control over their health care, as well as affordable treatments and procedures, is the focus of PlacidWay. Elective procedures, alternative medicine, wellness programs and retreats as well as surgical care abroad are growing in popularity as health care costs continue to rise in the United States and a lack of compassion and quality care becomes more prevalent. Due to increased attention placed on accredited and certified services and facilities, more people like Jan seek competitive, safe and effective cross-borders medical care as a response to rising costs and wait times with cost-saving enthusiasm.

Health and wellness medical tourism is rapidly growing into an increasingly competitive global industry.  These days, the growing need for affordable healthcare has increased options for treatments and procedures across local borders. One such facility called Wellness Dental in Costa Rica, offers to South of the Border convenience as well as luxurious accommodations to medical travelers seeking affordable cosmetic dentistry and dental procedures.

PlacidWay, a medical tourism resource and industry leader, provides up-to-date, accurate information and resources regarding the medical, health and wellness travel industry, and provides profiles of international providers, treatments and procedures.

Jan's experiences mirror those of thousands of Americans who have taken advantage, and cheaper prices in regard to global medical options. Cheaper doesn't equate to lower quality services. On the contrary, returning medical travelers to points around the globe have been and will continue to be impressed with the state-of-the art technology, expertise and quality of care they have received during their travels. Perhaps such competition is exactly what the medical health industry needs these days, when confidence in the American health care system has been shaken by the Health Care Reform agenda in recent months. Jan is certainly a believer - just ask her about it!

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