Hair Transplant Surgery in Istanbul Turkey

How to Get Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Hair transplant has jumped leaps and bound amongst everyone in recent times. It is a safe and viable option for those who are suffering from baldness. There are many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey that work on both Follicular unit Transplant and Follicular unit extraction. These two are complementary forms of hair transplant. It is very important to know in depth about the hair transplant clinic that you are considering in Istanbul, Turkey as there is a lot of risks involved in it. Hence, it is important to choose a clinic that has more success stories of changing lives through hair transplant. Be assured only when you see the certification or license of the clinic and then only move forward for it.

How Much Hair Transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey Costs?

The average cost of hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey is $2,150. Follicular unit Transplant and Follicular unit extraction of hair transplantation come at different prices. The cost also depends on the number of grafting you require to cover your entire bald areas.

How to Search Hair Transplantation Packages in Istanbul, Turkey?

The hair transplantation packages in Istanbul, Turkey include the doctor consultation fees, facial assessment charges, expenses for computerized graphical representation of your new look, grafting sessions and post-transplantation expenses. It does not, however, include the patients traveling cost or accommodation. Nevertheless, you can always check with the clinic you have chosen to obtain a correct structure of the package.

Why You Need a Good Doctor for Hair Transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey?

There are many doctors practicing hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey. We always suggest our patients to carefully go through the certification of the doctor and confirm his accreditation before coming to any conclusion. It is also important to go through the experience of the doctor in hair transplantation to have a fair idea about his assurances.

Reviews and Testimonials

The next step after shortlisting a few clinics for hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey is to research more on them. Read all available reviews and testimonials for hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey on various clinics’ websites. This will help you making the correct choice for you.

Question to Ask Your Doctor before Having Hair Transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey

Once you have decided the hair transplantation clinic suitable for you, it is important to prepare a list of questionnaires for the doctor as you go to the medical consultancy. The list below will help you prepare yourself:

•    Is it a non-surgical treatment?

•    How effective is this procedure?

•    Will my hair grow naturally after this?

•    How do I maintain my hair after the hair transplantation procedure?

•    Is there any possible complication related to the surgery?

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