Top 10 Clinics for Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Top 10 Clinics for Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

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Top 10 Clinics for Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Top 10 Clinics for Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey has emerged as a popular tourist destination of the Middle East in the recent years.  Millions of tourists visit this country every year to spend a great vacation in the coasts of Turkey. People can enjoy a distinctive taste of art, culture and culinary tradition in the major cities of Turkey, primarily, Istanbul. However, there is another industry that also attracts thousands of foreigners every year. These people are the international patients who are heading to Istanbul and other cities of Turkey for various treatment procedures. One such popular treatment procedure is hair transplant, which enjoys a huge demand in Istanbul.

What the Numbers Suggest?

A recent report has revealed that Turkey is gradually becoming the hub of modern hair transplant with more than 350 clinics in Istanbul alone. The expertise of renowned surgeons, advanced equipment, and low prices are making Istanbul a go-to destination for an affordable hair transplant surgery. The reports also revealed that the industry is rapidly booming and contributing to the economic growth of the country.  A general hair transplant surgery in Istanbul costs around $2150, while the average FUE and FUT treatment price can cost $3570 approximately. This implies big saving in comparison to the same procedures in many European countries.

Hair fall is a big problem not just because it affects one’s appearance, but also because it affects psychologically. Many people who are bald or have thinning hair, feel less confident to present themselves openly to the world. Hair transplant is like a boon for them. With so many top-class clinics offering the best of hair transplant treatments in Istanbul, it is the best time to pack the bags and get the hair job done. However, it is important that you know about the best places to get the best treatment. Here, we have prepared a list of 10 reputed clinics for hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hair World Turkey

The clinic is offering highly successful hair, beard and eyebrow hair transplant procedures to local and international patients since 2010. The medical team of the clinic follows every innovation in the hair surgery sector and performs the procedures with latest tools such as sapphire tipped slits that cause less trauma to the skin in comparison to the other regular types of equipment. They also use the best of techniques that leave no scars after the procedure. Every patient feels safe at Hair World Turkey due to careful attention, a thorough discussion with the surgeons and natural-looking post-procedure appearance.

Newage Clinic

In the heart of Istanbul, Newage Clinic serves as the clinic specialized in hair transplantation and aesthetics. Dr. Ilker Apyadin who holds extraordinary international affiliations from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS), heads the clinic. Apart from the top-rated hair transplantation treatment, the center is popular for its modern equipment and experienced medical staff. The clinic has specialization in the treatment procedures such as FUE/FUT hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, and sideburn/beard/mustache transplantation.

Transmed Klinik

Founded in 1994, Transmed is the oldest hair restoration clinic in Turkey that has performed more than 15,000 hair restoration procedures in the last two decades. The clinic is popular for a wide range of surgeries across the world. If you are wondering about different surgeries, the treatment center specializes in dermatology, hair restoration and cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. The center has their own research and development section and it receives the support from the International Scientific Advisory Committee for its contribution on the pattern baldness in men. They are now pioneering in advanced FUE method of hair transplantation.

ESTECENTER Plastic Surgery Centre

This is a renowned plastic surgery center where varied procedures are performed including top-notch hair transplantation techniques. Besides a team of experienced surgeons and top-notch medical procedures, ESTECENTER also provides VIP services to the international patients. This includes airport reception accommodation services and an opportunity to tour and view the cultural and historic riches of Istanbul along with a translator.

Kolan Hospital Group

Founded in 1997, Kolan Hospital Group has emerged as one of the key hair transplant providers in Istanbul. They follow internationally accredited healthcare standards under the guidance of expert staff and experienced physicians. They ensure affordable treatment combined with quality healthcare by respecting the medical ethics and patient rights.

Medicana Health Group

The group has eleven affiliated healthcare facilities and hospitals across Turkey. In Istanbul, their center is named as Medicana International Istanbul Hospital that provides a wide range of treatment procedures including top-notch hair transplantation. They combine cutting-edge medical technology and expertise to enhance their performance by providing quality care to the patients.

Transes Hair Transplant Center

Transes Hair Transplant Center focuses on the best of treatment and procedures such as hair transplant, beard transplant, facial hair transplant, Mico FUE transplant, FUE, direct hair transplant, Platelet Rich Plasma, hair restoration with micro/mini grafts, hair loss treatment and specialist consultation. Serving both local and international patients, Transes has become one of the hottest destinations for hair transplant in Istanbul.


Owned by Dr. Onur Gurcan Ergen, Clinista offers high-quality hair transplant procedures maintaining at high success rate. Patients enjoy the best of procedures at an affordable price. Some of the key treatments provided in Clinista are FUE, FUT, bald spot removal, female pattern hair loss treatment, eyelash transplant, eyebrow transplant, beard transplant and scalp micro pigmenation.

Dr Ercan DEMIRAY Esthetic Surgery Clinique

Dr Ercan DEMIRAY Esthetic Surgery Clinique is a premier cosmetic surgery clinic that is famous for various procedures including hair transplant. They help the patients will all aspects of their trip right from the initial consultation to travel options and accommodations. With trained surgeons and best of medical equipment, the center performs high-level hair transplantation procedures.

Dr. Seykan Aygin’s Clinic

With more than 20 years of experience in studying and adopting latest hair transplantation technologies, Dr. Seykan brings the best on the table. His clinic was established in 2013 and within a short span it has become one of the busiest hair transplant centers in Istanbul where people get procedures like FUE hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, mustache and beard transplant, hair mesotherapy and hair PRP treatment.


You can avail numerous procedures for hair transplants in different medical centers in Istanbul, Turkey. The treatments can differ in costs and recovering processes. However, if you want an advanced treatment for your baldness, Istanbul would be the best destination for your hair transplant surgery. If you are ready to travel, go through the reviews of the leading clinics and get your appointment as soon as possible. PlacidWay can help you as an expert partner to find the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. Being an industry leader in medical tourism, we have the best of resources to educate you about the top clinics, doctors, prices and packages for hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey.

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